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How did you feel about Minky Momo and the Bridge over Dreams?

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Sorry OP, I'm more of a yuuCHAD

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I watched an episode of Minky Momo to ascertain for myself whether anime has always been infested with moeshit because this anime is always brought up as an example of moeshit in old anime.
I can safely report that Minky Momo is in facr not moeshit, it is as many have been saying a children show through and through and shares nothing in tone with what people refer to nowadays as moeshit, Minky Momo herself the cute M.C was not present for 80% of the runtime of the episode.
The show is closer in spirit to something that Ghibli would make than it is to modern day moeshit.

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Stop spamming this, Mauritanian.

I am just sharing my thoughts from an earlier thread in a related context

I also watched an episode of Creamy Mami and it's also a children show.

The older the show, the less I want to drop it but I am getting close with Genesis Climber Mospeda. I've been "watching" it for months now and every time I go back to it I can barely get through a full episode.

Thread off to a bad start. Posting patlabor.

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Why yes, I do in fact enjoy watching a fun Japanese children's cartoon from fourty years ago about a little girl who can magically transform into a teenager as a grown adult man.

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The point is not whether or not you can enjoy children shows. The point is that children shows are not moeshit.
If I were ever to watch a children show myself I would binge the brave series but I don't feel like it.

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You could write papers on the significance of magical girls losing their powers and the subversion of expectation and end of childhood themes present in Minky Momo in Yume ni Kakeru Hashi.
The title alone is ripe with significance as Minky has been stripped of her title in the title. No more Magical Princess Minky Momo, just a girl.

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I just watched the last few episodes of Patlabor: The New Files. So now I've watched all of Patlabor, OVA and TV series.

Does anyone know what went on in Snow Rondo? I'm certain that the woman Azuma was with was a ghost, but apparently all the things they did never happened. I was so confused!

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It was weird coming from the show.

For me it's

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I don’t think her powers were gone in that ova, I just think she didn’t use them at all and not to mention it occurred throughout multiple weeks and months, and the pendent is intact. Alright I’ll bite, how does she manage to tackle the king of the monsters?

I can describe it has: Girl waits on a bridge and meets some people.
It's actually pretty great

when is the next stream?

Is Magic Knight Rayearth any good?


Personally I prefer the second season

Is there huge difference between seasons?

Totally different genres
The first is a fantasy adventure and the second is like psychological mecha

started on sailor moon just now

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Is Noa a virgin? Serious question.

I always felt that Momoko was much better MC than Usagi. Can't say this about Hinagiku and Yuri compared to Usagi's friends. Scarlett unironically felt like Haruka and Michiru merged into one character.

Most likely yes.
Not sure about Asuma.

You can definitely hirano’s influence in the second season, especially nova who is basically an izcer character

Yeah, probably not, reminder that he tried to fuck Noa on episode 3.

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He even tried Kanuka. But she btfo him instantly.


Because it's a fairy tale series made for little children 40 years ago. It's not the same thing as a comedy aimed at adults at 1AM.

Can someone explain this to me? Why did they put this on the screen? It was supposed to be some kind of math of physics analysis like a graph or something. Imagine this popping up on the radar screen of a submarine. It makes no sense except maybe as soft propaganda for stupid kids?

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>he doesn't get it!

>he doesn't know!

It's easy to figure out, you dumb shit.

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That's what I am saying it's not moeshit

Possibly a reference to something.

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How much of the Rayearth anime can be pinned on Toshiki Hirano's involvement compared to that of CLAMP?
Haven't seen or read any of their other stuff but I have seen a few of Hirano's works (Dangaioh, G Dangaioh, Iczer 1 and 3, Hagane no Oni).

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>Posting patlabor
Always a good way to go.

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I really miss ENGRISH bros.

He was one of the leading directors especially in season 2

koi ni koi suru onna no ko ni wa
mabushisugiru no MAI DAARIN

kirakira RUUJU (akogare DORIIMU)
todoite hoshii no otome no inori

yozora ni ukabu gin no kofune
suki to kirai no namima ni yureru
chiisana mune wo kyunkyun kogashi
kokoro wa tobu no anata no moto ni

onegai todoite otome no negai
zembu agechau kirei na watashi

koi ni koi suru onna no ko ni wa
mabushisugiru no MAI DAARIN

kurakura KORON (yurameki DORIIMU)
mizuiro PARASORU
kanaete hoshii no otome no negai

onegai todoite otome no negai
katamichi kippu no BUUMERAN

zembu agechau kirei na watashi
shiroi PEGASASU ni omoi nosete
todoketai no

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I already knew he directed, I just wonder how many key creative decisions he contribute besides adding in Nova and (possibly) hiring Obari to do the mecha scenes.
Might even be responcible for the OVA offshoot where Cephiro invades earth and everyone pilots in the nude.

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Still re-watching Sailor Moon and watching Hime-chan no Ribbon.


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Pretty good. Only Momo thing I've seen so I don't think I got much of a sense of her since it was mostly about the other people, but it was cute.

Also this. Yuu is cute and superior.

Dumb beasts

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I'm not even American and I get it.
One of the best movies ever, just the first one though. Don't watch the 2nd and the 3rd.

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Trying to work my way through this but it's becoming a real slog. Every episode since like 6 has just been another fight. There's like nothing else going on to break it up. Just one fight after the next. I'm hoping the pacing of this improves but I'm on this tournament arc and there seems to be no end in sight.

Also dat random Zangief

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It was nice but the second one was more fun to watch. Two Momos are better than one

The show wasn't great but I really want to fuck Yuri

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I'm almost at the end of this show and holy shit did they really need 4 recap episodes almost in a row?
Fun show tho, really loved Hibino's antics

Ain't it crazy how some of the most badass mecha designs and animation are relegated to a relatively obscure series?

Season 1 and the series doesn't heat up until the reveal of the Dark Tournament which is right around episode 25 once Yukina is introduced

I tried watching Can Can Bunny not knowing it was a hentai. Weird hearing Ranma's VA doing hardcore uncensored sex scenes.

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Just watched Birth and it was pretty okay all things considered although I did like the style of it. As a comedy it really wasn't funny I have to admit. For those interested I made an article on the /m/ wikia about its bots and creatures.

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To this day Im still mad the main heroine had no sex scenes. The most we got was that topless scene in the beach.

Megumi voiced acted in a hentai? Not the craziest I’ve heard of, wakamoto voiced a villain in legend of the overfiend

Nevermind it’s the normal male ranma, disregard what I said earlier

I was about to ask user the same question.
So it is Kappei Yamaguchi that voiced a character? Was it under a fake name? I learned that seiyuu use(d) to have pseudonyms when working in risqué projects.

I would never tell it's a hentai VN adaptation, the design is so cute and polished.

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I'm just starting it, and enjoying it so far.

Oh yeah, for a second there I forgot there's two Ranma VAs lol. Yeah it was the guy Ranma. He also did Yattarou from Pizza Cats. I keep hearing both pop into my mind when watching this, then the porn started and it got weird.