Daily U19 Chapter Thread #1

Today is the start of a brand new daily thread for another U19 manga. This time, we're doing the manga that started it all: U19 itself. Let's go through this journey together and see if it deserved to live up to its name.

Chapter 1: Kudou Eiji and the Respectable Adults

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This is a legend manga which started U-19 meme

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That is all for today. What are your thoughts on this first chapter?

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>nothing happens
Nobody should have been happy with this chapter.

Also imo I think U19/three volume series are better storytimed in volumes rather than chapters. Especially when there is no risk of the thread dying.

U19 already got a storytime last year

Too much of a build up to deliver nothing in the end.
I wouldn't be surprised if this chapter ranked bottom last back then.

how did that haircut get approved by the school jannies if hair past shoulders was too much

The only way to save this is rape first chapter?

Stop dumping shitty manga and fuck off

Obnoxious, terrible, and don't even get me started on the childish political settings

>Stop dumping shitty manga
No he should be able to post whatever dumb manga he wants. I don't think he should necro his own threads or force the dump on the front page

They had no standards

OP pushed some DBS general out of the catalog, how he dares!!