Isekai ojisan: Ch39

New chapter out. Thank you hero scans

Sui is the best tsundere elf in all of manga.

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It's just another isekai.

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Is it is subversive a,d fun to read, don't need much more than that desu

Feels like they're taking longer and longer each chapter

Makes sense, they'll probably see more sales with the upcoming anime so they can afford to slow the pace down a bit.

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Damn boy

No, I'm referring to the scanslation. It feels like I read the raw weeks ago.

Dead series?

They're always about a month or so behind the raws, but their last two releases have actually been faster compared to their previous ones.

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Thanks for dumping.
I agree, the scanlations have definitely gotten slower. I still appreciate it though, it's a thankless job.

The power of SEGA straightens his hair.

Cute elf.
Dumb Mabel.
Missing Alicia.

No, it's a SEGA fan-comic.
I honestly adore the way the mangaka draws his rough panels like in that bottom panel of this page.

For moon-capable anons, the next (raw) chapter is already out btw:

Lazy NEET.

Elf a best.

>I honestly adore the way the mangaka draws his rough panels like in that bottom panel of this page.

Same makes it look better than those manga with overly complex or simple designs.

Elf gaslighting uncle
True romance in the making


Elf looks really good in the 4th panel

2 more months until the anime.

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>2 months until threads go to shit

Some will call it trash, but I shall treasure it regardless.

these are the eyes of someone who wouldn't stop after just one half breed. Ojii-san is in danger.

>the pure joy in this little shit
she's going to get ruined in upcoming chapters, I can smell it

Next chapter seems to be another set up, but I wouldn't be surprised if it happened a chapter or two after that.

Painful but it's just 2 months.


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>left behind

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nice to see the little girl got over being scared of his face

How is this art so fucking lewd while being so cute?