Opinion on sluts in manga?

Opinion on sluts in manga?
Also 67% Inertia thread.

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This is one of the more annoying author self-insert characters

Why does she look like shes actually a gay racoon poorly shapeshifting into a human woman?

Why did she want to bone Nishida so much? Is it because he rejected her advances?

joke characters that deserve to be shamed and humiliated

There's nothing to discuss about this gag manga with 0% progression. The threads have also been hijacked as an excuse to 3DPD blog.

He's a desperate loser that, in her head, had no right to reject her.

I like 67% Inertia. Nishida is my favourite, because he is literally not me and Kitahara is best girl.

It's a game to her, he's just a pokemon she wants to capture

Not true, since we can still discuss why Kitahara is the best girl and none of the rest need to bother.

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That's not very nice of her. Nishida is an alright dude.

>There's nothing to discuss about this gag manga with 0% progression
>while kanokari got weakly thread and occasional discussion

>That's not very nice of her.
Why? Is she harming him in any way?

His virginity is in danger!
And also meaningless sex is very harmful.

new chap! fuck yeah!

We get it OP, you made this thread to pretend to defend the honor of sluts and get a laugh; Not original.

>can't cook
>is a jew
Nigahara is literally worst girl and you can't convince me otherwise

Oh sweet, a schizo thread

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Silly user, this is an Inertia 67% thread, not a schizophreniform disorder, schizotypal disorder, schizoid personality disorder or schizophrenia disorder thread.

Fine, have at thee

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Okay but can he actually bone someone please. I know it's written by a woman but not even the MC is THIS dense

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>I know it's written by a woman
user, I....

there's no way in hell a male artist draws girls as plain as Shimimaru does

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This fucking succubus must be stopped before she taints /our guy/.

Does she even count as a slut anymore if she's doing stuff like this to try to get with him?

I think you guys are being unfair, if anything she's a slut mid reforming.

I just realized that her entire personality is that Nishida is renting a penthouse apartment in her head for $0/month.

>to get with him
user, I..

Would you buy them?

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She already offered it to Nishida when drunk.
She's not much better. Even told him she had considered him as a partner but that ship has sailed.
Nishida is apparently handsome enough to have girls throwing themselves at him for looks alone but his character is so retarded it prevents him actually doing anything.
Only Yoshi and the touch fetishist haven't outright thought about jumping his bones and even then, the hypnosis chapter implies the touchy-feely girl (i never fucking remember her name) has some interest since she was fucking with him without the other 2 knowing.

No. Yoshi is literally a disgusting girl. Only one worse is Kitahara.
Touchy-feely is best girl for a reason and it's because she legit has interests outside money and food while not being a squemish child.

>Touchy-feely is best girl
Finally someone with good taste

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The grossest girls are often the nicest.

Come on user, they've not even been worn once

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I cannot imagine yoshizawa having sex, she's too autistic

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This desu; I could see her coming close to it and then backing out at the last second, but never actually doing the deed.

That's plausible. But it's just as likely alcohol and hornyness would steady her resolve.

This dumb bitch should be killed.
I take it back, all women should be killed

>Students rooms
isn't that missing an apostrophe?

No, no, they're rooms with multiple students in them, not rooms owned by those students.

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Then you would say "Student rooms sure are dirty"

No I wouldn't

It's hilarious how OP used to desperately spam to get people to talk about this but once slut showed up people would only talk and complain about her and women as a whole. Fucking monkey pawed

I just think yoshi is hot and I want to see her amateur porno one day

You mean this one?

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Yoshi feels gross from time to time, while ocassional gap moe makes Kitahara look cute.


Stop with this meme.

Is Yoshi supposed to be chubby?

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Why is the dumb virgin so fat and ugly?

The balls on this chick haha. I would not have minded to have been approached by a chick like this somewhere on my early 20’s tho.

>so fat
So she could overpower you and force you to drink cum

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sounds like hell of a lot of projecting

That's probably why she's saying it. It's both mocking and internally "please just fuck me"

Alright, I'm picking up this manga. Thanks.

I respect people that use any means necesssary within reason to get what they want.

would Yea Forums fuck her?

i enjoy her smug so yes

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Usually pure shit
>uoohh I am such a slut!
>such a big slut!
>nothing happens for 580 chapters