I want to her to change my world

I want to her to change my world

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Kagome's an annoying cunt.

I want to enforce my will

Just finished this anime a few hours back after knowing nothing about it prior. I've only 31 anime behind my belt so I'm pretty normie but I really liked it. Even a lot of the filler and the four movies were enjoyable. My main gripes are with how badly paced the first 6 episodes of the final act were but besides that it was a solid series.

Also Sango best girl.


The final act cuts a shiton of filler from the manga to reach the last arc. that's part of the reason.

Yay, Inuyasha thread. I'm watching The Final Act right now. I want THIS girl to change my world.

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I've watched it on and off for ages, never gets tiring. Yeah there's fillers, but they're still good on their own which isn't usually the case.

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Sango/Miroku are one of the best ships in anime history. Can you imagine how banging the sex must be?

Inuyasha and Kagome on the other hand are probably awkward and boring, and also he's like 50 years older than her. Probably only fuck for the purpose of procreation.

Chronologically he's 50 years older, but mentally/physically they're the same age. But yes, imagine the benefits of a wind tunnel during sex.

I want her to change my diaper.

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I'm having a hard time imagining any

>and also he's like 50 years older than her.
Inuyasha and Kagome are both 15.

His appearance is 19-20. Still groomer-y but I guess in feudal Japan anything goes.

Sesshomaru/Rin is worse though.

The clean up afterwards is child's play

How about she goes back in time and kills your great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great grandfather?

Inuyasha’s appearance is of a regular 15 year old though, that’s why he and Kagome actually fit together.

They fit on like a genetic level.

Yeah, their personalities don't match.

I just meant age and mentality wise.

I remember the scene where Miroku uses his wind tunnel to clean up a shrine.

I shouldn't have opened an IY thread, now I remembered my dad.

This, I can't think of a more incompatible pairing in any fiction. Maybe Sasuke and Sakura.

Come to think of it, I also really hate Goku/Chichi and Vegeta/Bulma. A lot of pairings in popular shonen really suck. No wonder Japan has a negative birth rate if this is their idea of what marriage should be like.

They're the same age wise, they're both literally 15.

Kagome's smelling herself in that photo.

>start watching Inuyasha
>notice that suddenly there are a lot of inuyasha threads
I'm having a schizo moment here

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Oh, those. We largely ignore spam threads that some user is opening like on the daily.

Unless he happens to be a yokai I think I'm safe. Kagome is a good girl, she doesn't kill humans. Even when they deserve it.

Based and superior taste.

There are generals very often, sadly.

Don't you dare say that about her!

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>Murderous obsessed toxic psycho zombitch

You’re in every single thread obsessed with Kikyo. Must be a Kagomeroastie seething.

Nah, I just hate the zombitch. Kagome doesn't play a part in this.

>Murderous obsessed toxic psycho zombitch
You're acting like that's a bad thing, crazy women are better in bed.

Well then you can seethe forever.
She ranked number 4 most popular Inuyasha character on the NHK poll after Inuyasha, Sesshomaru and Kagome, with 200k voters.

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I can't believe I'm saying this but Kikyo made appreciate that life is more than just sex. She's fucking unbearable.

>and Kagome

Why do you think she's unbearable?

For being the main character that's awfully low to be frank.

Are you sure you’re not confusing Kikyo with Kagome, user?

I mean her modern sensibilities for something just like sterilization would be massive since people didnt understand antiseptic measures until the mid/late 1800s
Throw in some basic level understanding of gunpowder/firearms or even something like cement and japan could be thrown centuries ahead of everyone else in their isolation
Thats without mentioning any historic event she could potentially warn about be it political/natural disaster/etc
ofcourse how much shed be willing or how much shed even know/remember since she stopped going to school at 15 is a variable
Going to live in the feudal era for some dogdick is fucking retarded and would lead to an early death even without all the dangerous shit going on because of living standards and previously mentioned lack of medical care
>kagome developed kidney disease and without an avenue for dialysis(invented in the 1940s) she died, the end

I agree that Kagome isn't the greatest FeMC. However her best trait is not being Kikyo. That alone gives her points.

Explain old woman Kaede.

Is there anyone who suffered more than Kikyo?

She didn't deserve it, bros

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Actually, not being Kagome only gives her points.

Since Kagome is higher this is factually false.

Thankfully the non-plebian fanbase recognizes how based she is. They even prefer her to anyone else in China.

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Was Kikyo even murderous and crazy by the end of it? I don't recall that.

Not really? Shit taste is rather common, I like things according to my own taste. You should try not being such an NPC, it's very liberating.

I've never given a shit about her
Better dead than eternally suffering

Nah, she stopped trying to kill Inuyasha once she heard from Kaede that Naraku was the one who killed her and not him.

I want to her to change my diaper

She's beautiful and talented but very vengeful and also foolish. Imagine she gets the wrong idea about something you do and instead of asking you about it she tries to kill you with her bow starting a human hunt. Then you naturally try to tell her the the both of you need to get some time and she resorts to stalk you and make your life living hell. I don't need that kind of attention. Kikyifags are masochists.

I thought so, so I don't get the criticism I mean her character developed beyond that. It's invalid imo.

>I like things according to my own taste
So does billions around world. You're not special.

Yeah it's just one user who's seething, I dont take him seriously. He's in every thread, obsessed and pitiful.

Only in accordance with the majority.

>Imagine she gets the wrong idea about something you do and instead of asking you about it she tries to kill you with her bow starting a human hunt.
Considering she thought he murdered her, trying to kill him immediately when she gets back no nonesense is badass as fuck.

>and she resorts to stalk you and make your life living hell.
What are you talking about

I wonder if it's the same schizo who posts about the non-canon sequel.

It's their mission to shit up every thread, after all.

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For sure, she’s always seething about something so this thread is Kikyo lol