Boku no Kokoro no Yabai Yatsu

chapter 96 preview

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Its the summer break movie shoot we'd known about for awhile now.

They will se kanna's pic with ichi in it

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>Anna perspective chapter
I've got a bad feeling about this vanillabros

what you think that Anna is gonna be practicing a scene alone with the guy who is playing her father and he's gonna seduce her. The story then turns into netorare and the last chapter ichikawa kills the guy.

You NTR fags make me sick

Sex yamama
Burying my face into her hairy muff


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They will see the hundreds of hours of ichi butt fucking that Yamada filmed while manhandling his tiny body

Spring break (it's still late March/early April) but yeah

Previous preview:

>I sometimes look at Yamada's Instagram
>To support her
>Not to save images
>The latest post...
>Huh? This is...
>From my house?
>Shit shit shit shit
>What the hell are you doing, Yamada?
>No... am I overthinking it?

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Considering realistically he'll say "FUCK NO" when she asks if she can brag about knowing Anna and then she won't

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I want ichikawa to marry yamada!

Kana is the solution to the "muh career drama"
>I am friends with Kana-chan
>That's her younger brother, I don't know him

Have we ever gotten a chapter from Yamada's perspective before?

>That’s her younger brother. I’m going to get that dick.

I dunno about chapters but we've had scenes with her and no Ichi like when she was asking her parents what they thought about him when he visited during the chocolate-making day.

Every time we've seen something from Yamada's perspective it's been framed as her recapping what happened to Ichi. I'm guessing the start of tonight's chapter will be framed the same way.

I’d like to finally see Yamada’s thoughts this chapter if true. We at least get to see her in the acting world more

I feel like any sufficiently obsessed fan would put together that her friend Kana-chan is ~6 years older than her while Kana's younger brother is her age (and maybe even that he goes to the same school.)

Also Yamada is absolutely terrible at lying so contradictions aside no one would believe it if it was coming from her mouth.

>Shifting to Anna's perspective
Just more proof that Bokuyaba is really a shojo manga selling an unrealistic female to self-inserting girls.
There is no way a cute, kind, intelligent boy like Ichi would ever love you, especially if you were some huge dumb Amazon like Yamada.

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Cue Chi pointing out the lie on Yamada's instagram account.

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the solution is to say it's arranged marriage

the solution is to say that he's not her boyfriend, he's her sex slave, which is the truth

I wonder if Chii's smart enough to catch on when she sees the picture

Chii would probably recognize that that's not from the homes of Yamada or any of their friend circle, but she knows Yamada has friends outside of that group so she'd probably assume it was one of their homes rather than Ichikawa's.

Chii going to his house for some reason and recognizing the scene is a possibility, but in the unlikely event they go that route it'd probably make more sense to do that with Adachi.

How long till the chapter drops?

9PM EST, so it's in 8 hours 17 minutes.

dang, that's like 3am here.

Oi bruv, fancy a cuppa? I swear on me mum yowll luv it, innit?

>everybody tries various convoluted plans to distract Chii from ruining it with her stupidity

Nah mate, norway

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I want another Hara chapter.

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>>Anna perspective chapter
It is finally the time for Yamada's inner monologue? It is going to be another bait?

We'll finally find out Anna actually has no inner thoughts like that dumb npc meme

Kyou should just date Kana instead, she'll probably never have any career to speak of.

It feels like the most canon choice.

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Is he the type that needs correction?

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Not really, just a bit of love.

Like the scene with her talking to her parents about Ichi in 71 it'll probably be framed as her telling Ichi about what happened.

Just realized how introspective Ichi is about their relationship when re-reading 91.1
The "I don't know what we are doing here" after Yamada only looked at him and he was more interested in seeing her in a ponytail than eating the ramen really hit home

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>Onee-chan hands typed these posts

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Damn bratty Ichi...

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Honestly, all this introspection stuff is getting a bit tedious. It's nearly 100 chapters of introspection, but with only a couple standout moments where he actually acts on his feelings.

And then there's Yamada trying her hardest to make him comfortable and be honest about his feelings for almost 80 chapters, only to get stonewalled or receive the most basic forms of affection. I still can't get over how big of a deal it was for her to have Ichi finally call her cute. Think of all the effort and patience she put in to get to that point....

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He's probably her first crush.
If she liked other boys before she'd probably be smart enough to move on if Ichi stalls too much.

>And then there's Yamada trying her hardest to make him comfortable and be honest about his feelings for almost 80 chapters
I have a feeling this is mainly Norio obsessing over either a (failed) relationship she had at that age or just the idea of a cool and for her, unattainable chuuni.
Upon closer inspection I feel that Ichi's character is written surprisingly flat and I agree the dynamic is getting tedious, as it's always Yamada chasing after him and magically knowing what he's thinking/feeling at all times, while he's quite lacking in internal motivations and struggles beyond the whole quite superficial chuuni/self-loathing act.

As Norio is a woman herself I have to say she's doing quite a good job at portraying both sides of the relation, it just goes to show how hard of a job it is to "think up" a whole relationship dynamic AND make it sell AND make it progress meaningfully for everyone involved, especially the one the author is the farthest from herself.

That being said it's still one of my favourite manga and I have learned quite a lot from it


Yeah, Yamada doesn't really know what she's doing here either. She also clearly figures out pretty early on that Ichi's a guy who has a hard time getting close/opening up to people and there was that one time where she actually did scare him away for a couple of days so she has plenty of reason to be afraid of trying to move too fast, even if we know that she doesn't really have to anymore.

I also feel like for most of the manga's run she hasn't been nearly as eager for them to progress to officially going out as the audience has.

ima be honest with u user I don't think you've ever been in a relationship before. either that or you've been in the most perfect relationships ever.

almost all my relationships at this age was like this. kinda because I was a closed off loner kinda like ichikawa whose hobbies didn't match his surroundings.

I would always play it cool whenever I got a gf and let her do all the chasing. like let her text first let her call first not immediately respond to her text. I did this for multiple relationships.

this not really a dig a you tho. I'm actually surprised how well written ichikawa is because all of norio's previous works were mostly solely all female cast.

>I also feel like for most of the manga's run she hasn't been nearly as eager for them to progress to officially going out as the audience has.

As you mentioned, this is entirely because she's worried about scaring him off. Like also mentioned, he's basically her first crush, so she's figuring stuff out on the fly.

>And then there's Yamada trying her hardest to make him comfortable and be honest about his feelings for almost 80 chapters

If we assume that this relationship falls apart, then Yamada will be much smarter going forward. She'll know exactly what to avoid so that she doesn't waste almost an entire year on someone that can barely reciprocate her feelings after all that time.

For me, it's lacking some sort of stakes. The aforementioned "jumping to conclusions and hating her" for all of a day was something at least.

Pointless drama is one thing, where a character is super dense or whatever but this needs something to push them along and confront things more. It's becoming a meandering soul-searching feelingsfest and it is starting to get a little tedious.

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>It's becoming a meandering soul-searching feelingsfest

Pretty much. I'd argue that it's been like this for almost 40 chapters, but it made sense leading up to their date where he finally called her cute.

Now though, the current status quo makes NO sense when they both know they like each other. Almost feels like Norio is stalling.

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No, she definitely would, you can trust me I'm a doctor.

>Almost feels like Norio is stalling.
I'd maybe agree with that were it not for the fact that this entire volume has been repeatedly harping on how ridiculous it is that they're not dating yet and how they can't keep their current status quo going forever, including the most recent chapter. That's not something you do unless you're planning on something changing soon.

Yeah, he is well written absolutely, I just feel that he's not portrayed as a completely "whole" person, as all of his motivations seem so noble; there's nothing despiccable about him except the surface-level anxiety/chuuniness and pubescent horniness.
Only time I can think of where he's portrayed as something else than this is in the chapter where he ignored her (c43) where he's shown, at least semi-conciously enjoying tormenting Yamada. After which he immediately regrets and becomes docile, while I am sure pretty much any guy with such confidence issues would have gotten a (guilty) kick out of having power over a girl they percieve as so out of their league..
Made me feel like Norio tried to avoid touching on this not-se-nice part of their dynamic, though this might also just be the mangaka norms getting to her.
This is still one of the most fleshed out and honest relationship depictions I have seen in manga

Not sure what in my post made it seem like I've only been in perfect relationships though

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>as all of his motivations seem so noble
All those noble wanks...

>entire page is a preview now
Come on now

Also, is this the first time the preview is actually the first page as well?

komi-san is better

Good one

We've had plenty of chapters where one of the previews was a sizable chunk of the first page, but I think this is the first one where the preview seems to be the entire-ass first page.

It doesn't make him look bad though, as all teen boys are like that. Heck, even his inner demon is just linked to horniness which I feel just proves this point