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Expensive sakura

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New Ryza to preorder when?

>when you find some doujins that are either super expensive or unavailable to buy
>haven't been uploaded to sadpanda
well I guess I'll never see what's inside then

chink shite?

i had one like that, ended up buying it, now i feel like im one the few people on earth that have been able to read it

I want a Shimamura scale figure.

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Anyone ordered her?

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I want a new patchy figure.

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why the fuck did I wake up so early for the big live, I'm tired as fuck now. Anyone get anything cool so far?

yep. She isn't my favorite but my pp told me to buy it.

link? i have no idea what you're talking about

great tits and details, the hair is a bit shit

Trying to find older reservation/limited pop-up store tapestries for eroge is impossible bros
>Find it listed on Mandarake or yahoo auctions
>sold out or ended like a year ago

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A vtuber.

this isnt your blog retard, just dont buy from that person

Mandarake does these live auctions a few times a year, they can get pretty wild.

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i dont even understand what she is trying to say

Look at her youtube and you'll find out why it's a bad idea buying from.

Depends how much you want it, I have had to do the friends and family stuff before, but never did it on anything I was not comfortable being scammed (50-60 bucks). Personally I wouldn't.

Anyone saying to use friends and family is going to scam you

I always request that when selling, not my problem if the package gets damaged or lost once sent.

Index sells like a motherfucker.

And so it ends, I really love my im@s waifu and botes, but this shit got outside my budget long before the auction even started, like 5 bucks per page, would be really cool if whoever got them posts them, but I know it never happens.

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If trash like DBSuper can get to $270 was there really any hope

no, it was over 50k before the live even started, but a man can dream

>try to participate in yahoo auction for pretty rare fig, hoping it'd go under the radar
>go to place bid
>zenmarket error, it has already been beat
>keep placing bids, constantly and instantly outbid by one other user
>slowly but surely creeping up to my limit (¥20000)
>figured maybe the other person trying to bid me may have their limit here, go a bit overboard
>just outbid again
>have to solemnly watch as they yoink a grail fig for a steal because I didnt want to get into a bidding war and spend like ¥40000+
>probably wont see this fig again for a while

No one warned me how depressing auctions are

What was the figure user?

Dont't blast me if it's not rare/good enough for my vent please

She's from a Chinese company so she doesn't show up on some sites like MFC, which makes tracking down pre-owns a pain. I think Solaris is selling for ¥70000 so that is why I am a bit bummed that someone got her for a dreamlike ¥22000 or so

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Why wouldn't you just dump your max in at the last five minutes and then walk away? Unless I'm missing something the sites do the creeping increments part for you, hence why you kept getting instantly outbid.

Is anyone doing a Shizukutan or bunny version?

Huh, I thought it was a figure at first but is it just a book? If so holy shit.

Well, it's an auction. Why would you dump your max amount if you think you can get away with less?

Wait am I fundamentally misunderstanding? Do proxies like Zenmarket do incremental bidding for you set a bid? I thought it automatically goes for whatever you put down

its just the illustration, just dont funge it

Not even a book, loose sheets.

Looks cool user I hope you can get it someday

Is this one official or another bootleg?

Is there any maintenance/cleaning procedure for tapestries bought second hand
Obviously you can't machine wash it

Yeah I like her and it's a reasonably priced figure so I'll go for it

why so many deleted posts?

don't be a slave to your dicks

Why would you need to clean it? If it's like visible cumstains or other substance stains then you might be screwed. You could try to handwash it, but that may ruin it depending on the tapestry material. If you want to disinfect or straighten out wrinkles, use an iron but put a towel as a layer between the iron and tapestry itself and don't heat one spot for too long.

I want to see the expensive Kizuna AI.

>Why would you need to clean it? If it's like visible cumstains or other substance stains then you might be screwed. You could try to handwash it, but that may ruin it depending on the tapestry material. If you want to disinfect or straighten out wrinkles, use an iron but put a towel as a layer between the iron and tapestry itself and don't heat one spot for too long.
Why would you not? Disgusting pig, I wash every used figure I buy with water and liquid soap, how the fuck do you know they haven't touched cloth with dirty hands?

is Mandarake fucking up right now? Credit card errors and shit on checkout unless my bank is the one fucking me all of a sudden

When you put your max bid on Y!A, they will update to whatever the second max + minimum increment is. So if two people are bidding, one max is 10000 and the other is 20000, and the min increment is 100, Y!A will put the current bid as 10100 (second max bid + min increment)

Question -- how do you guys stay on top of new releases? Would I find this in the guide? Feel like things just pop up and unless I'm checking amiami daily I'm kind of losing my marbles. Ideally anything with RSS support kek

this but Mashu

Fuck you, leave room for other FGO characters.

did the Scheherazade fig ever come out

It did and still doesn't look worth the 24k price tag, though it might be binning on amiami

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It's been like a year since a new Mashu went up for PO and it was the Conofig. Orteanus release and Stronger rerun is stuck in delay hell.

I wish they used ascension 3

Holy flying fuck

These kimono figures are a good way to out newfags when someone is shocked at their price

i wonder if they at least keep their mrsp value in the aftermarket

Mmm, my favorite combination of skin tone and hair color.

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Okay, didn't mean to offend you with potential maintenance/cleaning advice.

It could be your bank stopping you until you approve the purchase. I usually get a text asking if I was trying to purchase something.

Hm I typically don't get text updates from CC transactions and I don't normally have problems with overseas purchases either (Skeb, melonbooks, amiami, toranoana etc all clear)
My VISA is pretty new so I figure it would be 3D secure but maybe it isn't?

Trying out JPN Depot's forwarding service for the first time. Like an idiot, I started reading reviews after I had already placed some orders--and they're worrying me (Some items being lost forever, some arriving damaged). Does anyone here have experience with them? Could the doujinshi I shipped with them be lost forever?

>no tanlines

It's very beautifull

while theyre technically on the guide, at the bottom with no description, why would you pick them over the others better descriptions?
i have never used them tho

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I don't know what possessed me, but I 1) didn't check with the guide first and 2) found a recommendation for them from a blog post from 2015. Supposedly, they used to be good, but ever since the pandemic they've supposedly been getting worse (not responding to questions for months on end). What I'm most worried about is that the ultra-rare doujinshi I ordered will somehow disappear, and they will most likely never be on the market again