The final arc of My Hero Academia

We allegedly entered the final showdown and last arc of My Hero Academia and yet I can't help but feel underwhelmed.
The build up has been lackluster and so far the arc seems a weaker rehash of the raid arc. Shiggy's awakening and Hawks backstabbing have unironically made the raid arc much more tense than the current arc despite this being supposedly the climax of the whole story.
Since it's still early there is a chance Hori could still deliver a great arc but so far I have to say that the build up leading to this showdown has been quite disappointing.
I blame the fact than no one besides Aoyama acts scared and that there have been no casualties after the societal collapse.
What would you have changed to up the ante?

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Fuck off.

I obviously think this arc will change the scenery, no way the matches will end up in these weird city spheres.

Realistically Shiggy and AfO should obliterate the Heroes because they didn't have enough time to train since the last invasion. They'll win of course via asspulls, but I hope for some named character deaths.

I can see that happening. This feels like Kimetsu's infinity fortress where the fortress gimmick is just a plot device to get the battle match ups before everything comes crashing down for the actual final fight.
My bets are on Shoto winning, Ochako losing to Toga using Twice's parade and Endy losing to AfO/Shiggy. I just hope it won't be a sappy good guys win in the end but a hard fought victory.

Endeavor will defeat AFO OG body and Uraraka will TnJ Toga and you will love it.

The pros already had the training of a lifetime, it's the students I'm worried about.

The whole series really needs a shippuden and a break for Hiro to rethink how to unfuck this series.

>is just a plot device to get the battle match ups before everything comes crashing down for the actual final fight.
yeah, genius, that is how final arcs work, small fights before reaching the main bad guy.
Uraraka will talk to Toga and somehow convince her to surrender
Endy and co win but are heavily wounded and lost many comrades but no one important so maybe Tiger and the dog teacher.
Shoto will try to talk to Dabi but the latter will give a speech like Twice then blow himself up
Deku will arrive at the UA falling down and probably, like 70% Cementos and BJ died saving everyone

I fucking hate the editors and Japanese audience. Horikoshi revealed in the extra pages for volume 34 that the traitor reveal was supposed to be in volumes 9-10 but the Japanese audience hates when any villain shit happens, so Horikoshi had to change his plans. Then the current editor is doing everything in his power to get Horikoshi to rush to the ending. The editor has a vendetta against mangaka or something after getting Samurai 8 and Red Hood axed. I wish Horikoshi could self publish his fucking manga.

Stupid question, why should Hori and his editors care about what the nips think?

I partly understand, the pressure must be insane but he could have just stuck to his guns.

>and Japanese audience
They are the main target of this manga, not burgers.

Because their job is to sell magazines to customers?

But there are other customers other than the nip nation, right?

The last time AfO appeared, he fodderized the pros except for All Might of course. It'd be believable to show them doing some training since then too.

They make manga to sell for the japanese, how the burgers think are irrelevant. I would rather take the japanese demand as customers rather than the burgers.

but they are customers

>sacrifice the quality if your story to appeal to the masses

no one fought him but All Might, the rest were trying to distract him to evacuate the area and help All Might land a hit.

>Those portals
Oh. I haven't read MHA in a couple years now, did they manage to unbrainwash Kurogiri from AFO's side?

The story appeal to the nips, not burgers. Cry about it.

Stupid user, you read the manga for free. It's the asians who buy and scan them.
There's no reason for them to cater to gaijin tourist even if 5% of them do buy the manga.

Most of their money comes from nips. Nips buy merchandise, buy weekly magazines, volumes, blu-rays, etc.

>Most of their money comes from nips.
Really? I thought most of it come from all over the world, Japan is a small island compared to US or China

I thought Taguchi was just a yes man to established mangaka.
What exactly is he doing?

You really think it's going to make less money in its country of origin? Forget just having to translate everything for other languages, to even sell merch in other countries you have to export it and that shit gets expensive. There are otakus in other parts of the world, but you're obviously not going to find more than in the one part of the world where it's not a niche interest.

yes. foreigners don't really buy a lot of official product while japanese fans buy tons of it. even crunchyroll, which was originally made with the stated intent of giving money to anime creators gives peanuts to them. they instead use all their subscription revenue to fund western faux-anime like high guardian spice while giving the bare minimum amount to license the actual material and selling Lady Gaga merchandise for some reason.

Chinks hate MHA.

it's a small island that has huge mainstream interest in anime as opposed to large countries with very small niche groups that like it.

That doesn't change the fact they have shit taste.

according to you

Too bad your opinion doesn't matter to anyone or to Hori.

This is why Horikoshi is a cuck and Fujimoto isn’t. He does whatever the fuck he wants, fucks the readers
If you’re scared of the axe don’t become a mangaka, otherwise you end up like Horikoshi cucked out of his own creation

He's just not being a good editor. He's getting Horikoshi to do stupid shit, and pushing him to wrap up the story. An editor is also supposed to be able to tell you when an idea is shit. Like in Red Hood there was an entry exam arc like 10 chapters in. It was fucking retarded. It's a shame because I really enjoyed Red Hood from the characters to the style. The editor should have pushed the mangaka to have Velou and Grimm traveling dealing with different monsters for at least long enough to avoid the axe that lingers around the first 20 chapters.

>named character deaths.
Realistically, who will die by the end?

>supporting the people who ruin MHA
You will never be Japanese.

Created a cuck who begs for sex.

>it's le editor's fault!!
no it's hori being a pathetic weakling who's incapable of sticking to his guns and who lets himself get influenced, he probably didn't have plans for his story in the first place

I don't really like the ending either but I'm also not throwing a temper tantrum because the main audience for the series doesn't like the same exact things I like.

Your opinion still doesn't matter.

his guns were a bunch of retarded faggots with daddy issues, glad he didn't ruin his manga that early

Incredible display of Ameretard brain itt.
>“I’m a customer (reads illegally translated chapters on the internet and the free weekly release) cater to meeeeeeeeee nowwwwww”

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Hagakure is cute as shit

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make sure you don't cry about MHA shit writting in future cos Hori has to cater to Nips, kay?

That's not even me, loser. He's right though.

Deku is likable in a class setting.

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Fuyumi will marry Hawks

I pay for Viz, I buy the physical tankobans, I have as much right to complain as anyone else. You fucking mongrel.

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Sure, faggot.

built for BOT (Big Ojiro Tail)

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Endeavor and Tokoyami are unironically the only characters I care about, looking forward to seeing their fight against AFO.

Dabi's quirk is confirmed to be: blue fire.
Hori talked about his inspiration for the villains in Hawks' villain report, and Dabi is zombies, with no mention of Frankenstein.
Mirko says when Dabi comes around everything stinks.
Hawks says out of all villains, he's the one you should absolutely never trust.

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>*Deku is punchable in all settings.

Toga confirmed for more trustworthy than Dabi

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MHA in general turned to be pretty disappointing
The pacing has been a mess. All this stuff happened in barely a year
Izuku being a chosen one with an op quirk is boring and formulaic

Stop lying, Jeremy. You've complained about fans and editors ruining MHA too.

Not an argument.
That’s fair enough lmao let’s see how much of your cantankerous bitching pays off

Phoenixfag and frankensteinfags got shat on by Hori

Why are you surprised? every headcanon about Dabi that has been created in Tumbler or Twitter was proven wrong so far, so why does the Phoenix bullshit getting debunked surprise everyone?

Are you talking about Denji?have you read the manga?

>Bakugo and Shoto look 16.
>Deku looks 13.

I did, he is a cuck who begged Kishibe to make him cool so he can have sex