His fake family was insulted

>His fake family was insulted
>Smashed desk
>Best spy in the world

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Will Sumisu?

It's almost like the transformation of loid from a cold spy to loving husband and father is the central theme of the manga and we're getting early glimpses of him slipping up to facilitate exactly that
Maybe the exposition he delivers about it both before, during, and after wasn't enough for you?
Would you like a live segment from the author afterwards where he explains the scene to you so you don't get lost next time?
Or would you like loid to flat out say "this isn't like me, I am a great spy who uses people as tools and yet I am being emotionally affected by the people around me despite being trained not to, thus driving my character arc as I truly become a Spy X Family"

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Character development? In a anime? Impossible. All anime characters have to be 2D personalities with recurring jokes centered around their one defining characteristic.

>one defining characteristic.
Sounds like a 1D character.
Or an Idol.

Goddamn this show fucking sucks.

Yes? Him not seething at his family getting insulted would have been suspicious.

2nd best anime of all time.

Keep my family out of your fucking mouth

it's already on the latest chapter why loid acts likes a "father" figure.

Men of high station don't care about their families.

At least, loid is failure as a spy if it's Golden Kamuy universe.

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You mean Wiru Sumisu

>It's fine when a white person does it

At least loid is still not found out unlike tsurumi

Yeah, he's got a weak spot when it comes to family. That's the premise of the show.

That's another way of saying thing they aren't human anymore.

What shows do you think are good then, user?

It was just a joke, Loid

boku no pico and naruto

Good, leave.

Loid is a gay homo if it's Golden Kamuy universe.

He shall act as a father and husband in front of them. Showing he doesn't care would be detrimental and suspicious.

Even so this doesn't blow his cover, if anything it makes it more convincing.

Now I noticed loid can be Tsurumi in future if he will lose Anya and Yor.

That's dumb. I'm glad I didn't waste my time with this shit.

Being mad for his family was acceptable.
Problem is, he smashed the desk despite he is behavIng as a normal man.

He was acting like a Dad.

there was a mosquito

According to semotics and signal theory meaning of the comunicate depends on the background noise, so... yes

>Character development is... LE BAD

Swan did nothing wrong.
He was right about the fake wife and mother. Can't even cook and isn't loved by the fake daughter.
Also antagonizing lying children until they cry is fitting punishment.
Roido couldn't handle the truth of his family being a complete fraud and lashed out like an animal. So elegant! The episode sums up the entire anime well: a complete farce.

>everyone hates will smith now
>everyone still loves loid
It’s okay when white people do it

you actually wrote this

I love the anime, but I still don't understand why they didn't get the police involved in this episode.
>Loid's crime: Destruction of private property, probably an expensive table. Attempted physical assault.
>Headmaster's crimes: Punching and physically assaulting another man. Also recklessly endangered many lives with a cow stampede
And yet, nobody is brought to court? Un-fucking-realistic.
Rich/elite people are always the quickest ones to sue.

He's an orphan too, he lost his mother in war bombings. That hit differently.

>his wife divorced him
>lost custody to his daughter
he is a failure as a man especially in the time period of the anime he should have won that 100% but hes just a massive shitter only worth his weight in shit

>Attempted physical assault.
? user there was a mosquito, did you even watch the episode?

That fat gentleman is actually based
He forgave them so no crimes
Remember anya passed the interview

>twilight's motivation as spy was to preserve peace
>more importantly, to prevent children from crying like he did when he was a kid
>he saw anya cry twice so far in the series

i too would be kinda pissed if i failed twice in my life mission in such a small time frame

>taking bait this seriously
user, why...

The fuck did I just read

his goal is to never make a child cry again

seething in that situation was normal behavior for an upstanding husband to defend his wife and child, he was simply doing his job

But you faggots hate will smith

>shoots a gun near your head
Whoops. Sorry, user. There was a mosquito near your head. Please forgive me, tee hee.

>slapping a mosquito is the same as aiming a gun at someones head

getting NTRd by your wife is not upstanding behavior nor elegant

>cucked by wife
>abused by wife

>le snapped anime face
sick of this trope

when did that happen during the school interview? you stupid fucking nigger

Dude enjoyed the joke until he saw his wife didn't and thus sought her approval. She then threw him under the bus in interviews after.

Prestigious institutions always try to cover this kinda shit up because it looks bad on their whole setup. Same shit with the Church. Fatass either got some hush money or was politely informed he risks being fired for unrelated reasons if this ever comes to light.

? user there was a mosquito, did you even read my post?

did you read mine?
you are saying that slapping a mosquito is the same as pointing a gun at someones face even if there is a mosquito this is retarded

He has some baggage in that regard.

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I think you guys are forgetting that this grown man was bullying an orphaned child. That would get any normal person riled up.

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>little girl can't answer a simple question without crying

>Not being able to smash a table
Im the average normie can do that easily even more so if they're mad. What kind of noodle arms do you have?

>adult sees happy family immediatly seethes