Best anime school uniform

Best anime school uniform.
Pic absolutely related.

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Her show's OP was great too

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>be a male teacher
>students dress like this

How do you respond?

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My precious you for me, magic in my tiny heart

>strap snap

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those stomach waves awakened something in me

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I never thought Vividred would be topped.
Well done.

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Vividred shortpants galore is close second.

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Sistine is the perfect woman.

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There is nothing wrong with gimmicky school uniforms but sailor fuku will always have a place in my heart

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Would've been nice to see the outfit minus skirt in the anime.

Isn't this getting a 2nd season

Not good except for the characters.


Making piglets with shirobuta!

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I'd like to spend 30 minutes filling up her womb with varying degrees of thick cum and sealing it all there making her look pregnant already

Such a shame show was just generic trash.

It was kinda fun to see the MC being a teacher and not being a shota.

What a slutty pig.

Is the novel still ongoing?

I just watched the first episode and the ost sounds like some Banjo Kazooie shit

I read the title and was going to post akashic records anyway

Can be too.

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Yes with 29 volumes currently

Have they explained what the Akashic Records are yet?

Why do they dress like this?

Its the school rules!

user said that in-universe, they maximize amount of mana they absorb through exposed skin. Not sure tho why guys have normal uniforms.

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S2 when?

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Does the blonde girl become relevant as a character beyond her princess plot-point or whatever the fuck it was?

Don't know, I just looked it up to answer the question

>this show was 5 years ago
Where has the time gone..

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Last time I read she left very clear that she also wanted sensei's dick.
If you mean her relevance outside waifu status, I think she's also related to whatever the fuck is in that castle in the sky the white pig wants to go to. In there, there's a fairy thing that looks like her and knows the MC's mom who, despite her appearance, is old as fuck.

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Jesus High cut leotards are something else

This uniform makes no sense. How does she go to the bathroom with it? Does she have to take off her shirt-panty, skirt and panties to do so? Also, if it’s attached to the shirt, does she have to change her shirt every day since it’s on her crotch? What’s the point of panties if she has that thing on?

for me, it's a 40° front angle.

This doesn't look very studious.

>still no OVA adaptation

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Big fan of puffy shoulders

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Imagine going to this school as a teen with a midriff fetish

based sake enjoyer

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he should have done that to her ass too

>Not sure tho why guys have normal uniforms.
the blatant sexist double standard makes the slutty uniforms hotter lol, it's like in GITS when the major wears a skimpy leotard and her male co-workers all wear practical suits

excellent, the impracticality is exactly what ehy deserve

>it's like in GITS when the major wears a skimpy leotard and her male co-workers all wear practical suits
That one actually makes sense, because she's usually naked or nearly naked for her camouflage to work. Plus, she has a fully mechanical body, it's probably more convenient to just be nude.

It's purely practical, nothing more.

But leave it to geniuses to come up with excuses to put girls in skimpiest of outfits.

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>It's purely practical, nothing more.
is that what the guys told the major to trick her into wearing that

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These uniforms are the only reason this show is still in my memory.

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Fuck. I can't find those images from doujins about girls wearing high-cut leotards as school uniforms.

t. Glenn Radars

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why is she rubbing it