Laura looks so cute in her school uniform.

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She's cuter naked.

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hoping this thread gets deleted too, someone make the real one.

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Laura looks cute in all uniforms

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How do you know?

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t. Manatsu

>psychopath stayed up till 6 am just to make another thread

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Ah yes, the legendary never caught on film mating call of the meremayds

Mating with Laura?

sitting in his dead thread bumping it every time he sees people posting in the other one. If only you had an actual family to save you from such a life.

>episode titles spoilers out

>Monitoring both threads to compare posts and post count
If only you had an actual family to save you from such a life.
Thanks for the bump btw.

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Laura posts

Why does one saucy mermaid trigger so many people?

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Being cute comes with a price.

How was the latter half of Tropical Rouge? I kind of lost interest after Laura became a cure. Feel like there aren't mystery, general vs. cure rivalry or character arc to look forward to.

Really good!

cope schizo

>I kind of got filtered after Laura became a cure
ftfy, see

Sounds like you're the one coping here lmao
Thanks for another bump

cope schizo

Don’t be so fucking insecured. I like Laura and her cure form. Just that when she became a cure there is no plot or character development left to look forward to anymore so I lost interest.

don't bother replying. this thread is bumped by one schizo obsessed with laura

>when she became a cure there is no plot or character development left to look forward to

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What a cute bot you are. Your programmer should have trained your AI with more words to make your replies less automated.

>calling anyone a bot when you've literally been at this for 15+ hours

worthless subhuman

>Calling anyone schizo when he thinks the entire thread is being replied by only one person.

your thread was archived yesterday. it's pretty obvious one guy keeps trying to keep laura threads bumped.

cope schizo

>deleted post

I see that one struck a nerve. Maybe a few more mod abuse powers before they catch on

Laura has a nice rump.

To be fair there was mysteries at that point like the deal with Asuka and pres, the Minori trauma, if the villains would receive a joker-tier general or not, etc but I do agree that it wasn't as much as some other seasons, TR ultimately wasn't a season very conductive to week to week discussion like Hacha, Gopri or Hugtto but I still think it should make for a good bingewatch experience.

>Schizoid still thinking that thread was "mine"
Uh oh... seems like both threads were archived doesn't it.

Stop fighting and post more Laura

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cope schizo

Shut up retarded bot.
Btw ask your programmer to teach you how to capitalize and punctuate because even your automated posts are painful to read.


>muh capitalization and punctuation

Every time. it's too easy to get you to reveal yourself

Who are you quoting?

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"muh bots!"

Shouted the deranged laurafag.

Nice job! Now don't forget to always punctuate the last phrase, you always forget that.

I want a Laura…

keep talking to yourself

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keep talking to yourself.

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Laura gives off a majestic aura. It’s no surprise given you can’t spell Laura without aura.

keep talking to yourself

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>Laura means “Laurel, from the place of laurel trees, laurel branch, laurel wreath”. The Laurel tree was sacred to the God Apollo and is a symbol of wisdom and glory. The name Laura and its variants are derived from the “bay laurel plant”, which in the Greco-Roman era was used as a symbol of victory, honor or fame.

Who is your favorite precure fanartist?
hardmode: no haruyama or joyride

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