Why is anime going mainstream?

>be me back in school
>anyone who expresses even the remotest interest in anime gets viciously bullied
>keep my power level completely hidden at all times
>to this day I watch anime with a closed an locked door with headphones or earbuds like I'm watching fucking porn
>start seeing anime in mainstream shit
>see a car with a Kyōjurō Rengoku wrap on it parked right outside my apartment
>my ear starts hurting, so I go to a local ENT clinic
>the television screens in their lobby have an animation with an anime girl playing on them
What's going on? Why is this happening?

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some people just have more charisma and care less what others think.
their friends/colleagues try it out and it slowly becomes more and more popular among normalfags

for the past 10 years anime, manga and other otaku culture things have been going the same way western comic book, video game and the larger geek culture went

And honestly, its probably because the people who did like it and were bullied in high school, left and went on to find like minded individuals, who all go on to found culture for the next generation.
Or just because rap catapulted shonen shit into the main stream

it has been for like 5 years now

Why does it matter? Only moeshit and basic nu-shonenshit are getting popular, good anime is still safe from normie hands.
Zoomerd avoid pre-2000 anime like the pleague.

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You don't need to post your 3x3 every time you say shit we can all tell who you are. You're worse than a tripfag at this point

It's relevant to the point that good anime is beyond normie hands. Normies only watch whatever moeshit/shonenshit is currently popular

>5 years

But Planetes is post-2000...

The point is that zoomers avoid good anime and they especially avoid pre-2000s anime.

More like decades in many parts of the world

>going mainstream
Anime is mainstream since at least the 80s.
Are you guys for real?

Anime went mainstream in the early 2010s bit really went mainstream with Attack on Titan

I don't know what part of the world you live in, but where I live you'd get bullied relentlessly if you showed even the slightest interest in anime no later than 2010. I certainly didn't expect to start seeing it in public anytime soon.

>I watch Chinese cartoons that means I'm special

when will you grow out of this lame meme? they have their own shit you know lol

This. It was already getting a bit more well known with stuff like Naruto, Bleach and One Piece but Attack on Titan opened the floodgates.

>most of the 3x3 is normalfag core
The mauritanian nigger can't evel larp right

I've never met a normalfag who saw more than 3 of these. This is a meme Yea Forums likes to do where they pretend Ergo Proxy and Logh are somehow normalfag anime instead of the actual normalfag anime like Death, AoT, Kimetsu, JoJo and Maid Dragon.

I don't know. Probably only the furries watch anime.

most anime are converted to cartoons, mostly hiding its Japanese origin.

50% of kids from this decade watches anime and know its anime. kids from the 90s realize those cartoons are actually anime, and have seen some anime from the 90s, and now consuming anime

100% of kids from this decade watches anime. only kids from the 80s and older don't watch anime. Most of the population watches anime

only kids from the 70s and older don't watch anime. Kids from the 80s have added anime in their palate.

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>I've never met a normalfag who saw more than 3 of these.
This is an incredibly silly point. I can pick 3 of the most popular animated shows to ever be made and get the same result. Let's say DBZ/Sailor moon/My hero academia. Literally 3 of the most normalfaggy of normalfag shows ever, animated or not, and yet you can probably find tons of people who haven't watched all 3 because they are from different generations and for different demographics. Every show you put into the search is an "and" filter, and by nature those types of searches get exponentially fewer results the more filters you add. Once you get to 9, pretty much no normalfag will have watched all of them even if you literally pick the 9 most watched shows of all time.

Then what's your metric for calling these shows "normalfag" core?

I'm not that user. I don't care about what is or isn't normalfag. I was just making a point about your argument.

They're not normalfag but they are entry-level

anime is just the newest thing that normalfags like to bandwagon on instead of appreciating it for the chinese cartoons that it is

>be me back in school
>viciously bully kids who expresses even the remotest interest in anime
>be me now at 30
>be weeb
I don't know why it happened.

Because generation which was genuinely passionate about anime, grown up?


what are you even doing here?

What do you mean? That user is absolutely right for ridiculing anyone who feels like their enjoyment of the medium is diluted by it having more people watching. That's a retarded attitude to have.

You forgot the "moeshit", a sure sign of an eleciton tourist who is obsessed with 3DPD transgenderists on twitter.

Election tourists love moeshit

Nah, election tourists hate "tranime".

>used to get flamed to fucking DEATH back in 2011 for having something remotely anime on my person
>see tons of people wear shounen merch (shirts, hoodies, sneakers etc)
>everyone thinks its cool and trendy

anime going mainstream genuinely makes me seethe

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Why is it retarded?

>anime going mainstream genuinely makes me seethe
Sounds like you liked anime because it was niche and made you a unique snowflake, not because of its merits.


It's only really shonen and shit like SpyxFamily that's mainstream

Because why would you ever care about who watches or enjoys whatever?

Why are the extremely closeted otaku almost always burgers? Here in Europe it wasn't like that. Sure, you would get funny looks and/or teased for it sometimes, but it wasn't THAT big of a deal. Lots of people watched at least some anime here growing up. It's fucking weird that you fags stigmatized such an unassuming hobby.

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>Sure, you would get funny looks and/or teased for it sometimes
but that's kinda all you need for it to be worth keeping down low though, or at least somewhat modulate your openness about the subject depending on which circle you are in at any given time. when you're in high school trying to get some pussy that last thing you need is extra obstacles for your social life.

But it makes me seethe too because people who I know used to make fun of it are getting into it and pretend they have always liked it now that it is socially acceptable.

Yea when i was a kid we grew up watching and constantly discussing anime.
Trust me watching chinese cartoons ain't stopping you for fucking anyone

>why would you ever care about something that directly affects what you enjoy
A mystery

>Trust me watching chinese cartoons ain't stopping you for fucking anyone
They are, to the extent that people can make you feel insecure about them and therefore messing up your confidence, if nothing else, which fucks up your game. It's easy to say now looking back that none of this shit matters and you should just do whatever you feel like, but in the moment it can seem like a very real problem to worry about.

>Why is anime going mainstream?
It depends on the country. Maybe on burgerland it was mostly Disney and other burger productions, but anime was cheaper to license for other countries. Latin America had anime in their TVs since the 80s.

but does it? Does it really? When you pull up an episode of whatever anime you feel like watching, does the amount of people watching change the episode since last time you watched it?

>Sailor Moon, Yattaman, Super Pig, Dragon Ball, Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh
certain anime has always been popular and socially acceptable, I guess you only got treated like a weirdo if you were into the niche stuff

Normalfags saw it on the internet and retweet it. It's not really mainstream, so much as the fact normalfags don't have brains and just go with whatever is trending.

The same thing that happened with games

Because of the increasingly dire state of western escapism.

Internet. Make thing more easily accessible and offer niches from mainstream media and it will gain traction.

>why does ever increasing information sharing ability enable (formerly niche hobby) to become less niche as more people become exposed to it
Truly a mystery

American entertainment has gone down the toilet so anime is a cool thing teens here can escape too. People are more aware of it thanks to the internet and whatever else. Not really much more to it than that.

Me too but because wearing that shit IRL is actually cringe as fuck. Also talking to anime normies about anime is also really really bad so I rather keep my powerlevel hidden.

I went to class with an otaku. We swapped some recs around and unloaded our powerlevels onto each other. It was pretty damn awkward for both of us but I'm glad it happened. Let him go cause he's still not as socially maladjusted as I am.

If you rec me an isekai you are dead to me.

that's a shitty fucking life to spend enjoying your hobby with guilt shame and fear.

For me it was something like...
>watch VHS fansubs of anime in junior high
>yellow fever like FUCK
>convince family to let me do a year as a foreign exchange student in japan
>gomenasorry, japan. I have arrived.
>watch evangelion as it aired
host family was pretty chill. the older brother was into anime, which was """kind of""" a social stigma back in the 90's in japan. The imouto was into me because GAIJIN SUGOI and I was into her because NIPPON BANZAI.
>in high school I was in a garage band, we used to get high and watch anime, play D&D, and other nerdy shit
>my first wife introduced me to hentai.
I'd heard it existed, but never actually seen any. I legit thought it was just shows with excessive T&A.

At work we'll have team meetings where we just sit around a conference room and watch anime. It's strictly entry-level plebian shit, but that's mainly because we don't want to be watching something and have T&A pop up if someone higher up the chain decides to pop in and check up on us.

I have watched anime since 1992 and there was never a point in time where I've felt bullied, shamed, insulted, demeaned or made fun of.

You are a sad, sad little man, and you have my pity.

lolno I told him to watch Clannad among other things and he really enjoyed that one

Watch Smartphone.
Don't forget S2 is coming soon!

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Based, same here. Started watching anime in college in 2014, a little later reading manga too, after making fun of the freaks who were into it during middle and high school.
>inb4 go back
I'm a free man, I do whatever the hell I want