Ascendance of a Bookworm (Honzuki no Gekokujou)

It's the first Myneday of May.

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Almost half-way through the season.

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Hopefully they allocated most of their budget to this episode.

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Commoners need to know their place

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Letting rejects that were sent to the temple enter nobility was a mistake.

Where did you get that? Link please.

I love Angelica so much, she's so fucking retarded

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It's from part 2 manga chapter 35

The post-civil war royalty did nothing but make mistakes. Otherwise, they wouldn't have any conflicts with the shitters in the temple to begin with.

Thanks. Found it.


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Watch out Myne.

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myne supremacy

The manga doesn't even try and hide it.

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What are Myne's actual views on romance in the LN?

>Romance? I guess we can print some romance novels.

The best mating partner is the one with the most books.

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If I print all images and doujin on pixiv R18 section, and bind it into a book, will she read it?

She just can't stop showing her plebeian can she

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Unironically she wants to marry the one with the biggest library and that'll do as long as she can spend most of the day in the library
Fucking needs to happen in the library to make sure she doesn't waste time that could've been reading, but if they cum on the books she will rip their cock off and make a new kind of paper from their foreskin

>Fucking needs to happen in the library
Nah, Ferdinand will never let her run wild, he'll make sure to install separate room.

Spoiler that shit for the non-LN readers, anyway technically by the end Myne cares about Ferdy more than books so we can at least assume she bounces on dick while not holding a book

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I'm going to need some more context.

Ferdinand gave Myne some much-deserved correction

What did she do this time?

Compared him to a bench


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He fucked her on the bench

>being an edgy nigger for no good reason, while a new season is airing

Did I stutter?

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Can she give telekinetic handjobs?

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The anime is going overboard with the mynerage. I always imagined her looking mostly normal, if displeased, with some hints of rainbow appearing on her eyes when she got excited. Not suddenly glowing and getting a voice echo. Leave that shit to the first time where she strangled the fat guy.

Treason. Execute the two of them.

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Apparently she always had that in the LN too


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Is Myne punching him in the balls

The only part I dislike is the voice. She sounds too calm, when she should sound like her emotions are going out of control.

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I went back to the first season and it's not like she got the terminator voice when her mother burned her wooden blocks. She did glow though. I think she might have glowed in the LN too but they could at least make it fainter. The voice change is really the biggest issue.

Sounds like some dumbass robot to me.

Gilse prefers Delia the slut to Sylvester the man-child.

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>it's not like she got the terminator voice when her mother burned her wooden blocks
I think it was meant to be hidden
Also when mom burned her blocks she nearly exploded from Devouring so I think it might've been past the point of glowing

Student-teacher relationship between Myne-sensei and me

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That pregnant belly and swollen breasts...!

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What is Sylvester's problem though for real
why is he such a nigger

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He is a mommy boy.

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Myne with her hair messed up is pure sex as always.

I wish I could make myne pwee pwee pwee too.

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>war happens with 300 people
I'm not sure whether to applaud the author to mimicking the scale of early feudal warfare and considering the fact that infantry are basically less than worthless in a world with mages, or to say she's retarded for making this seem like a big deal when it's an order of magnitude smaller than a small football riot.