How do you feel about possessive imoutos?

How do you feel about possessive imoutos?

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I don't feel anything anymore

They're nice.

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it's not real.
imouto aren't attract to their onii-chan.

I'd tell her to stop clinging on me and go to class.

That's a daughter-wife, not an imouto.

I hate how normalized incest has become in Anime and Manga, especially when the target audience is supposed to be kids.

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Is this anime good?

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I love it.

I still remember when I watched digimon around 10 years old, and nothing can't beat this feeling of bond so far.

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>I hate how kids are groomed to not my fetish
many such cases

it's okay, mc is a whinny lil bitch thou.

Love her.

I wish they were real

>these eyes
why are they like that?


yet you posted an example in which its just a gag and the brother would never reciprocate his degenerate sister

Wrong. The sexual tension in my household is so tense, you can cut it with a knife.

I don't think little sister would be attract to their big brother 90% of the time.

I treat it like every other kind of love story. Whether or not they're blood related has no effect on me.

How do you feel about imoutos/daughterfus/disciples who cut their hair?

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But under special circumstances...

I hate it.

Ai with Ginko hair...

No wonder she lost.

She'll win now that she has the power of Ginko on her side

What's wrong with incest?

That's sounds unpleasant.

it still don't happen to real life.
I don't remember any japanese sibling where imouto are really attract to their onii

But my imouto is clearly into me.

I think it's unethical to tell people that there's a person they're not allowed to fall in love with.

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I feel it's great when they loose the MCbowl. Ginko a best. BEST. And we love her here on Yea Forums.

There are some out there. My imouto is possessive and gets sad or upset when I don't give her enough attention or hang out with her enough. It's more like when your friends hang out without you than something incestfag related though.

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tell me more about it

She is in a wheelchair, and I am taking care of her every day.

welp I hope she didn't turn crazy over her brother being a nice guy

That doesn’t mean she’s into you. She’s dependent on you

This. Mine will annoy the hell out of me if I don't do something with her when she wants it. I have to go to the mall or stores with her because she doesn't want to go by herself because it "makes me look like I have no friends".

That's because you're a homosexual.

I wish my imouto were into me.

Mine just use me, they dont actually care about me

No, I'm imoutosexual

That sucks user. Mine uses me as an accessory to not look like a loner in public but I can tell she genuinely has fun hanging out with me. It is nice seeing her smile.

The real question is why are imouto so bratty in anime? Is it an imouto thing or a younger sibling thing?

all lolis are good in my book

hopefully anime convinces kids to fuck their mothers

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/x/ rituals to instantly summon a imouto a few years younger than me?

have you tried cumming inside your mother?

that usually works

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Make a separate thread for your shit fetish

My father is a pretty cool guy, despite not being that present and not giving me any imoutos. I'd never do that to him.
And it wouldn't work fast enough either way.

>pot calling kettle black

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I prefer big imouto

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tell him to fuck your mother then

>I hate how normalized incest has become in Anime and Manga
>has become
Where have you been the past 22 years?

I would gladly enjoy it until the temptation lead me to jail, why do you ask

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She isn't crazy, but she is often depress.
>That doesn’t mean she’s into you. She’s dependent on you
Yes, she is dependent on me. That's why I don't feel like it's right to put any moves on her. But she isn't very subtle about the fact that she has a crush on me.

A brother belongs to his sister, and vice versa, so it makes sense for an imouto to be possessive.

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I don’t have an imouto but I wish I had been a more possessive otouto. By the time I understood my feelings for my onee-chan she had already left form college and I barely saw her anymore.

Imouto, come back!

depress can lead a person to be completely different person you know?
Well what if brother has someone he like?
Go and visit her then.

>she isn't very subtle about the fact that she has a crush on me
actually gross if true
i can't imagine anything more off-putting than that; i'd rather suffer trough a month of nightmares than even have one sexual dream involving my sister
jesus christ

I can confirm this is true. My nii belongs to be and no one else.

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>My nii belongs to be
Who's Be?

Be is me and me is be. It's all quite simple you see. For if to he belongs to me, then I will be all I am to he. This absolutely fills me with glee.

It's nice to feel wanted.