A messier art style is much more pleasant than this overly clean computer-generated look

A messier art style is much more pleasant than this overly clean computer-generated look.

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Funny thing is, that isn't computer generated.

*takes a liquid shit on your manga page*
enjoy the mess


That's not computer generated. Perhaps it looks so, but Murata is an actual artist. I don't envy his writing style, but the atmosphere, the world, the dread of the centipede, the dynamism of the image, the sheer technical level required to create this...its nothing short of enviable. A story with this level of artistic detail would always generate a level of memorability despite the quality of the material.

I disagree. I find this style, while perhaps technically impressive as you described, completely forgettable. I do not care enough to linger my eyes for more than a couple seconds. I don't find it exciting or "dynamic." It feels like it's "trying too hard," that's the feeling I'm getting from it.

The problem is again the lack of gore.

No matter how big and scary a monster looks, if it doesn't eat or maim people, it's not scary.

OPM is getting infected by the western comic where the heroes got bruised around with no injury.

Well for one thing its a giant centipede monster, not really cool in & of itself

>crater on the moon from when Saitama got sent there

Because there isn't much to tell of this image in particular besides its technical detail. Its just a big bad centipede man amidst a broken city. Bad feelings aside, the moment its depicting has to be profound as well. Its why people are so distraught over Murata doing his own thing in Saitama vs Garou. Webcomic Saitama vs Garou was lacking in quality, but the significance of the moment,the atmosphere of the moment and also the subject of the image made it far more interesting and memorable. This centipede thing is minor. If I were Murata, I wouldn't have expended half the effort for this page cause its meaningless. But remember the appearance of GOD. When GOD appeared, people were creaming themselves cause it looked fucking spectacular.

>Takes the shittiest vilain of OPM

No opinion on the subject, but why is the art so RED?

In this particullar page too much details crumpled into one design without some interesting artistic vision. I think even simple gigant centipede would be more impactfull than this. Also pages such as this would be banger in any manga, OPM just has too many of them and they mean so little usually.

how did murata draw it?

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it's heavily filtered

>computer-generated look.
You can hate on Murata all you want, but he is still one of the most productive and talented artist in the industry.
I have nothing against One, but his art is legitimately the worst and the ugliest I've ever seen. No amount of mental gymnastic is gonna change that.

>This is what replaced Golden Sperm and Garou's fight against the remaining S-class.
Irredeemable manga.

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That's not messy user, it's just a monster
using a brush-like style doesn't make something messy, this is tight, just not the cleanest like murata often does

>bruised around
>no injury

I want broken arms hanging on by a skin.
I want straight out ripped off body parts with blood spurt.

To all the artfags out there, how does it feel to know you will never be as good of an artist as this guy?

You can't tell a long story if someone gets maimed every fight.

yeah but is it really?

Sir you need to be 18 or older to post on this website.

I wonder how low detail this bit will be when it gets animated in the anime in the year 2100. Or if they will use cheap tricks like cutting away so they don't have to spend any money animating something.

Season 2 couldn't even afford to animate Metal Bat falling down after Zenko slapped him. In the initial airing they couldn't even afford to animate the slap and added it in later.

Someone post the version that shows all the copy-pasted artwork

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Based, onekeks will forever seethe at this post

seethe over bait threads keep up the job kek

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while i'm pretty sure this is a WHAT KILLED THE HYPE thread primarily, i agree with the general statement
i don't care for complex shading or realistic rendering, all i care about are cool shapes and fun color scheme
manga deliver on that much better than Yea Forumsmics, but the situation is amusingly reversed for Yea Forumsnimation
regardless, ultimately glorious nippon outdoes filthy gaijins, since westaboos are miles better than weeaboos
look at picrel, seiman douman might be even bigger postmodern wanker than fujimoto, but damn those harsh shadows and sharp angles are incredible

forgive my retardation
as an apology i will shill for imitation crystal as well

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All cohesion, nuance and subtly is gone. Murata has no restraint, no discipline, he just fires off random ideas wildly, regardless of how unfitting. God reviving Orochi for a revenge fight with Garou and the return of Orochi's condensed fighting form would have been better than the Centipede.

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I usually avoid using this term cause of all the retards throwing it around, but even though Murata is a really technical artist I feel most of his drawings lack "soul" and I don't really know any other way to put it.

It's like, you know those crazy Berserk pages that you can look for hours and still see new shit? Not only that but some parts of the page pop out more than others, I feel like we rarely see that on Murata's style, specially recently.

Of course, I would take a dick in my ass to draw like he does, but I still think he can get better. Anyone thinks similarly?

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Looks sterile and suffers from a severe lack of identity, unless you call bright filter to make this nigger glow up in the night an identity

I knowsomeone with a very messy artstyle. A certain artist GENIUS.

GODrata....I kneel.....

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Talking about ONE and Murata now inherently carries immense baggage because of everything currently happening in the OPM manga. It's a shame.
For what its worth Eyeshield 21 wasn't that bad, but I wonder how much Murata wishes to draw for his own series rather than doing so for somebody else.

>muh soul

What's wrong with clean? Probably you haven't read much physical manga or HQ scans, because most manga looks pretty clean.

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>He thinks Murata draws on an computer

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> ... But only the shading is so.
( you can even still see the pencil sketches )

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forced detail
dishonest drawing

I just wish I would even reach mediocre

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forced complaint
dishonest posting

Murata will die young for not taking care of himself

Is there any hope that the Garou fight can be redeemed? Would a sudden tone change even save it at this point?

what killed the hype

Yes. I respect his skill as an artist but that's exactly how I feel too. Look at this page, it's literally a bunch of fucking wood but I feel more from it than any of murata's art.

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A redraw perhaps?

Your going to have ONEfags on you user..

S-shut up! SHUT UP

Miura feels like he's a natural painter when it comes to spreads. He's also a master a conveying tone and emotion, he can draw the pristine and holy as well as the distorted and nightmarish. On a technical level it's not like he's the best ever or draws things that no other can replicate, but you're right, there's "soul" in the unique quality of his art.

You could say OPM by Murata is constrained by the source material but you can see the same mastery in Miura's non-Berserk works that are much less grimdark.

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Thanks for the (You)

Murata is an actual good artist, but he doesn't really put that to good use in OPM. The shading is run through so many noise and blur filters that the lightning looks completely soulless.

Is this a nipple?
I'm going insane, help me jannies!

To a normal everyday non-manga fanatic, no.

With a Wacom tablet and a pc, though more likely a cintiq or an iPad pro.
It's like you chucklefucks have never been to an art museum.

all the effects are digital, including toner, background, halo, blur, cloud/fog around his arms, etc. murata doesnt do that much work. assistants did almost that entire image digitally.

Muratas art has technically improved massively, but stylistically it's lacking behind how it used to be imo.
Murata has always been the greatest artist I've seen, but he's never been my favorite, and the reasons for so have never been clearer than now. The art just seems soulless at times now, and the nu shading style while technically good, I just don't like it.

Don't tell a long story or get a huge cast of characters.

Seething I'm not even 1% as good as him