Why does every isekai have beastmen slaves?

Why does every isekai have beastmen slaves?

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Cause beastmen runs parallels to niggers in every isekai

No. Beastmen girls are usually cute.

And real life neggresses are not!

To those with a taste for non humans, catching my drift?

Sexual slavery is popular in isekai because it's the easiest way to explain why an autist has a harem of 10/10 girls surrounding him. Of course, even retards who like that shit feel uncomfortable about the implications of slavery, so the slave girls inevitably fall madly in love with the MC simply because he's not a sadistic torturer like every other slave owner in those stories.

sex sex

Because how else would you control their unquenchable thirst for your cock?

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Why don't you?

Japanese wish fulfillment

They don't. Slime doesn't have them, Overlord doesn't have them and there are many other isekai with beastmen where the beastmen aren't slave, not to mention all the isekai where beastmen don't even exist to begin with.
That's not even close to ""every isekai"".

It is so the japanese teen can bring justice and equality to the corrupt land which is modeled after european medieval society. it's essentially to signal that the modern japanese are kind and humane. they often try to connect mistreatment or lower status of these creatures to what is happening in the west, crafted so that it would appear the only reason why these beings are in their position is due to being different. that kind of thing would never happen in japan.

Expect all those cases where the nip MC buys a slave like it's nothing and at best justifies it with "at least if I buy her and force her with my social position to have gentle sex (totally not rape!) with me, she won't be sold to some heinous sadistic maniac who'll rape her very forcefully".

>bring justice and equality to the corrupt land

Is this a joke? Isekai MCs don't give a shit about ending slavery, they rush out to buy sexy slave girls to fuck.

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Because it's hot.

I just wanna know which anime which have kemonomimi slaves. So far, I know of:
>Rising of the Shield Hero
Raccoon girl slave
>How Not to Summon a Demon Lord
Panther girl slave
>Death March to the Parallel World Rhapsody
Dog girl slave, Cat girl slave, Lizard girl slave
>Redo of Healer
Wolf girl slave
>Slave Harem in the Labyrinth of the Other World
Wolf girl slave

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I find it particularly egregious when beastmen are almost always depicted as being physically superior to humans without being less intelligent and yet somehow humans always dominate them. Overlord might be the only example where they're not.

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Maybe because the whites treated the black slaves as animals.

>Slave Harem in the Labyrinth of the Other World
>Wolf girl slave

First girl isn't really a dog.

Because the regular human slaves are just regular serfs

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Beastmen are also an independent group in Slime though they are also monsters in that lore.
There's also Golden Wordmaster where Beastmen are enslaved, but only stray ones in the human "continent nation", while Beastmen have their own equally powerful "continent nation" themselves.

how are you supposed to resist furry slave girls when they are so blunt about their intentions when it comes to pleasing their master?

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is he implying that the queen is his coonslave with that look at the end?


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I don't like Lupusregina either, but she is by definition a beast woman.

>what if Haydee was a tanuki?

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Isekai smartphone doesnt
It has sexbots instead

>It is so the japanese teen can bring justice and equality to the corrupt land
>it's essentially to signal that the modern japanese are kind and humane.
more so the self insert watcher and feel morally superior
nothing to do with japs, western media always inserts modern sensibilities into ye olde times or decries the past as being problematic(except for the protagonists, see peaky blinders crying about racism in 1920s britain)
its literal white knighting

she was only a loli for one episode
it's not fair, bros

Because it appeals to the male fantasy and the audience is male.
Actually, now that I think about it, it also kinda appeals to the female fantasy since females love to be dominated and like to be treated as pets by Chads

>slavery is... le bad!
>but i will buy slaves and support the slave trade because... i am le nice guy and it's okay when i do it

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why is that little girl so happy to be getting a slave?

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>what if the count didn't actually want revenge and was mostly just uncooperative and rude towards the conspirators?
>what if the count wasn't a ball of violent hatred, and instead just kind of cranky and cynical?
>what if instead of a vast hoard of hidden treasure, he had a magic shield that everyone thinks is useless in spite of it being the strongest item in the setting bar none because of its ridiculous bullshit demon powers?

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I dont get this one. Like its supposed to be taking a jab at Shield Hero?
But Naofumi is explicit about getting a slave despite knowing its wrong because he doesnt trusts free people (especially women) anymore; Its not an hypocrisy the author didnt notice like the drawing seems to imply.

it's from the ben garrison of weebs, don't think too much about it, it's not worthy.

>Overlord doesn't have them
You're right, Overlord just has the Lizardman slaves, which is much better because they invaded and murdered them all first.

I hate those gross lizard fucks like you wouldn't believe...
Worst part of the entire series

It's a jab at the genre in general since it's obviously a fantasy for people afraid of rejection and it's rationalized by the MCs saying that them treating other people as property is fine because they're "nice guys".

And Naofumi is an asshole too. Turning someone into his property and using magic to compel obedience is a shitty thing to do regardless of how he feels about having been betrayed.

>she keeps getting thicker

Naofumi never pretended to not be an "asshole" (at least in the novels). He's based
Slavery in these stories is awesome btw, if I got isekai'd you bet your ass I'd buy a few catgirls for myself

damn bratty beastwomen need correction

It would be poetic justice if you were enslaved after getting isekaied and got to experience what you want to do to others.

ok but you gotta ask yourself: why would a cute catgirl choose to be YOUR slave? you? a master? cmon user

keep seething
she's a slave, gets no choice in the matter

Because discriminating against people of a specific ethnic group upsets people. Nevermind Valkyria does exactly this by having the Darcsens be a very obvious analog for Jews.

no no no no, in these kind of relationships, it's actually the slave that has more power. it's they that set the limits of the relationship really. a proper master slave relationship is built on trust

isekai should have actual beast girls
not women in costumes

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A 3 that wears 1 clothing please

because nips can't imagine getting a girlfriend normally even in their self-insert power fantasies

Fuck off furfags, kemono are superior.

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more fluff

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Oh so they deserved everything got it

>shitty thing to do
You mean the "literally only way for him to survive" thing to do?
I have yet to see anyone give a good method for him to survive without doing that.

Pretty sure he was just playing into the queen's hands anyway. The Slave Trader was a plant.

Wish fulfilment. Most isekai writers look like some variant of pic related, so slave girls not only fulfil their need for a woman but also their "saviour persecuted by society" complex. Basically At least MT was realistic about it and put the MC into a new body instead of bringing a fishfaced otaku to fantasy Europe and somehow not have women run away screaming.

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you mean besides making an actual friend?

Ah yes. Let me guess, if you had to advise a wanted terrorist on the run, you'd probably tell him "just find a random trustworthy stranger you meet for the first time to shelter you and bring you out of the country, bro!"

slaves are sexy

pet fetish.
combined with a lil bit of kindred souls feel because "i'm weak too" selfshaming.

>use superior earth knowledge to build guns
>use guns to make money to buy slaves
>buy slaves and make them work in your factory to build more guns
>buy more slaves to build even more guns to buy even more slaves

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