Misaka Mikoto Birthday!

Don't let the party end, anons!

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Happy birthday, Biribiri.

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>decades later still carrying the franchise
>is still the face of the franchise and will likely be the only thing remembered from this franchise
How does she do it?

>How does she do it?

The railgun isn't even the best she can do. It's just what she's become known for, it's actually not all that useful in a lot of situations.
Even the iron sand manipulation is better.

>decades later still carrying the franchise
>is still the face of the franchise and will likely be the only thing remembered from this franchise
>author doesn't care about her
It's kinda of sad when charater you don't care about becomes the most popular.

Looks like Kuroko is enjoying it.

I honestly don't think Kamachi cares about any of the characters anymore.

More middle school child sexualization! Saweeet cunny.

Aren't all little schoolgirls?

Happy Birthday ビーリービーリー!!

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I hope that GT 7 will fill in some of the plotholes for the current story arc we are on?

Just give Mikoto power-up

She already got her powerup, and had to have Touma and that other lv5 guts guy team up to stop it.

Hapiba Biribiri

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Too fucking kawaii

>it’s another episode of Mikotofags thinking they are more important than they actually are
Reminder that Accel and Touma consistently topped popularity polls for years. Misaki is also popular. Raildex wouldn’t be as popular without Mikoto, but it would certainly still be around.

How did Touma remember that he called Misaka biribiri after losing his memories?

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>it's another episode of a whiny indexcuck still mad his precious LN is irrelevant as fuck

He didn’t, he simply called her that again because she was being all biri biri towards him

He's a static character. Get it? So naturally he'll name things the same way his old self will name.

Uh oh, looks like I touched a nerve. Next time don’t start shit if you can’t handle bantz, faggot. I’m sure you will be crying for a dozen posts this thread about big bad Indexfags like the cuck that you are, pretending that you don’t start shit and being a victim. Twitter is more of your speed.

>Mikoto holds up the series by herself!!!
>actually other characters are consistently popular so I don’t think that’s entirely true-
Why are Railgun Only’s such obnoxious crybabies?

Watch out, he’ll pretend that he “just likes pissing people off xD” like last thread. Truly ebin trolling, I’m sure he isn’t just trying to protect his fragile ego

What does Mikoto’s vagina smell like?

Ozone probably

Ozone and a christmas ruining stench of death.

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Yes, Misaki. Look at how many fucking figs were made of her alone in the past few years

Misaki's rise in popularity is because she has been paired up with Mikoto as her "rival". She wasn't that popular before.

There wasn’t a “before” you fucking LARPer, her first appearance had her being an opposing force to Mikoto. We have no way of verifying if that’s true, but that’s also a fucking retarded claim to even make because you could say the same about Touma and even Accel. The fact is you’re trying to come up with an excuse why she isn’t “actually” popular for some stupid reason, probably because you don’t like her or something. To which I say I’m not exactly her biggest fan either, but I don’t go around denying her obvious popularity.

You are the one exaggerating things here. Misaki is popular yes, but putting her at the level of Touma/Accel/Mikoto is something else. Anyway, before or not. It's because their relationship has been advertised more. Misaki isn't a character who can replace any of these 3.

>her first appearance had her being an opposing force to Mikoto

>Is a walking bug zapper
>scared of bugs and creepy crawlies


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Watch out for Accelerator! He’s committed a number of heinous crimes including:
- self-defense
- taking in an orphaned child
- saving that child and almost ten thousand others from a targeted attack
- destroyed falsified data that could have led to the deaths of countless people
- saving that child from a deranged kidnapper and prevent that man from unleashing chaos upon a metropolitan city
- saving an old lady
- helping a thug who tried to attack him for no reason
- rejecting an extra-dimensional being who’s appearance caused psychic burden on thousands of people
- defeats forces throughout a war without any casualties and ultimately saves Europe from magic fallout
- eliminated the “need” for Academy City’s criminal network more than once
- helped to prevent a mobile castle from crashing onto a city
- protected scores of people from the hubris of a bug swarm monster
- defended a huge amount of people, time after time, in every event he found himself in
- including multiple mock fights he threw to protect them
- saved people from reigniting the fires of war in England, as well as protected those under fire
- disabled a great demon
And many more evil deeds, including whatever happened in the spinoff!

Nice, time to dump some biribirthday fanart. Happy birthday Mikoto!.

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Her first appearance is in the Railgun manga, where she is being hostile/fucking with Mikoto in some way. Are you going to say it doesn’t count now?

But Mikoto’s birthday was yesterday

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Shitkoto a shit

Another version

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Fucking Kuroko in front of the others

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With Gekota

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Mikoto is a dumb frog poster!

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The approaching storm on an early summer evening, the smell of fresh cut grass, the gentle wind carrying the ozone smell from the distant thunderheads, and the faint whiff of a gekota-flavored shower gel.

Why are Mikototards si cancerous

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>that Sister face

Happy Birthway

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Railgun animator

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I'd hate to live in this universe, you can get fit all you like but some cheeky teenage schoolgirl will still be able to kick your ass.

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This party is just starting

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Females are stronger on this verse on average, there are more female higher level espers than male and more female world ending magic threats than male
Accept your fate and be femdommed

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Fuck off Shitkoto spammers

>I will go into a thread I know wont like just so I can get mad

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Thoughts on the Railgun novel cover?

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