What's the edgiest anime you've ever watched?

What's the edgiest anime you've ever watched?

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hunter x hunter

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Agree with Devilman but not the zoomer version, watch Amon: Apocalypse of Devilman

God damn, that Miki death.

K-On. That Mugi motherfucker once stole a woman's strawberry and ate it in front of her. That's some real NTR shit right there.

Look at the face on that psychopath as she looks directly at Mio while she eats the strawberry. Like inside her head there must be some Griffith during the Eclipse level shit goin on.

maybe angel cop

MD Geist was genetically engineered to be edgy as fuck.

She should really clean those glasses.

Vampire Hunter D the first movie, maybe
But Miki's death scene was also terrible and upset me

Didn't watch anime but this moment in manga made me sad.

Watch this OVA You will be horrified.

>What was a horribly tragic event in the manga turns into something that was 100% avoidable in the anime while also being a lot dumber
Seriously how

Probably Narutaru

Mahou Shoujo Site
The worst part of it was how disgusting and degenerate the big brother was (and he got away with it too after literally killing a bunch of people to satisfy his power fantasy). Dude is a full package
>Unironic psycho

Is this how plebbitors communicate with eachother?

Teknoman, Genocyber or MD Geist

>Everyone dies in the end

Those are false, and while I haven't finish the manga didn't he end up in a mans rape dungeon?

Can't believe I forgot Genocyber, that was genuine edge.

I loved the series with just how overboard the gore was. The author genuinely did not give a fuck about being fucked up and I can tell that he enjoyed it. Also nii-sama was based af at the end.

Not anime but there's a manga I have forgotten the name of about a Dexter type guy that kills one dude by fucking him with a spiked dildo.
That one was pretty edgy.

Really edgy, what bothers me the most is that edgy shit is really poorly written most of the time. It's hard to take it seriously, well, not sure if "poorly written" is the best way to describe it, it just seems far too over the top? Like in these type of anime literally the entire world is somehow degenerate that I cannot believe it and can only find it absurd.

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That is arguably worse than dying but I still want him to die
At one point he even get to join the main gang and his sister was fine with it because....?

>rabbit scene

This so far.

He didn't ended up there. Dude escaped (of course) after taking it up his ass for like weeks. I wouldn't complain if he actually stayed there and suffer
I give him credit for actually being to tank that shit for weeks and even roleplaying to make it look like he enjoying it so the rapist won't find him suspicious

yeah i remember trying to read the manga but drop cause it was so over the top

Bigger fish to fry probably, maybe she takes it out on him later

I don't think getting asspounded and denied your manhood is getting away with it.

The whole arch lead up to him getting the underwear was genuinely sick. Dude was grooming a literal kid just to get her power and then he discarded her, make her and her friend kill each other for his amusement

>Like in these type of anime literally the entire world is somehow degenerate
Type of media I can't stand at all.

thank you for spoiling you massive faggot hope you get hit by a bus

They really do as the plebs they are. We patrician Yea Forumschads say, "What is the superlative degree of edgy anime you've ever watched?".

I just hate him. But it's nice that there's at least no redemption and he just stay as a psycho till the end. Trying to "fix" him is arguably worse

Based user spoiling the overrated normiecore tearjerker trash liked by redditors.
He spared you from wasting time watching a shitty show you ungrateful cunt.

Does Bokura no count?

after all these years it's still Gantz

fuck you too hope what ever series in your backlog you were looking forward to get spoiled too you joyless faggot

>Everyone dies in the end

>hope what ever series in your backlog you were looking forward to get spoiled too
I literally read the whole plot on wikis before watching any anime.

Nah since it carried some weight behind their deaths, his other work was the edgier one

Probably Devilman. There's also Basilisk, Hellsing and Drifters as good contenders.

>Amon: Apocalypse of Devilman
It's underrated. Not as good as the original OVAs, but it is really good.

Elfen Lied or something I don't remember anymore

Great manga, not that edgy though

Genocyber is basically a less gay version of Saikano

Redo of Healer, for obvious reasons.

A Certain Scientific Accelerator, a spinoff about every Raildex fan's favorite edgelord.

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Unprotected sex with Saya!

I love this show despite all its flaws.

Yeah this faggot was pure evil good thing he got a lot well deserved ass rape correction from the cop

If we're not just talking gore, but general chuuniness and teen angst then it has to be especially the chimera ant arc


Hellsing Ultimate

Gantz or deadman wonderland probably

>Unprotected sex
Nope, she will protect the fuck out of you.
It was an entertaining schlocky trainwreck but it really is the beginning of CLAMP downfall

Yeah; I dropped it when the raped guy turned into a pedo too. Thats when it became pretty clear there was not any genuine intention at seriously tackling heavy topics.

Unironically Re:Zero. And re:tards are eating that shit up.

Hellsing for me.
It's edgier than Devilman.

either one of those edgelord isekai or this:
(or however the OP went)

hellsing has too much fun to be really edgy

Perfect karma since he was implied to sexually abuse Aya at the beginning of the story
I like how literally everyone in Mahou Shoujo Site are sick and twisted in different ways, even Aya