Post your waifu and other anons will guess something about you

Post your waifu and other anons will guess something about you

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You have a cute! CUTE! taste and you love the gold color

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you're a dangerous succubus thatt has certainly led countless angels to their fall

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you're the type of faggot that would spend way too much time on an anime forum

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You believe in paranormal things

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Your opinion is based on what your see peoppe talking about

You're dead inside, and have been so for a long time

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She's not your first.

An atheist hoodlum

you're either a degenerate, a bad person or just retarded (possibly all three)

Youre into watersports

You belong in a death camp

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Just try and stop me.

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You are very patient

Actually Satan, I am quite secure.

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You don't look like a guy who marries

Illya the cutest

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You have good taste.

Proud MAP and gigs of illegal content on your computer/phone.

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Autist made of densest material

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>drank the kool aid that the director wasn't at fault for the destruction of the fandom

You need someone to save you.

>tfw op has you as his waifu

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I don't have a waifu, and I don't save pictures of anime. I am going to another board now. Goodbye.

>I'm going to another section of this anime website because I don't like anime

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You know nothing

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I wanna HUG you

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You have Agalmatophilia and maybe a pedophile as well.

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You are obsessed with tarot and likes poetry

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You have good taste and enjoy Dr Pepper

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No, I was just showing off one of her more refined photos.
Probably misunderstood my pic. If not then that's literally everyone here by those standards, aside from a few very specific cake/milfs.

You like otaku girls

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You are a SIMP.
Also a SIMP.
You are a Souta. Not a SIMP at all, but somehow still more of a spineless faggot than a SIMP. But your taste is commendable.
Simpest of SIMPS.
Calling you a SIMP is an insult to SIMPs. You are insane.

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What do you mean? Batou has a picture of them and their son in his wallet

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Oh look it's my wife's ex-boyfriends wife.

Based snekbro
Great taste
A fiesty one, hope you are up for a challenge