Baki Dou ch 124

A few hours left

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I saw a dream on how things would play out
>jack was having a party thrown for him
>everyone was drinking and having a good time
>suddenly yujiro comes in
>hes not mad at jack, and actually compliments him
>jack is dumbfounded but keeps listening
>yujiro gives more advice on biting and then leaves
>suddenly jack throws his drink away, and goes away to train
>next scene is at an airport, with baki(?) making his way to jack

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That is the most stopid dream I’ve ever heard of

124 hype

Alternatively Jack is having a party and Yujiro knocks him the fuck out like he did to Doppo.

seems way too likely, but guess the ogre has softened up

I hope we get to see Jack this chapter
Tired of Yujiro wanking

Who'd win
>Baki vs Jack
>Pickle vs Sukune
>Jack vs Musashi
>Kaku vs Sukune
>Katsumi vs Pickle rematch
>Kaku vs Pickle
>Yuichiro vs Musashi

my threads block, complaints throw these moeshitters.

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1. Jack
2. Pickle
3. Musashi (unfortunately)
4. Kaku
5. Pickle
6. Kaku (but if I remember correctly, didn’t Kaku say he was scared of Pickle? Hmm….)
7. Yuichiro 100%

How would Garouden top tier like Himekawa, Shozan or Tanba do int he maximum tournament?

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>Baki vs Jack
>Pickle vs Sukune
>Jack vs Musashi
>Kaku vs Sukune
Kaku probably but if gripping has similar effect as biting does to aiki, then I could see it going either way
>Katsumi vs Pickle rematch
Still Pickle, but Katsumi would do a lot better
>Kaku vs Pickle
Pickle, pure force beats technique
>Yuichiro vs Musashi
Yujiro vs Musashi could go either way, so it's hard to say. As a dickrider I will say Yuichiro though

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>Jack beating Baki
You're dumb as shit, dont reply to my posts ever again

You’re not a mod, shitbrain. So stfu
You asked a question and I answered
Jack is stronger than Baki,

You are retarded

Also, your post? Haha
This is MY thread, asshole. So fuck off

No, i am the OP, fuck off brainlet.
Imagine being so stupid that you cant comprehend a shonen fighting series. You'd be too stupid to create a thread


Jack is stronger than Baki (currently) and he will just get stronger and stronger.

Pickle vs Kaku is 50/50 depending on if the translation of Kaku saying he was scared of Pickle was real or not

>Baki vs Jack
Baki, unless Jack unlocks demon back mid-fight. Baki still takes the revenge fight, though.
>Pickle vs Sukune
I would like to see this, I want to say Sukune, but Pickle is very strong
>Jack vs Musashi
Musashi with swords. I imagine Jack wouldn't just stop to compliment him if he "cut" him, so without swords, Jacks takes it.
>Kaku vs Sukune
>Katsumi vs Pickle rematch
Katsumi if he uses the 4000 years well
>Kaku vs Pickle
Pickle, unless he's changed or something and won't eat the dead man's body
>Yuichiro vs Musashi
Random guess but Yuichiro

Keep telling yourself that, turd

>Jack won his first fight in 2 decades against a guy Baki toyed with
>somehow that means he can beat Baki
I cnat believe such retarded pieces of shit like you post here, stop posting in my thread retard

As a Jackfag I want to believe you but do we have any concrete proof for that? Demon back Baki will always come on top. Only trump card Jack seems to have is that Baki's back activates only when pushed to the limits. Jack bleeding him out would prevent him from reaching that limit, which makes me hopeful for him.

I always imagined Shouzan to be around Doppo's power level, maybe a bit stronger after polishing his skills.

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That’s the thing with Jack. He doesn’t need the demon back to win WHICH MAKES HIM THE STRONGEST
Pickle vs Katsumi
I don’t see how Katsumi would ever win. Both Retsu AND Katsumi lost to Pickle in the past. So why would he win now?

Kaku said he's stop his heart the same way he did against Yujiro in order to avoid Pickle's attack.
And that wasnt even Pickle's final form

Soooo are you a Jack fan? Or Baki fan?

I doubt it Baki characters are generally stronger and Doppo held his own for a while against Yujiro

Jack fan with a brain. Now prove me wrong

Jack can't bite through Baki's sen no sen

Ok Pickle wins then

Soooo are you a retard, a retarded newfag or a redditor? I liek Jack more than Baki, he would still lose.

Yeah, you might be right, it's probably because of the presence the character had in the story that I think like this.

Not a fan compared to me


Its not a competition but I shall kneel

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You can't like this character without being delusional. God you have to be underage, the quality of these threads keeps going to shit since 2018, you are such a stupid cunt, please kill yourself

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>announcing a report
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He lost his arm because he got beaten by his student.
He's probably a decent assassin, but I can't see him fighting anybody on the Baki team fairly


He let it happen in fears of mogging the poor guy too hard

Announcing your reporting is against the rules btw (I didn't report you tho, just telling you so you know).
It's banned because it's obnoxious and spammy

No i just hate you stupid cunts shitting up these threads.

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do people never get tired of the "who'd win x or x"?

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Kehaya vs Sukune
Who’d win

We have never seen Yuichiro fight

Vs threads are the reason I stopped reading the baki subreddit
90% of the sub is just karma whoring spammy vs threads
Reddit is pretty shitty, it's hard to find subs that don't suck

The first one is wrong, it should say Jack
The last one is Yuichiro, no question about it

No, and I'm glad they are a thing. Frequently discussing characters and their feats mean that they won't get forgotten, and debating forces people to look back on the manga and reread it. If you dont like it you can choose not to partake

It's pretty exciting to imagine the possible fights in a manga about fighting autism, user

Well said

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Everyone who reads this shit is gay and disgusting.

Good point, I usually struggle to remember character names, but in Baki and Kengan - I don't, because of threads

I agree. That is why I left Reddit. “YuJiRo RaPeS MidD DiFf” so annoying

Also, here you can be more “free” in a way. The only unfortunate thing about Yea Forums is that there are some real clowns on here calling others the n-word for no reason lmco

I generally dislike it but with Baki it's in the spirit of the manga.

>The only unfortunate thing about Yea Forums is that there are some real clowns on here calling others the n-word for no reason lmco
If you spend more time here you'll realise that there's no reason to be scared of nono words

If Yuichiro is so great, why is he dead?

He's not dead, he just ascended to heaven to beat up angels and kamis

Tbh there aren’t many characters in Baki

Like, we have Jack, Yujiro, Baki, Doppo, Shibukawa, Hanayama, Katsumi, Motobe and now Gaia and also maybe Kathryn (if he doesn’t die in this upcoming chapter)

I mean yes there are more characters but these are the ones who are “common”

Maybe we don’t need MORE characters but we definitely need to kill off some…
Like Katsumi needs to die, as well as Shibukawa and maybe even Doppo

I think he meant that people resort to just namecalling instead of bringing something worthwile to a conversation

I don't dislike them on a conceptual level, but you get someone posting almost the same matchups in every single baki thread.

Sorry, meant to post against the faggot announcing his reports

You clearly hate fighting, why read a series that has literally no plot and is 99% fighting, you people really are such pretentious fucking cunts, just kill yourselves you whiny faggots.

Never said I was scared of anything. I said it is unfortunate that there are some people out there who are clowns. Seems you can’t read

>Like Katsumi needs to die
>Before he gets to make significant use of his new jerk off arm

>as well as Shibukawa and maybe even Doppo
Fuck you. Shibukawa is awesome, and Doppo is pretty cool too

Becuase if he was alive, Yujiro wouldn’t be the strongest, duh, stupid.



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ok newfag

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I don’t care if someone is “awesome” Katsumi is the weakest link. Shibukawa is old af, arrogant and smug 24/7, adds literally nothing to the story, just like Katsumi. And Doppo is OG as hell but he too needs to die