What Visual Novels are most in-need of an adaptation?

What Visual Novels are most in-need of an adaptation?

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have sex

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What the fuck was Takuji's problem?

you can't possibly read and enjoy subahibi without being a schizo or a tranny

He seems fine to me.

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not an anime

Why didn't Ever17 ever get an anime adaptation? It's considered a classic visual novel in japan to this day.

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Being brainwashed by his insane mother into trying to kill his sister, then getting killed by his older brother and becoming a split personality of his older brother.

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> Visual Novels

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it's been done once before and it was terrible and scaji's stuff in general cursed when they get anime adaptations of fucking up his stuff and leaving out all his philosophy

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>and leaving out all his philosophy
just like 90% of the VN!

Definitely not SubaHibi. Why would anyone want a censored to Hell and back adaption of such a great visual novel?

anyone who was seriously bullied.

Newfag detected.

twinkle crusaders, WLO, eustia

How would you adapt the perspective twist?

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Deserves an anime just for Kohakuren alone.

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There is no need because they're never better.

memedori is so yesterday

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Hatoful Boyfriend

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None, I don't want my VNs to be ruined by gaijins and animeonlies.

We need a totono VN adpatation

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The developer went bankrupt and the Xbox remake is widely hated last I recall. Also do we really need the next Yu-No anime?

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The Muv-Luv trilogy

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No, letting the IP die is a mercy at this point.

literally every uchikoshi work is unadaptable

ugh and I was about to say Eve

My nigga

Also the pastel chime trilogy.

Has tons of great H scenes so it would make a great hentai adaptation but the same artist also did Nekopara

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>Start Utawarerumono, anime gets announced
>Start Subahibi, anons talk about anime
Where I'm at it's just yuri harem stuff, but I've heard it gets as denpa as humanly possible, how do you adapt schizo breakdowns without walls of insane text?

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I want Fault Milestones

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t. brainlet

The answer will always be Rance. You could have a hundred episode long series and it wouldn't be enough to cover it, though.

Making * Lovers

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making roasties is shit

Eustia is getting a switch version next month. Hopefully that'll increase attention towards it, despite it being a masterpiece already.

>it's real
what the fuck I thought switch was for kids. what are they gonna do about the genocide and prostitution thing?

My one

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pic related
and we dont call them """"visual novels"""" here

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Triangle Heart 3 proper. Tragically, it will have to do away with the sex scenes.

I was bullied and I can’t stand it

Kimi o Aogi Otome wa Hime ni

Wow (you) are literally me (you). The first chapter is extremely boring in comparison to the following ones, though I'm not finished either so I can't say so for all the chapters

My first eroge, i wonder i should replay it?

>Takuji's problem?
Not enough Fap.

Nanairo Reincarnarion

Raging Loop.


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Terrible is an understatement, if I was involved in that shit I'd demand my name be scrubbed from the credits.

You just know people would compare it to JoJo due to Porshion and seethe over Salem. Do it.

saya no uta

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That reminds me, how much did they expand Arc's route in Tsukihime Remake? Would it still fit into 1 cour anime?

If I recall, Arc's route is a completely different story altogether and Ciel's route is more recognizable to the original VN.

Hinata no Tsuki, AKA the best shota/trap VN ever written.

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Re-adapt Kara no Shoujo!
>take cerebral detective story
>literally just adapt the hentai, really poorly

For those who haven't read it here's the other heroines (male)

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Grisaia and Ao no Kanata got adaptation years ago, why this one didn't?

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