An gift for my Baki bros

A gift for my best Baki bros.
The special 30th anneversary of Baki magazine (raws), with exclusive interviews from Itagaki-shihan.
If someone could make sure Spiney gets a look at this, even if it's a bit much to translate, would be appreciated.

I also have the art book, but honestly there doesn't seem to be much interesting in it, it's just a bunch of raw pages from Baki before they've been cleaned up (i.e. blue lines and stuff everywhere)

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Baki series is so charming

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It's funny how the first series has like 100 characters but later ones have about 10 or 20 new characters

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Oh hey, nudes of Baki's mom
I don't remember if this was in the original manga

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Mommy milkers

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This is kinda neat
Seems to be a couple relationship graphs

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Not gonna dump the whole thing
If you're interested check the link up top and try to keep the thread alive for others

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I cant read this without the furigana

Thanks user, also did they release an entire volume just for this? 137 pages seems quite a lot

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Yeah im sure ive seen that panel before, bakis mom was unfairly hot

>yujiro's only friend is Muhammad Ali

>Olivia line connecting to Yujiro dick

So i'm guessing
>blue dashed line - friends
>red dashed lines - family
>red line - enemy? rival?
>black line - same organization

Spiny better translate this shit
It looks sick

It's a magazine that could be purchased exclusively (I think) at the 30th anniversary of Baki exhibition

>tardjiro not friends with based doppo
Looks like the whole thing's fake.

>Jack and Baki as enemies
it hurts man...

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>When Yujiro sees a hairy muscular (wo)man with a virgin asshole

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Art is sick


I don't remember the al capone guy

>Emi getting her clothes ripped
Lame, give me the one of it happening to Diane

Sucks that she had such a revolting personality


why is amanai in the same group as the US presidents

Because he works for the us government, stupid

I fucking hate speedreaders

He was secret service for Bush IIRC

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So gay x_x

No it was Clinton

user you perv


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Cute :3

Thanks again for the dump user

No worries.
You guys are my bros.
I lurk Baki threads on Yea Forums every fucking day.
$20 ain't nothing to do my bros a favour

What about $200

There's nothing worth sharing for $200.
Unless you need new scans, in which case I have most of the second half of the manga and are willing to share.

Okay but what does it look like through Fujo Goggles?

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So what u are saying is that you are a cheap bastard? Well??

No it's the same shitty images I lazily typeset like every time I post this.

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The only thing worth more than $200 at the exhibit was signed drawings by Itagaki.
Not really anything worth sharing

>jack has no friends


I hope someone translates this shit cuz i don’t understand a single fucking thing

This chart is bullshit >:(

Anyone know if spiney seen this thread yet?

Just got on to their discord server and link this thread to them and then they’ll prob translate this shit, I hope they do

Thanks bro

Well if they do translate this shit then you can thank me

If they don't translate it nobody will.
Better to have tried and failed than to have no idea how to contact them to begin with

Better to eat my ass than complain
do it already