Dragon Ball Super

New anime coming in July.

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Why did goku try to spare freeza?

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What is that purple form?

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Princess bejita mode. Its a usless from but they had to update his powers inline with goku.

Begeta learns Ultra Ego from Berus which is like ultra instinct but purple and not used by faggy angels


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What are some Dragon Ball characters they could defeat?

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Because Frieza was begging for mercy

Is the Super Hero movie past the final chapter of Z yet?

Can we finally have some stakes put back into the series?

Best girl

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it's dragon ball lol, any semblance of stakes died with cell

doragon boru zetto

Cell's stakes were laughable.
>uhh I guess I'll kill everyone on Earth or something because uhh I like seeing people in fear or some shit uhh I don't know beep bop I'm a retarded computer with no goals

Yeah but at least characters *could* conceivably die back then. Throughout Super all of our entire cast have had plot army because we've seen the future.

That's entirely why the Broly movie focusses on new characters and makes them the focal point

>still believing the original ending is not going to get retconned in 10 years to make room for more shit

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I have no words for this

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Imagine if we actually got good writing that would engage us more.

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she's pretty cute ^^

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Please don't set him off. Please.....

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Cute and funny

>i heard your cancer is pretty strong. Let me fight it.

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The one fight he could not win

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My wife Chino...

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Goku? Goku
Bejita? Bejita
Broly? Broly
Gohan? Gohan
Trunks? Trunks
Tien? Tien
Yamcha? Yamcha
Krillin? Krillin
Frieza? Frieza
Roshi? Roshi
Beerus? Beerus
Whis? Whis
Jiren? Lost

He knows the universe is exciting and wants everyone to be able to experience that excitement, it’s a waste of life to kill someone.

So... What DRAGON BALL topics are we discussing today, gentlemen?

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Which supreme kai would most accurately predict the outcome of Broly vs Jiren?

he looks like a Han

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...Well? What are talking about today that is DRAGON BALL?
Hmm... I think this dude would be correct.

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>Making Shin an option

We can behead them together

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THE male sex icon of 90s anime.

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>>Making Shin an option

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Long hair Trunks is pure perfection.

CHADtenbro btw.

Gee, what a pathetic progenitor the universe gave me.
First your heart and now your own cells? Just die already, and don't even bother coming back. Better yet, ask that gay cat of yours to delete your weak ass from existence.

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Sorry im busy

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Because he's a stupid moralfag

No one is a moralfag.

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>insulting the CHADnny
Gents... kill him.

Howa bout you help your wife first before playing with the big boys.

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I thought the movie was supposed to come out on April 22nd? I could've sworn I looked it up a month ago and it said April 22nd... D-don't tell me I'm going insane... I saw the future...

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I think he's single-handedly responsible for bringing in like 60% of female fans into the franchise.

>Having to team up against a girl
Very "Chad" of you.

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...Anything else, gentlemen? Anything at all? Surely you have something that is DRAGON BALL related on your minds...

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Talk about Wakaba.

Shittin rn

Jirenning rn


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Let's talk about how Cirno mindbroke Jiren.

K, B.

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