Dies Irae

What the fuck is this shit

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Best series of all time
And Kei is best girl

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the anime is a mindfuck


Kei is an idiot.



t.Kei more like

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I love Kei so much. I only go her route in the VN.

what's wrong with it?

>And Kei is best girl
>Kei is an idiot.
this also true
i love kei, but goddamn she's so fucking pathetic. especially the way she died in rea's route.

Rea is best girl and winner

forgot to reply

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>spontaneously adapting third chronological route of VN
Shit like this never ended well.

The world needs more Ren and Kei
Goddamn it. They should make her the canon one.
The two even get framed together

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Actually, most people would feel bad for Kei. Shirou was just a fucking psychopath.

Based Shirou laying the truth thick, kei a shit.

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>Dies Irae
It's a medieval (clerical) Latin poem/hymn about Christian eschatology, specifically referencing the "last jusdgement" as described in the Bible.
It has found its place in the so called "Carmina Burana", set to music by Carl Orff.

Kei is best girl. Seethe, cope, and dilate.
Rea fags feel free to see yourself out.

I really wish KKK was translated.

>TFW No Ren in SS uniform

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Rea > all

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Yeah I love Kei.

Edgy chunibyo nazifest.
Well I love plentiful bosom, so blue hair girl is my thing. Fuck the plot.

Fate is the superior chuunishit vn

good thing this is DI.

Edgelord incarnate

Name a more based character than him. You can't.

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Kei is dumb. Her route and bakasumi's were literaly fillershit, Shirou scenes were the only good part.

>Steal a woman from his creator

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Not so fast.

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>she's so fucking pathetic.
Yeah, isn't it great?

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Grandma stop bullying my wife

>Says the cuck loser that died in evey route and become a cuck reincarnated

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Read VN

>bullying the punching bag little girl literally everyone bullies
>wow look I'm so cool

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>>bullying the punching bag little girl literally everyone bullies
>>wow look I'm so cool

>Marie route
>Gets fucked up by Hajun
>Results to Kajiri
>Ends up being Ren's wife at the end of t
Kajiri Kamui Kagura
How does Rea keep getting away with it?

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Bitch doesn't know math

What a flop. It was around this point that VN adaptations stopped almost entirely, huh. Aside from TM stuff, of course.

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>spontaneously starting with the side story that appears after the second route

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Why did Ren get to reincarnate but not Reinhard?

That girl beside Rea is unironically Reinhard

Wasn't he killed by hajun so his soul was tossed away?
So it's not just a meme?

I knew she gets his spear but not that she is his reincarnation.

Because he's bullshitting you, Reinhard is chilling with the other Gods in a deeper level of the Divine Throne

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yea no

>Aside from TM stuff, of course.
why do they keep getting away with it and don't bring up gacha

Yeah dude, the author moved on and is writing the next stories already, that includes the ones that were supposed to be for the dead gacha

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I'm pretty sure Masada hasn't abandoned the plot he was going to write there, it's just not going to be in form of gacha anymore.

Is that Shirou?

The original Shirou.

Nostalgia pandering. Dies Irae came just too late.

>Shirou la forma Varuna Atman

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The killer of the Fate series