Love Live!

Best episode so far
Would the KINO keep increasing for the upcoming weeks just like S1 before?

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It's the most enjoyable episode so far.

regarding the kino, here's the ratings chart so far
(RIP NicoAnon who updates the rating)

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I really enjoyed season 2. best OP, best character interactions, best music, best raibus. Can't wait to see what AZUNA gonna bring to us.

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>Setsuna is going to get another focus episode while DD only got 1 episode to share with Misato
I hate staff's bias so much it's unreal

Fuck traitors.

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they're kissing?

misato is best girl though so its okay

How would you feel if Ayumu and Yuu eventually started dating for real in the anime?

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Niji would quickly shoot up as the best LL anime ever for having the balls to do it. They won't though because we gotta let greasy otaku have their waifu fantasy.

niji would be instant 9/10. Need ayumu yuu sex scene first before it becomes perfect. Even an OVA would do

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And that's a good thing.

I could see it happening in the All Stars universe since its (you) but not the anime, sadly.

What is her true personality, Nana or Setsuna?

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They're not gay so it wouldn't make sense

They already are. But i'd still feel indifferent about it, unless they have steamy hot lesbian sex for 20 whole minutes.

I reckon its somewhere in the middle. It feels like she tries too hard in her Setsuna persona to be the high energy idol and tries too hard to be a serious no bullshit president as Nana.

This episode already foreshadowed Yuu is getting cucked because Ayumu is going to fall in love with Setsuna

They did this on Sunshine though, even the other girls mentioned how "they are now", but we all know the shitstorm that happened because there waw a crackship that was more popular and they had to walk back and never mention it again on S2

She likes doing both

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setsuna is her real personality, she forces herself to act like a serious president as nana because that's what people expect of her
but i wish she could have the setsuna personality and nana design, she's so much cuter with the glasses and braids, and nana is a cuter name

How would (You) feel about Yuu becoming the 13th school idol in Niji?

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we're not talented enough
we can't even keep decent grades in the music course

>we can't even keep decent grades in the music course
why are we so stupid?

>go from lusting after school idols to becoming a school idol
bros this is a little too trans-esque for me..

Both, Nana is a personality that she chooses, so i don't think you can't just say that that is not her, while Setsuna is her true or dream self that she acts on.

>it was their plan to turn us into cute girls all along

Yuu should be male.


Finally went to go look for this season's ratings since I was curious. Think this is the page that will get updated as the season progresses.

Look guys, he said it again!

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Don't worry they worry they will eventually make your love live with male yuu and his 9 male idol boyfriends so you can finally self insert as yuu gets inserted himself

And he's based for saying it
The niji girls were the perfect opportunity for haremkino and they wasted it

if you wanted a harem of idols, why not just watch im@s then?

love live girls are better

There is no staff bias. As says DD need to know their place. They are lucky they got 1 episode

Damn, me is so sexy.

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Niji sucks
We want Liella

I hate it. DDbros deserved a second.

Why were OG S1 ep 1 and 2 rated so low?

>consistent 1.4 across the board for the "1" rating
So are these the people that still hold a vendetta against Lanzhu????

Besides that, 84, 87, 94, 90 is an incredible score. It would probably be much higher if "Mu Lanzhu" trolls didn't exist

Ah nevermind, it's actually 87 88 94 90. AZUNA will probably be around the 90s top despite the lack of song


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holly based


I think this one is the edgier merch destruction video, the other with the hammer is too funny because he uses a very small hammer

I will agree only if they keep the old tradition of cheating and swinging

liellabros... its over...
our group... is doomed...

all they had to do was keeping it five members...
why, oh why...

Why does this look gay?

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soul.... gone...

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>even the other girls mentioned how "they are now"
Wait, who are we talking about? I memoryholed most of Sunshine.

We're passing so that's all that matters

Took some time for it to become popular, I guess

Keke, that's hilarious. Video/webm of the hammer one?

>hate the 4 new girls
>decide to destroy merch of the original 5
Dumb chinks

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>new girls le bad!

I like Setsuna! I love Setsuna!


Literally correct in every conceivable way. Liella was absolutely fine the way it was as 5 members. There was zero reason at all to add members to Liella at this point after 2 years -- that ship has long sailed.

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well, at least we have something in common then