Getsuyoubi no Tawawa

月曜日のたわわ その376 異世界たわわ『長耳族』

Flatty flatty 2x4

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At least it's not a Dyke chapter.

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finally I can post this

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Is Himura bored? Also is this the first flattie with a face?

Anyone else want to facefuck Ai

Like I know her tits are huge and all but I want her to stare at me whole she sucks me off

Is the flat one a boy or a girl?

Slowly but surely we're getting somewhere.

Girl; I see small hips.

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You can only do so much with one page a week.

left one is a girl, you can tell because she has a bigger penis

I'm going to throw up

>ranger is flat
>healer has big tits
Ah yes, the classic mana tanks.

>goblins ran away at the sight of Ai's tawawas
>the post mentioned something about "giant magical girl power"
>the elf mage has big boobs
magic is stored in the boobs

How come?

maybe he's ill

>flat tawawa
Truly a creature out of high fantasy

One might call it low fantasy.

>I (cups) keep replacing the buttons of my uniform but then I got reincarnated in a world filled with flat women!?!

Where to read raw?


She's a K now

I was hoping she would be the rescuer.

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Definitely a girl. She has visible eyes. Men of the Tawawaverse are well known for their eyeless faces.

>Dark elf is the stacked race
Not quite correct but almost there

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I would be gobsmacked and pleasantly surprised if this was the first true flat tawawa, but real talk she's going to end up like Jitome and use some binding magic to hide huge breasts. Either that or "hurr durr elf men look like girls"

You forgot about Kouhai's brother.

The anime version of Onii-san's boss had eyes, and Volleyball's kid brother had eyes before the manga retconned him into a faceless middleschooler.

hilmura shouldnt start straying into other genres too much or people are gonna realize how fucking insipid his stuff is by comparison.

I'd personally like to see if he has more in him than Cheeky Tits and Misery Porn

>Flat Tawawa
Bros....? Is the world ending? Has the apocalypse begun?? Are we doomed???

Trapwawa was much, much worse

And I say this as a breast fanatic

That's a male elf.


>Either that or "hurr durr elf men look like girls"
Possible, wouldn't be the first time Kiseki draws gay shit in this series


>flat tawawa
What happened?

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Happiness doesn't last for long in this world, user.

I fucking love elves.

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Titfuck the Tawawa

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Mean green bad!

As if the elf won't be one.


>flat character with eyes
This has literally never happened before.

IIRC wasn't there that one smug kid? She had eyes

Maybe she grows up to become a tawawa.

Calm down, we have the other elf.

I'd say it'd be more of the former since the flat Tawawa has small hips and an ever-so-slight cleavage if you look closely at the boob window. Besides, Kouhai's brother seemed to be a two-off at best since we (rightfully) haven't heard of him since. I wouldn't worry too much.

Can't tell if the archer is a male but the wizard is fucking delicious.

Note how the mage has a braid in her hair just like Ai.

little girls that are destined to become tawawas are marked by the fact that they have eyes

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God that chapter with the innkeeper is just top notch.The comedic and justice filled end is also good too.

>right is a flattie
>left is medium at best
Knife ears, not even once

gotta sleep for now.

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>in the Tawawaverse
A fate worse than death

>that comiket chapter where she's talking about lotion with her friends and alludes to titfucking and how bothersome it is
Salaryman is the luckiest motherfucker in the world

>delicious chocolate elf

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her skin doesn't seem that dark in the blue version

too dark, lighter bronze

Its a fanasy world user, flat girls aren't real.

>turns cute brown (blue) girl into niggelf
i hate americans so much