Which past Precure would each of the Delicious Party Precure get along with?

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They would get along with any of them!

I actually like both OPs so I don't know which thread to post in

sex with Kirara

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I think you know the answer already

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Look, I'm going to be real with you here. Yes, I made . No, I don't care if it was second. No, I don't care if it's a split. That thread you linked is Laurafag because it's not me. So no, I'm not using your thread. Go away.

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holy based

*and everybody clapped*

Sorry the unspoken /pc/ rule is:

1- If the OP is trash and there's a second one made under 10 minutes of difference then migrating to the second option is valid.
Now, don't cry about it, it's just an unspoken rule.

The only winning move is not to play.

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Stop pretending to be me. I made this thread.

>That thread you linked is Laurafag
>It has Ran as OP
Holy free rent

EVERYONE liked that

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that pic is bloody brilliant mate, too bad shitposters are only allowed to have threads around here, don't feel bad i saved it

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And that's a good thing.

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gatekeepers were a mistake

Shut up bot.

How do we solve the problem of Cures being too sexy and we getting horny for them?

Just picking one each, Yui and U2 would be close food friends.
Kokone's harder. Probably Sango because they both like makeup.
Ran could be great friends with anyone but Hinata's probably the easiest to see.

I have no idea which is the real and which is the shitposter thread. Guess it don't matter no more anyhow.

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Yayoi is so cute.

This briefcase full of bees ought to put a stop to that.

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They're both shitposting threads, but only this thread's OP has the necrobump bot that will keep it alive at night

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According to all known laws of aviation, there is no way that a bee should be able to fly. Its wings are too small to get its fat little body off the ground. The bee, of course, flies anyways. Because bees don't care what humans think is impossible.

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we've went full psyche ward haven't we

Yes, pinon.
Yes we have.

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after a complete and thorough analysis i can conclude that cure spicy shows the second least amount of skin of any cure in cure form

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Why do so many idols suffer from insomnia?

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Why are you obsessing over that

because I keep thinking /pc/ can't get any worse and then it does
this is a new low even for this place

>this is a new low even for this place
no it's always like this when you do your whole schizophrenia samefagging routine

Because he is a braindead /ai/fag trying to drag his meme here
It will fail

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The situation has been made worse with the addition of yet more bees.

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shut the fuck up you pulled this shit last night we all know it's you

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Okay, maybe I went a little TOO far with the paranoia ramp up. I think I'll take a break until the next livestream.

Until then, stay frosty.

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you're not going anywhere you little bitch you live here you need us to reply to you to validate your shitty excuse of a life

>Agonizing about a show which doesn't even exist in her timeline yet
Aine must be a psychic

I'm afraid so.

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Man when I think about redeemed villains in Precure this little guy always escapes my mind.
He has all the key aspects in his arc but I guess my two problems are:
1- Why they picked a bee fairy? A bit hard to take seriously.
2- They make it seem like the villains captured/petrified his fellow bees or something but they were actually ok all along, that kinda changes the impression of the stakes since he would have many options to avoid it happening like sending a letter with some plan or simply telling the Cures from the get go since they're strong.

Shut the fuck up you retarded person, he was literally not a villain. He was lowkey a hostage.

Please try not to project too much.

He had slanted eyes and was plotting against the Cures, he wasn't a villain but an antagonist for sure.

Ran murdered these Octopi

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I want to take care of Haa Chan alongside Riko and Mirai as a surrogate father.

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To the line.

She did unironically. Man this show sucks.

Cute and canon

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Surprised it took this long for the first vegan to speak out.
Touch grass and eat it.

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Vegans are gross because they would eat human flesh as long as the human consented

Kiki gets reaired almost every year in Japan, isn't?
Ironic that this would be one of the most popular Ghibli movies, such is the power of lolis/hebes.

Cure and Spicy

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I need my happiness charged...

It's a nice constant

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But do you need it full full charged?