Look here you piece of shit...

>look here you piece of shit, anybody ever tell you you're a worthless waste of space and no one would even notice if you fucking killed yourself?

how do you reply?

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I don't care about being worth something to you, whore. You could die tommorow and i wouldn't care.

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Punch them for being a asshole

You are just a hole with flesh thus your opinion didn't really have any value. Also your existence didn't really importance with the fact that you and your kind soon will be replaced by mechanical holes with costomable personality.

user, are you fucking drunk?

Why why WHY..! Why is it I try so hard to get you people to like me and all you do is mistreat me!? Is it that hard to have some love for your fellow human?! Why does nobody love me

Glad we agree. Let's test it out! You can even count how many people came to check on my corpse.

she doesn't say that.

she doesn't?

she doesn't.

She does!

haruhi's feelings of insignificance feels sort of prophetic as to what the modern world is experiencing, instead of a baseball game its with the internet. Everyone is insecure due to being constantly exposed to people better than them at everything via the internet.

Just tell her that my name is John Smith.

Why didn’t he just choke her to death in the SOS room?

Sure, but you don't even have to go that far. Literally every human being goes through that process either consciously or subconsciously, internet or not.

I seriously doubt that. There's an overwhelmingly amount of low conscious people.

Anally rape her, there's no reply that can beat that.

>consciously or subconsciously

While I agree with that, most of that shit is done by people with subconscious inferiority complexes. It's worse if you're not consciously aware of it and aren't trying to exercise control.

Ask if there's moar where that came from and take her out.

Everyone but the bassist.

I would respond with "I love you Haruhi"

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ignore the crazy highschool kid and keep walking to work

Good morning to you too.

Yes, ma'am.

Y-You, too.

Excuse me?

Ignore my schizo delusion as usual

>have you ever been on Yea Forums?

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Wait a minute, you just saying that or do you mean something by it?

yeah well but i say that to myself i don't care i don't have a reason to kill my self

why the hell would i tell anyone that everytime that has got out to someone people start calling me incel white supremacist etc

so you can tell her she'd fit right in

y-you too

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Haruhi would almost certainly despise this place with a passion.

Should I reply?

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Nod politely.

Look behind me to see if she's talking to somebody else.

Ask her if she’d like to discuss that over some lunch


Really? I don't think she'd even waste her time thinking about it. Maybe /x/ will grab her attention for a bit but that's it.

"Wow can you not get me out of your mind that bad? Do you just want to fuck right now and get it over with?"

>I don't think she'd even waste her time thinking about it.
well, that goes without saying. I was just saying to the extent that she had to interact with it, she'd fucking despise it.

Ask her not to kill me.

Is Haruhi just the ultimate Chad?


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>y-you too

Yogiri could tell you all about insignificance, but he’s perfectly happy playing video games, why can’t you?

That's not true! My family is money hungry and my death would be an opportunity for those vultures to capitalize on my corpse!

How about you?

Tell her to fuck off


At least that's what my teenage-self would have said. I didn't really care about anything.

>*get close to her*
>*suddenly put my index finger on her lips*
>shhhh, say no more, those cruel words are defiling your beauty, a foul mouth doesn't match you
>*stare intensely at her eyes*
>*go for the kiss*

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>Everyone is insecure due to being constantly exposed to people better than them at everything via the internet
If only people realized others think the same as you, that everyone is the same as you, people wouldn't be ashamed of living

>getting your dick washed in poop

>N-no, you don't get it, I was doing a meme. I didn't even really wanna kiss her. It's a fucking meme joke thing from Yea Forums, i-it's an anime thing. You know like Dragon Ball? HEY DON'T TASER ME BRO.

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>he fell for the "women poop" meme

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>officer, LOOK, over there, bank robbers!
>*make a run for it while cop is distracted*
>*vaxxed cop has a stroke while on the run*
>*look around for the whore that called the police*
>heh, found you bitch, guess where I'm putting my finger this time...
>*stride forward towards her*

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>”did you wake up on the wrong side of bed this morning?”
>”are you on your period or something?”

I already tell myself that every morning, whats your point?


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