Kunoichi Tsubaki no Mune no Uchi

Just another funny thread!

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I dropped the manga on chapter 8 and never picked up the show. Does mc ever see a guy or is it just bait for 60 chapters.

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I learn something incredible in here after each of Tsubaki's episodes. She really does bring out the magic in people.

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Why is she making that face?

MC no but the teacher bathed with a man in a hotspring or something

What a slut

That was in Tsubaki's character profile on the promo website.

>Likes: Good kids
>Dislikes: Bad kids

But I wonder if that means she'd like a goody two-shoes boy too, or if she'd be more adventurous.

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hags have sexual needs too

>tfw this series will have 0 doujins

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Hadn't seen this image in forever.

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are you WORKING HARD today?

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Triple dropped

it's so frustrating

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Tsubaki can't help but want men. So Mokuren should let Tsubaki get her own dick by Mokuren's medical whap.

A dramatic turn for the story would be if one of the girls was raped by multiple men and then both villages declared war on each other. Would it be kino?

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Mokuren sounds like she's short of breath.

I know that Dorohedoro was from the same magazine as Tsubaki and Takagi but It's impossible for the author to do something like this

There was a jap guy who died doing something similar, although I have heard talk it might have been some politics related assassination made to look like a pervert accident


considering the age of the kids and the fact that they share facilities like baths, I'm pretty sure the two "villages" or "clans" aren't actual separate organizations but just a split educational arrangement within one organization

>user completely misunderstands the premise
>must be bait

This. Also if it results in a baby it's nothing but good news for the elders, at worst the offender will be severely punished.



Asagao is my favorite. I love her so much

Race mixer piece of shit.

When the lolis get older and start learning about the more.... womanly side of being a kunoichi, do you think Hana-sensei takes them to her bed as a sort of final exam?

When you think about it, that could be her way of ensuring they don't give themselves to men later on. They would never dream of it because to their minds, no one could ever make love to them as well as their beloved sensei did.

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dumb /u/fag

>The isolationist Akane Clan, composed of an all-girls body mainly consisting of young kunoichi in training, has a code to which they all must adhere: "As men are dangerous beings, interacting with them is forbidden."
>Kunoichi Tsubaki, the leader of the Dog Squad, is an excellent trainee with a promising future, but she has started to experience a strange feeling in her heart... whenever the subject of boys is brought up

Seems like you misunderstood the premise.

damn kid seducing an adult...!!

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Look at that outrageous ass on that tiny lass.

Shake that ass.

She'd be tsundere to a bad boy, mildly chiding him in daily life but be secretly gushing wet.

imagine her tanlines….

in a toilet nonetheless

Maybe she was constipated and just took a huge shit I'd probably make that face too if I had a rock stuck in my rectum for a couple of days

I want to place both of my palms flat against Mokuren's chest.

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That’s fine, the fishnet provides protection

She is perfect wife material, at first I just wanted to lick her flat chest but lately I've been having fantasies of just cuddling with her. I feel sad.

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>one of the girls was raped by multiple men and
she liked it

Are the feet erotic?

Are they ever not?

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Takagi, easy on the chocolates.

Dumb poop gremlin. You'd have to be a scat fetishist to like her.

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el goblino

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For me, it’s Konoha-sensei

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Damn brat

I guess she could give herself a cock with a transformation jutsu.

they don't look very erotic here


Is that a scar or did they decide to leave a shitstain on the shitstain's forehead before taking a mugshot?

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