Is this, dare I say, the first good netflix anime?

Is this, dare I say, the first good netflix anime?

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The first good movie for sure.

It's literally the little mermaid with parkour, it's shit.

I thought orbital children as good

It's shit.

Just because its from netflix doesnt mean you have to hate it user

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Netflix anime is always good since it appeals to more people.

but i like both of those things

What a bad movie. It's clearly a shitty ripoff of Bubble Buddy.

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Predictable as fuck but Jun Shison carried it.

Netflix has had at least one good anime before, but I don't remember what it was, and Bubble was nothing approaching good.
You need to learn how anime production works.

i was hyped up for a badass post-apocalyptic world from the intro only to find out it is only in tokyo and the retarded teenagers just live their for some reason.

The story is literally dogshit. Don't know how urobutcher managed to fall off so badly.
Animation is insane though. I don't even want to know how much time and effort when into those parkour scenes. Honestly if I had known how bad the plot was I would've just skipped everything and only watched Blue Flame vs Undertakers. That one scene with Sawano's music could've just been its own music video or whatever.

seemed pretty mediocre to me - visuals aside.

Urobutcher is just a one-trick pony. Everything he did after Madoka Magica and Fate/Zero are utter mid and shit.

There. Now nobody in this thread needs to actually watch it considering how irrelevant the plot and characters are.
Complaining about it being the little mermaid as a bad thing is a little disingenuous I think though. It's obviously intentional to the point where the story is mentioned, and it's not inherently a bad thing. The problem is the characters and story are clearly an afterthought to making a cute bubble girl and animating parkour scenes.

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Thermae Novae Romae was awesome

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I liked Sodapop better. The visuals here were great, but the story was dog shit and the character designs weren't attractive, besides the leader of Blue Blaze.

>It's literally the little mermaid with parkour
Just like the bible.

OP being an obvious netflix shill aside, the movie contains so many horrible missteps is not even funny. The characters looks fucking ugly, especially the main girl, the rest of the gay pakour clothing didn't help the cast. They all got this weird colouring of a little too much yellow. And then pakour not being some survival thing, but some funny hobby free time bs is just dumb.

I hated so much of this.

he was barely involved. if you knew he was a one-trick pony you'd easily be able to tell since this was nothing like anything he's actually written

Nice parkour. Shitty barebones plot. Not even sure why hired Butcher to write.

The people that hate Urobuchi have no clue how he actually writes things. This one is just another shitty throw in credit forced by the producer to get eyes on the movie while running his credibility into the dirt again.

They only hired him to put his name on the poster. He didn't actually do anything.

Just another dogshit show further cementing urobutcher as a hack

>Written by Gen Urobuchi
It clearly says it here. Stop coping

It's a script credit, which really just means he was involved in creating the concrete written layout of the show, though often with originals most of that work is turning the director's ideas into something tangible.

You know I would actually be convinced if he wrote anything good after Fate, Madoka, and Psycho Pass, but if he's just going to slap his seal on any pile of shit to get a fast paycheck then he deserves all the vitriol he gets.

Thunderbolt Fantasy


Thermae Roma is netflix???

I wouldn't even know if it was from netflix because I don't give a shit. Parkour is cringe, simple as

I knew you were going to say that, but I'm 100% sure that if it wasn't for the novelty of the dolls it'll just be another throwaway show. The story is predictable, every episode is formulaic, and only 1 or 2 characters are enjoyable. I struggled to finish the first season and fell asleep during the second
Yeah I heard this one was crazy. Never watched it though

Now name a good Urobuchi anime after his trinity

>Urobuchi anime
He graduate. Anime no more only dolls and tokusatsu.

Gaim is good

*blocks your path*

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this, people need to stop sucking his decade when the only good shows he did are almost a decade ago

This but unironically.

Araki/WIT please make kabaneri S2

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I didn't think the main girl looked ugly. The scientist girl was good, and the clown gf MC was cute.

>Story is bad
>It's not actually Uro's fault
Are you always like this?

Only good thing about this movie, other than visuals. This homo carried the movie.

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Movie's problem is trying to be too many things at once. Parkour, boy meet girl, sci fi. Time of Eve did two of these together much better,

Devilman. Netflix has nothing to do with an animes quality. Kill yourself.


The story was the Little Mermaid. Even the movie itself said so. As to why it had to be Parkor escapes me, does Japan still have a fad of it? If you really really liked that AoT scene where Levi is being chased by Ackerman, through a city, I guess this is for you.

time of eve is also shit so I guess it didnt really do those things better than Bubble.

>tfw no bubble gf

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Why does anime movies handle romance so horribly? Simply just saying I like you is apparently the hardest shit.

It was shit and nothing made sense, the only good thing was the visuals. At least asspull a happy ending if you're going to shit out a bad copy of the little mermaid.

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Dorohedoro was good. Devilman had some problems but was ultimately good as well.

Parkour is an interesting way to have flashy animation without relying in fights. Though there is some fighting in Bubble it is minimal.

Social distancing.

Always makes me laugh when people talk about Butcher and only know his anime. Dumb newfags.

this is just dolls in 3d since its machinima.

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Uta was always a bubble, she returned to bubble form and appeared alongside Hibiki at the end sounds happy enough, she can always gather other bubbles and reform her body, no one can say otherwise






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That can be the whole series's dialogs and I'm fine with it as long as the animation is good and OST is awesome.

Goddamn, how the fuck do they waste such an IP like Kanaberi, the setting is genuinely cool.

Tetsuro Araki has been trying to make his own attack on Titan for years, that’s the reason Kabaneri exist, it’s probably the reason why Bubbles exist since the animation is basically made by the same team and the parkour scenes are just a more evolved version of the 3DMG scenes from aot, the butcher also once mentioned the whole thing was Araki’s idea

Why don't they just make more Kabaneri?

I hate this colorful zoomer shit.