Mafuyu Prequel Story when????

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Japs be like

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Her backstory chapters were enough. She even got an extra time travel chapter

I can't deal with prequels once the main story is finished. It's why MGS5 sucked shit. Am I retarded?

>I can't deal with prequels once the main story is finished. It's why MGS5 sucked shit. Am I retarded?

go play Snake Eater.

MGS5 sucked shit because kojimbo literally fell for the open world meme. MGS4 is miles better.

>go play Snake Eater.
>See: once the main story is finished.
MGS4 finished the story.

Best girl
Best arcs
Best route

Yes, yes and no.

Mafuyu a best.
But looking for new stuff from 22i, though he's free to add in cameos or easter eggs from previous work. Mafuyu always had enough mystery too her to keep her interesting and I rather her stay that way


Nice Yea Forumseddit thread you have here, mafuyuturds.
Also Fumino is best girl and always will be.

Fumino is worthless garbage and will always be worthless garbage.

FTFY, foomshitter

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Hopefully never.

fumino a shit

same Urukashitter who's obsessed with Fumino btw. The very same shitter who spams to samefag her in romcom threads.


Never. Mangaka has moved on.

Sawako Route when?

We already did though?


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This much supposed popularity for Sensei and yet merchandise and manga sales were mediocre. What happened?

For me, it's Fumino.

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Please no. She must remain perflat.

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ded manga
ded hype


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>doesn't deny
Sasuga, Urukashitter.

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Blame 22i for not making some Mafuyu centric spinoff.

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Nothing wrong with having a Bokuben thread, but could you really not think of a better opener than "Mafuyu Prequel Story" that's obviously not going to happen?

Already happened, mate. Right between routes 1/5 and 3/5.

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>Already happened
Nope, that was the Sawako arc, not the Sawako route, in other words no pay off.

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The most relevant aspects of her past are in story tho

>no pay off
More of a payoff than Fumino ever got.

No tits, no life.

Is this still the biggest popularity poll upset in shonen history?


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What about Tenka in Mato Seihei?


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That doesn't explain why Mafuyufags didn't support the manga when it was ongoing. Or was her popularity another case of Y-san thing.?

22i cared so little he recycled a panel from an early Rizu chapter.

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But better and improved.

I can't believe Uruka win got cucked with 1/5 :(

This reminds me, the sole couple that got a spread page and a close-up kiss was 3/5. The one with the close-up kissing action was 2/5 but no spread. 1/5 got a spread but no close-up.4/5 and 5/5 got the tamest and lacking detailed kiss that was zoomed out.

>better and improved
My sides.

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>The one with the close-up kissing action was 2/5 but no spread

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>compares a different kiss than the one he mentioned

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That's not a spread.

It's not better nor improved, it's just a lazy rehash.


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Literally two separate pages in the tankoubon scan.

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>more effects and feelings


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And yes, you can tell if it's a spread in the tankoubon because there is a cut that divides two parts to make it into a spread. For example....

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Another example.

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>pages clearly being cropped due to incompetence
>it's not a spread!
You're one fucking retard.

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>the tamest and lacking detailed kiss that was zoomed out.
You literally replied to a post listing five different kisses for 4/5. Also pic related.

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Or not and the final version is how it is shown in the tankoubon. But whatever, you believe what you want.

The final kiss is the one that matters.

>The final kiss is the one that matters.
So you complain that the last panel of a chapter is a zoomout? Really?
You realize that Fumink's last kiss was this fake-out one , right? And also a zoomout with low detail, not a spread.
How can you possibly be retarded enough to contradict your own hypothesis this unapologetically?

>Or not and the final version is how it is shown in the tankoubon
Holy mother of cope, you're definitely a fuminofag grasping at straws.

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You guys watching the new Uruka anime of 2022?

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This page isn't even part of the spread you retard.

The difference is that's a continuation of the same final kiss sequence in 3/5's final chapter. It's not like 4/5 had a completely different kiss scene other than the one in the final chapter of 4/5.

Rent-free, dude. I was just making observations. I don't mind coinciding at all if I see otherwise.

You're right. I was looking at the wrong one. Well then, both 2/5 and 3/5 have spread and close up.

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