Arakure Ojousama wa Monmon Shiteiru ch 23

She's back. The chapter is live now on Comic Days, so hopefully spoilers will come soon.

If I can figure it out, I'll try to get it. I don't speak Japanese though so I may need a minute

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About time, Earth

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pregnancy is a miracle

Great news.

then fucking dump it, bozo

just use modelpress image downloader to download stuff from yanmaga, it's an add-ons

Cool, thanks for the tip. I'll give it a whirl and see what I can do.

I'll try. I've never used Yanmanga before so I hope it's as simple as signing up and taking the above steps.


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Oh fuck yeah! That also means her personal issues are good now. Good shit all around.

Alright, half of the chapter is free and the other half cost money. I'll post the free stuff while figuring out the not-free stuff.

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Guess it helps if I put a page number.

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God damn I'm too tired.

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Boy I hope it's still excessively horny

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And that's all there is for free. Tsubaki getting a little handsy there.

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For a second here I thought the art had gotten worse or something. No, the male MC just looks like a fucking asshole and always has. He needs correction. Looks like he's gonna get it though.

If someone knows how to get past the pay wall for Yanmaga or knows where one would even go to pay, I'll get the rest and dump it.

There definitely seems to be some forward momentum now that Tsubaki thinks she has competition.

How did she know about sex but not masturbation?

ask the catholics

so who is she to the MC anyway?

It feels like the artsyle/ line stroke look softer. Not a bad change though

here's the rest of the chapter
yeah i bought it myself, they're cheap though, although if i wonder why not make the whole chapter behind the paywall, this one only has 10 pages, hajirau kimi ga mitainda (also from the same website) has around the same amount of pages and yet it has the same price of 50 coins

by the same amount of pages i means for whole arakure's chapter, not just for 1 part

Currently all we know about her is that her name is Yarino, she was 2nd to Kiritsu on the exams, she has a strong sense of justice and that Chihara has the hots for her.

Whether or not she's a real love rival for Tsubaki is currently unknown.

>although if i wonder why not make the whole chapter behind the paywall
According to the mangaka's Twitter, the first half of the manga was given for free to promote it and the rest was pay walled. I imagine ch 24 will just be the whole chapter behind the pay wall.

Thanks for getting it user. Maybe we'll get lucky and someone who can translate will swing in with a synopsis

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they're right there. You can do it

Finishing the dump from

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Thanks user.

what is she angry about

Angry that he won't pin her down and rape her.

Sex, she is angry about sex

This ain't Kaguya-sama, the character are always aggravated and angry.

Being a dumb bitch again and mad about the guy showing interest in the other girl but not her

You don't really need translation to understand this manga

I love the expressions here.

It's been a while since I've seen a FMC this fucking angry, lol

>Noooo i can't give attention to other women i'm the center of the wooooorld. Also my ovaries are pumping out eggs.
Just her being a woman

Kiritu went together to a soroban [traditional Japanese abacus] workshop with someone else since young whom he refers to without honorrifics.
Tubasa completely misunderstands everythng and assumes that Kiritu has feelings for that other person because he refers to him without a honorific since they knew each other since young and doesn't clam to hate the third party.

I don't get the soroban memes. I have no idea if whether it's just humor or whether some people in Japan really take them so seriously.

Incels bitch about that and then go lit studios on fire because on character in their harem isn't a virgin.
It do be like that.

VERY fast Tsubaki

Here's what a solid year of hiatu and no fucking does to a woman.

Just being a jealous manipulative bitch as usual since the first chapter.

She's been crying in the bathroom for a year.