Y-you guys are a-always talking about... Yer and Kagublah... How can I get that popular?

Y-you guys are a-always talking about... Yer and Kagublah... How can I get that popular?

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hugging tomoko and telling her I love her...
Cute and e..

Impressive that her nipples show even through that many layers. Nohomo.

I want to see her with a boyfriend.

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She probably sewed something onto her shirt in the hope she'd get attention from it.

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God I love her body

Why did the manga become yurishit?

She should be held down and raped (by me).

I've never seen anyone post adult hitman Tomoko but I vividly remember that daydreaming scene

14:50 into episode 3. the personality test concluded that she was an unwanted version, so she thinks of herself as matoko from ghost in the shell
there's also that time she holds the pocky between her fingers and i think she thinks of herself as golgo

She has a ton of friends and can get laid anytime. Total fakecel.

before this thread hits page 10 or gets deleted
No one is talking about kaguya this season, bootleg tomoko

you're right, I just find it amusing no one I came across went out of their way to post any screencaps of this scene
this is the first time I'm seeing it again since the summer of 2013
I do have a soft spot for GiTS so maybe that's why it stuck with me

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Why did trannies latch on to Tomoko so hard

Realistically Tomoko would be morbidly obese desu

because literally me except also a girl

You're my wife!

>Scrawny skinny male. Pathetic
>Scrawny skinny female. Fucking hot
Life is unfair

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Being scrawny, small, skinny is a virtue when you are the gender that gets princess carried and manhandled. Unless a man also gets manhandled it's not really a virtue.
Btw I think the hottest thing tomoko fanartists do is give her visible ribs.

many insecure women have eating disorders and are borderline anorexic

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how did this smelly hikkiNEET get so /fa/?

>visible ribs
A man of taste I see

Thank you user.

It's hilarious how fashionable Tomoko is compared to komi something who always dress like a fucking chunni

Put out.

i can smell this loser from a mile away, whats wrong with her? Does she even shower?
Fucking disgusting, worse than a new york hobo alley

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Chio won.

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surprisingly not, i knew one that wasn't.
but she wasn't american

You just made me pick up a manga I've literally never heard of.

NTA but the exposed ribs are a large part of why I like this particular girl as well

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I still buy your physical manga, Tomoko

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she's called Marichka as far as i know, good taste also, made me think of a character that would fit in Jormungand.

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Get implants.

Why is she popular now, I hate it.

Artist wanted to be a fashion designer when she was younger and probably wanted to draw Tomoko in something other than dull otaku clothing.

In-universe Tomoko has been hanging out with people more and more and has picked up fashion tips to look better and becoming a functioning member of society

Marichkanime when

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>not /fa/

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That would be two minus

Did the punk looking guy won or its bait?

huh maybe the anxiety cranks up their metabolism or something

how about you follow me in this Eromazun setting Tomoko, we can be friends, hehe

is that the before or after pic?

You got friends no one cares anymore

Fug, I live in Tokyo, guess tomorrow or the day after I'll pick some of this shit up.

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I miss when watamote use to not be about a raging lesbian friend group.

Tomoko just has 2 friends gay for each other. That's not yuri.


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They haven't even mentioned a male character who's not her brother in 2 years. Let it go.

he won

I stopped reading when she got friends since I could no longer relate.


>You will never be a Johnny Rotten lookalike with a dumb ass gamer GF

>dumb ass gamer GF
That's the Bloody Butterfly you're talking about there m8

Her manga fell off

How? I think it went on a great direction that she makes friends finally
Only downside is her attitude doesn’t change, lacking some personal growth but I like that she’s happy

Her doujins are great.


I want the characters i read about to be as miserable as I am.

She was never hikki or NEET, dumbass

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