Spy x Family

So how did Anya escape?

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We don't know, yet. She probably was abused until she was abandoned for being useless.

>can read people's minds when they're close, so she knows patrol routes and if there's someone close by
>no security cameras invented yet

It'd extremely kino if she just fucking strolled out the facility, lol

Wonder how serious this will get. She's probably got trauma. Loid probably got lots. Yor, well Yor's just fine for some reason.

Anya sexually frustrating Damian by giving him the "Heh" face.

Yor definitely prostituted herself before getting the assassin gig, Loid is a war criminal and menace to Ostania, Anya and Bond are victims of abuse. So the comfy family life is really just the exterior.

Comfy bros...
This can't be true.

>Yor definitely prostituted herself before getting the assassin gig
Considering how much spaghetti she spilled over a simple kiss, I doubt it. She started being an assassin at a pretty young age.

Typical Ostanian pig propaganda.

What would sex with her be like?

She'd run away because she can hear you plotting

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Segs, What's segs?

Ask Damian

Someone said she speaks French

She might not be from either not Germany

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Lots of Germans speak French user

why do u fags keep making new threads?

Perhaps the real message of the series is that if you pretend to be a happy, functional, normal human being for a long enough time, you might accidentally become one.

She seduced a guard using her sinful body.

You may have a point

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read the manga

Because the other one reached the bump limit and is on page 10?

Yor is clean as a whistle besides all the killing, it's Loid who's the real dirty slut of the family.

there is nothing new to talk about that hasnt already been discussed.

That's not how generals work and you know it

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You shouldn't humor obvious bait.

I really wanted to go into this series blind, but the week to week wait is killing me. I think I may have to pick up the manga.

The manga is always the better experience.

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Yor was probably brainwashed since childhood and her parents died when she was young. I think both Yor and Yuri has some repressed trauma because they are definitely not normal.

Threads are made and posted in if there is demand for it. This arbitrary "general" line is literally the most autistic shit to get upset over.

Yeah, doesn't change the fact that they tend to attract shitposters and dumb anime onlies

Loid not only killed more people than Yor but also fucked thousands of low-tier women. He is the enemy of purityfags.

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>no security cameras invented yet
Wait, what year is this supposed to take place in?

The 70s

Anya is so cute throwing in "masu" for everything even when it's incorrect.

60's/70's according to the author, but it's a fictional world

>I think I may have to pick up the manga.
lmao get ready for the extras and month long breaks then

But I didn't write the oddly dark epigraph and neither did bait user. He touched upon something important, which is whether the author believes this to be a good thing or not.

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So when is the plot twist that Anya's backstory is hiding the biggest most destructive secret of them all?

Yeah that was adorable she made a bunch of mistakes in her interview too which weren't called out by the examiners surprisingly.

You can make good points without resorting to cheap bait.

The secret will be that her powers are slowly killing those she loves

I wanna see what's under the hats.



Calm down Damian

And how come no one ever says anything about the side hats? Is she secretly mind controlling them not to notice?

Fiona will be voiced by Nao Touyama for maximum pottery

that would be rude and her powers might go crazy

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She’s too retarded to be a whore. The penguin has more game and intelligence than Yor.
Little portals to hell.

There was a period where lots of French spoke German, too.

She only worked as a masseuse. no happy endings.

Pretty good service. None of her clients ever complained. About anything. Ever again.

She hid her powers, making the scientists think she's a failed experiment. No one would bother looking for her if she escapes

im going to be honest, loid probably had sex with thousands of ugly women to gather intel on his dumbass spy operations

Yor pantsu

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What are the odds he also had to hook up with men at some point?

She seduced all the adults in the facility.


Yes, we already knew that. Make me feel sorry for Fiona since she probably had a front row seat for a lot of that.

Well he is a master of disguise... at some point surely it must have been necessary...

wtf, did ep 5 drop? they just completed the interview


How likely is it that Loid has a biological bastard child?

Why can't I stop shipping them?

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They are made for sex with each other.

Cause you got no woman of your own?

not very since he vowed to not have kids

Very, very unlikely. That'd be an extremely sloppy mistake for someone like him to make.

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What is Anya and Damian's sex life gonna be like?

Loid is so deep in the spy game that he probably eunuch'd himself to disguise as woman at some point.

>no ÉLÉGANT posting
This chapter was so fun reading together with Yea Forums when it released

we did, threads are just too fast now

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Be the change you want to see in the world.

So it’s more likely Loid crossed dressed for a mission?