Yu-Gi-Oh! GO RUSH!!

Subs out. Also, next episode preview:
>Episode 6: 信じるか信じないかはお前の問題 – Shinjiru Ka Shinjinai Ka Wa Omae No Mondai
>(Whether You Believe It or Not Is Not My Problem)
>Yuhi and his friends are trying to locate Zwijo, but then they realize that they didn’t make any money this month. In order to improve UTS’s reputation, they investigate the urban legends the kids are scared of, one of which is the Flatwoods monster. As Yudias searches for the monster, he encounters a mysterious chair in an abandoned factory.
Source: dueldeegao.wordpress.com/2022/04/30/go-rush-episode-6-extended-summary/

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What apocalypse caused their tech to revert to 1960?

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knockoff sumire is pretty cute.

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The Mutsuba must be manufacturing the town's appliances.

So bridge or whatever studio they hire for it is capable of better backgrounds.

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When is not!Nanaho showing off her ninja skills? She has to have some to be able to handle so many jobs at once.

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Does differrent color count as a variant?

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Dont see why not. We've had many color variants and color+models before.

that is her skill, she just walks in when no one is paying attention when yuhi comes by.

Should little boys imagine their little sisters like this Yea Forumsbros?

So, given Yuhi said his Rush Duel skills atrophied after he got anally raped, was the blurb saying Yuamu was stronger than Yuhi referring to his pre-rape or post-rape self?

His skills decreased but his deck got better. He must have been winning on a trash deck.

It's a very plain looking dress. Can't imagine seeing it any particular way.

I don't know bro. It has the shoujo bubbles and sparkles.

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Yes user. I wonder WHO could be responsible for this.

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>inb4 this is some velgear spirit or some shit

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I didn't think yuamu had curves.

Bridge really likes that background. Either that or they are incredibly lazy. Probably the latter

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He literally stole this thing from Yuhi’s ass then told him to drink it. Will Yuhi ever get a break? Was this thing even an Earthdamar or was Kawai Tell tricking him?

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Japanese legends sure get weird.

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>she sees your deck

Why the fuck does this screenshot look like it's from 2009

I forgot how big duel monsters are.

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>iphone screenshot from a streaming site played on a wifi in some chipotle
I wonder why

well it can't be yuhi's soul, otherwise he wouldn't be anything other than a puppet.

I don't know what's more lewd. Yuhi getting anal raped, ass twitching on the floor, or Tell unironically cumming from every hole in his body in reaction to the Assdama.

What do you guys think Yuhi's original deck was? Spellcasters?

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Just watch it on Youtube

Wyrms but since Asana's Deck reversed like the rest of the setting Yuga gave him Machines instead.

This is how she reacted to her brother's ace monster. A bit strange.

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Well considering he had a different deck before the whole earthdamar shit happened perhaps she doesn't see it as his true ace. Which just makes his former deck more mysterious.

Inb4 it's a waifu deck.

maybe it's otes' soul that yuga passed down after fusing with him

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The ultimate beast of yugioh.

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I hope that at least it gets more addressed than Nail's non-Maximum Deck.

How about some motivation for her doing this. Can't just be some kind of vague crush, can it?

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He is her fiancée. This is her third time helping him.

I wonder if yuamu really was stronger than him before he got raped
>Inb4 even if he does get his mojo back he still gets curbstomped by his sister

So far she doesn't act anything like yuamu so I don't know about that
We know it doesn't give him free victories because the kappa beat him even while he had it. The skill levels are still to be determined.

I don't think she was shown interest in him but Yuuhi seems to like her so they might as well be endgame already

>builds 100s of cities and towns
>just to make them live without digital interfaces
what a queen.

That animator made some art of yuamu.

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Mimi never got to play her.

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Aquas are to be forever cucked and job on-screen

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Velgears and definetly related to aquatic creatures in some way.

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Yudias is nicknamed Velgear River for a reason.

I can't type today.

Why is there water in the ship?
Are the other aliens like the kappa and chupacabra also velgearan? Is Zwijo velgearan? Why are they already here? Are we gonna go full ancient aliens?

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Dragears had a good amount of correlation with the sea. It makes sense that they carry that on with the Velgear civilization.

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That's curry.

Space isn't the sea either, it's just dark and blue.

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It's schizonon again.

I wish all Lukefags got into a car accident.

But space is referred to with navy and marine terms a lot. Not so for curry.

>Luke still living rent free in your head

I don't think you know what rent free means.

The duels are so shit bro...