Crazy to think how overhyped this shit was. Is this the biggest flop of the year?

Crazy to think how overhyped this shit was. Is this the biggest flop of the year?

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>look mom I made this thread again

shes hot and i wanna fuck her

You know that you fucked up when even self-insert romcom faggots find your show boring

Tate no yuusha was worst but this is still up there

No one was hyping TnY though; everyone's sick of isekai at this point. Shikimori was hyped to oblivion.

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reddit doesnt count, look at how dead the threads are

>muh threads
there's a reason why anime staff and original authors follow these charts and not Yea Forums for opinions

Not even self inserters want to be like the mc
Who is the audience even supposed to be?

crazy how hard anitrendz audience leans into romcoms though. see dress up darling dominating last season and basically sweeping its awards

>repeatedly told Shikimori was going to be the new FOTM
>Flops on the first episode and despite all the shitposting, Shikimori barely even reaches 100 replies before dying.

What happened Shikibros?

>what happened to shikibros

They realized that LiW and KCC were much better.

It failed because that name sucks. Should have went with "that girl is more than cute".

Nice character design, but it never looked particularly good, not sure why people were hyping it up so much.

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This series would be nothing with Hachimitsu.

would be a lot more fun if the mc got regulary beat up by niggers and the heroine had to suck them off everytime they bullied her little twig boyfriend to stop the harassment

the male lead is garbage and ruined Shikimoris show by being a pathetic little twink

>if the mc got regulary beat up by niggers and the heroine had to suck them off everytime they bullied her little twig boyfriend to stop the harassment

Its sad when a premise like this is 100x more interesting than the boring shit we got

What too much NTR does to mf

shieldbro s2 is way bigger flop

couple of cuckoos slopped too

jesus user, not every mc has to be your self insert.

This, I quit watching because the MC was a complete faggot.

>too much NTR
there's never enough of it

There's too much male NTR.

We need a big increase in female NTR.

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>higher than komi
I don't watch these romcom garbage but what the fuck, wasn't komi more overhyped than purple girl.

Blame the pink hair, it exists exclusively for bitches and cucks. Izumi's mom mogs her so hard.

>We need a big increase in female NTR.
we got tons of harems

I don't know if I'd say it's overhyped.

It's living up exactly to its premise and delivering, and not trying to get too complicated or push too much shit that distracts from the main appeal of the show, like some other animes have (DITF).

It's cute.

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these rankings are all fake and gay, don't think too hard about them

Overated as fuck.
She's mid at best

Cuckoo is one of the best selling romcoms in Japan

Literally who was hyping this shit? I've seen more threads of people saying that it was hyped than the other way around.

The fact that the male lead is at least partially as pathetic as you cucks want him to be is why the show sucks. Now kys.


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I think it's doing well for what it is, an average romcom with a gimmick.

The gimmick though, what if the girl was the cool protag, is kinda meh, and if we are actually honest, really sexist. Like gender role reversal might have been interesting 20 years ago when shojo and YA novels puked gender norms but now it's not even note worthy. Cheeky Angel did it better, the manga at least

Someone here on Yea Forums said there was some twist coming, were they bullshitting and this is the formula we'll get throughout ?

>he believed mangafags lies

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>we are actually honest, really sexist

I hope this is shitty bait

>Twitter poll

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No, not harems. In harems, all the girls are cool with sharing the one guy.

Female NTR is where the girl wants to be the only one but the guy is being stolen away from her and she can't stop them from stealing her man, or at least there's a threat to his exclusiveness with her from other women. Or men I suppose too, but where the guy is the one they want, not the girl.

The whole premise is what if the girl acted like a boy and the boy acted like a girl. Forget /pol/ for a second and just think. In order for this to work as a deconstruction, one first has to think that it is abnormal for a girl to be masculine and a guy to be feminine. It's all based on stereotypes and really old ones at that. So yes it is sexist, to both sexes. Because if it wasn't then there would be no story, the story requires it.

I don't know what harems you watch/read but the mass majority are all about fighting over the dweebiest guy possible, and only one girl wins. I would say it's only stuff like 100 Girlfriends or Girlfriend, Girlfriend that sharing is a thing.

>one first has to think that it is abnormal
It is.

>It's all based on stereotypes and really old ones at that.
More like observations of reality.

>So yes it is sexist, to both sexes.
Sexist implies a pejorative connotation.

crazy how shit was back then compared to now. if sailor moon were made today, it'd probably be a shonen lmaooo

it's not from reddit schizoid

>look at how dead the threads are
Didn't realize that Yea Forums was the only place that mattered.

holy cope

>mutt's law

Yep. And Komi probably would have been a shoujo if it was made in the 90s.

I dont think anyone overhyped this shit after that first PV showcasing the faggy looking MC. Not every romcom is going to be Bisque Doll, simple as that.

Tenchi Muyo had plenty of them fighting but in the end they ultimately all just married Tenchi. And even then, it never had an NTR vibe because there was no established status of one person having a relationship.

Female NTR would be like girl wins the MC-bowl, they date for 6 months, and then other girls seduce MC-kun, put main girl in chastity or tie her up while they all reverse gang bang him and show off how they stole his seed and got knocked up before she did, or how they're all so much tighter and sexier and he'll never want her again.

And/or the guy gets into it as well and says shit like "Sorry, you're just not sexy enough. Your pussy is too loose, tits too small, I just can't get excited with you like I can with those girls. You'll stay around though, because you love me anyway. Don't worry, you can take care of the kids I have with them." Ect.

>Main girl is cute and quirky but has a dark side
>Oh, actually she doesn't, she's just confident
How can anyone watch this garbage?

Wait a fucking second.
That show is actually called Ya Boy Kongming? I thought that was a joke

that's every romcom with a love triangle

>but has a dark side
When was this ever established?

that's because manga publishers in the 90s were retarded and didn't understand a basic fact of biology: teenage boys like girls.

what about this then

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either way, season is still dominated by LiW/SxF. Shikimori's just happy to be here.


I understand they need an excuse for shikimori to act all cool and bishounen, but fuck the wimpy MC to oblivion

How many love triangles end with the girl stealing a guy away from his long term gf and then ruining him sexually for her, to where she has to accept that no matter what the other girl will have all the sex and pregnancy and she will be celibate from that point forward?

tfw Shikimori will never reverse wall slam you

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Paripi is slang in Japanese for "party people". In English they just changed it to "Ya Boy".