Rias is obviously the best DxD

Rias is obviously the best DxD

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What do the Ds stand for?

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Double D cup breasts

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We'll never see a new volume bros... I feel like a Huntercuck rn.

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She is at least quadruple D.


J cup most likely

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The best

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Fuck off.

Interesting premise, started off strong ended in a shitshow.

4 seasons and the MC never manages to fuck anyone this show is bullshit, season 2 starts with her naked in his bed what the actual fuck is wrong, just get to the fucking already


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It's not even that, it's the fact that the show butchered the story, glossed over the fact that Issei grew 4 inches, gained like 10 pounds of muscle and became noticeably more handsome BEFORE he was reconstituted to be part dragon. The story became a laughable parody where Issei literally NEVER progressed as a fucking character and had no qualities that warranted all the bitches he was racking up. Even the author joked he'd done it on purpose because after the battle royale at the mall the editors didn't like the fact that Issei wasn't as much of a joke character anymore.

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Either develop the plotline or get to the fucking already

-> Koneko

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So what would happen if Koneko ever uses the Oppai beam on Issei, would her chest start caving inwards?

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Wait, wasn't this originally a different character? That face, I mean?

But he has a canon big dick after he got scanned by another perv

Yes, Nagatoro I believe

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I hope so
concave ftw

It's just shitposting.
His dragon form is kaiju size, and he can adjust his size like Tannin.

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haven't followed the anime series after season 2, nor the LN, and I just remembered this because of the senran kagura x DxD collab
Who won? Is Issei still a cuck? Is Rias the best girl? Who is the white haired girl that oftenly spawns in these threads as well but that is not Koneko? Are they continue the anime after season 4?

>Who won
No one.

>Still a cuck
I don't think he's fucked anyone yet but future Issei is confirmed to have knocked up many of the girls.

>Rias best girl
No, Koneko is.

>White haired girl
Probably rossweisse. Pic related

>Season 4
Supposedly season 5 is under production but was delayed due to chink flu stuff

Forgot the pic in pic related

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>hates Issei in the anime
>marries him IRL

She's over the tsundere hill in the anime. Once he helped her with her sister problems she's openly in love with him.

I've only ever had 4 wet dreams in my life and 2 of them involved me having sex with Rias. Both dreams involved her giving me encouraging advice during the intercourse as well.

>Had first wife reservation for the Dragon Dick
yet didnt even give birth to the first born.
>Her Son is easily the worst of Ises children
>Clingy and whiny when not given enough attention
Rias is great but far from best. Rossweiss for me

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You can do better than that asswipe, Rias.

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WTF is that really him? Didnt know he did commissions.


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Rossweisse is my favorite DXD.

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voiced by Ai Kakuma?


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Given what a shitshow this franchise is, thats like saying she's the least smelly turd.


Give us your favorite girls and we will call them turd.

Stop having sex with demons.

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I wish Rossweisse was my RossWife

I really want to have sex with the loli fox and her mom at the same time

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I want 2 dozen babies with this Angel

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