Would turning Saucegay into a girl really have fixed Naruto?

Would turning Saucegay into a girl really have fixed Naruto?

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Naruko is hot and if Sasuke was a girl Naruto would just look like a simp. The only right answer is to make Naruto a girl

He already looks like a simp

No, Burrito has Salad and it's even worse than Naruto.

Naruto fits way better as the girl.


Becouse Salad is Sakura+ instead of being Fem Sasuke

I never minded their "closeness" necessarily, and I don't find male bonding to be gay (because I am not a woman). My problem is that they didn't earn it. They never interacted enough, nor in the right ways, for Sasuke to be so important to Naruto. Kishi had to retroactively make some dumb river scene from their childhood, it still sucked.

Anyway my answer is no. It would change it from yaoibait to coomerbait.

Choji and Naruto should have swapped teams

Is it even possible for a casual to get into Nalt? Watched some of the beginning eps and amvs and that's it.

No but they should have given him a hot sister

Yeah it is perfectly accessible. Either read the manga or watch Naruto Kai, which is a fan edit of the series that removes the bullshit and improves pacing dramatically.

I always wonder if Kishimoto is gay. I don't mean this in a meme or derogatory way. It hit me during the storytime a couple of years ago how he couldn't give less of a shit about his female characters and how much he focuses on borderline romantic male relationships. Just see how Naruhina and Sasusaku completely pails in comparison to Naruto and Sasuke's "friendship".
He could probably write a great yaoi manga.

Nah, the story is that Naruto and Sauske became proxies for Kishi and his twin brother who had a falling out, so Naruto's entire obsession with befriending Sauske even as Sauske became the biggest piece of shit was supposed to be Kishi telling his brother 'No I still care about you'.
It didn't work btw, they still aren't on speaking terms

No it would have still been shit.

IIRC he said he based Sasuke on his brother and a boycrush he had in school. I don't have the original interview Q&A, could've been a mistranslation.

Exactly. Salad picked up after worst parent.

>It hit me during the storytime a couple of years ago how he couldn't give less of a shit about his female characters
that's most shounen mangaka though

>Sasuke (female) goes full Avenger mode
>Instead of Talk no Jutsu, Naruto just gives her the D

Boom, several hundreds of chapters' worth of conflict avoided.

It would've made it less gay. Whether that's a positive or negative I'll leave that to your discretion.

Here's the real sauce:
Naruto Shippuden

I legit think having the manga ending be just Naruto and Sauce hardcore fucking for a full chapter would've been a more fitting and sensible ending than what we actually got with Kishimoto just vomiting niponese folklore that made no sense in the context of the Naruto universe.

It depends whether it will change Sakura into a guy or stay as a girl. If it's the former, my god he will look ugly chasing after Kuudere Sasuke and ruined the team dynamics more. And if it's the latter, I can't imagine how ugly she will be filled with jealousy and inferiority complex that she might just be the one that turn into the dark side.

Not him, but I was looking into Naruto Kai. How does it improve the pacing?

I kind of like the river scene. It's dumb, and it doesn't make sense that 2 edgy loner orphans wouldn't hang out eventually, but it does what it needs to.

Why do ninjas have guitar picks

For impromptu jam sessions

Must've been ripped off from Togashi too

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This user gets it. Sasuke would be Naruko's bad boy but unlike every shoujo, Naruko tame her bad boy using her fists. Thinking about it, it's kinda hot

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Naruto should have been the girl since he was the idiot.

>the story is that Naruto and Sauske became proxies for Kishi and his twin brother who had a falling out
Is this true?


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She'd come off as a dumb battered woman, like Sakura did.


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Good opinion. A big reason why the filler wasn't shit is that it developed them, or tried to. The relationship sucks in the manga.




post it


Yes. It would make for the best love story ever told.

>Turn a gay pair into a hetero pair

He already does in the main series

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>turning the rival into a woman instead of the Mc who actually canonically turned into one
Kys Naruto self inserter

Naruto laid on bed literally thought about if Sasuke thinks of him too for hours, not to mention the hyperventilating and kneeling to the Raikage. If he's considered gay then Naruto is an infinitely bigger faggot.

In Samurai 8, the main character's first friend has gender issues, and also has a romantic crush on him. Since the series ended early and the character didn't show up much, no idea where Kishimoto would have taken it.

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i cant believe this is an actual color page

Removes all recaps and anime-only filler. Basically an edit to only include Manga-canon material and The Last movie.

>We missed out on a post-timeskip shemale

Samurai 8 ending up as a love triangle with Hachimaru, Nanashi and Ann would have been hilarious

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To be honest with you, it was always going to be the healer girl who would have won.

No, but killing Sasuke might have


if it wasn't a shounen, maybe

and lose all the fujo money?

Naruto Shippuden