Sono Bisque Doll wa Koi wo Suru

Do you miss the anime yet?

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no, I dropped it

I kept telling you newfaggots that most of you would forget this anime the moment it stopped airing.
You didn't believe me.
I kept warning you fuckers but no.
And look at you now, no one cares about Marin anymore and now you moved on to Spy Family.

How is that suppoaed to be a bad thing?I've been reading this manga since the first few chapters and I can confirm the Bandwagoners were behind the spam of those low quality bait threads and /r9k/ blogposting. With those people gone, the ones who actually like the series might be able to discuss the chapters without drowning in a sea of shit.

Dont care for spy x shit

i will continue to laugh at these posts as long as it keeps outselling most of this seasons series

For what it's worth I see tonnes of cars in GT7 with Marin painted on them when I play online

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And next season, some other new hype anime will come out, then all the bandwagonners will forget about The Anya Show.

no, since I dropped it after Juju-sama left

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>forgetting a series so hard people still regularly make threads about it
Based fucking retard

Nah, I've just been watching oldfag shit. AoT last season, LiW this season.

i didn't even watch it

No? It was just a default mediocre romcom, I've seen hundreds of them before (and most of them were better).

gonna buy the manga when the hype somewhat dies down because gojo is my boy

>Hah! See, I was right! People stop watching an anime once it stops airing and people start watching an anime when it starts airing!

just waiting for May 20th to see Marin failing to get the BIG SEX OVERLORD dicking she craves

judging by the overwhelmingly negative reception to Shikimori, it seems that people are sick of romcoms already.

She appeared recently in the manga.

Maybe when their entire premise is "cute girl is cute but makes a cool face sometimes"

Shikimori's manga is/was fucking boring to begin with, what did people expect?

I miss it ever since I finished the last episode.

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I'm sure Yea Forums will let me know when that gets animated in the future

>and now you moved on to Spy Family
Bait aside. Is Spy x Family a good fix if I miss Sono Bisque?

Loved the manga but ignored the anime after hearing they pumped it full of fanservice and skipped half of the cosplay detail stuff

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the anime adapts all of the fanservice directly from the manga, at most they extended the love hotel scene to increase the sexual tension but that's it

>at most they extended the love hotel scene to increase the sexual tension

juju-sama's voice actor plays the main loli

...Did you just compare Sono Bisque to Shikimori???

Yeah, romcoms aren't dying, Shikimori just sucks. Kaguya is doing great, and is currently the second most popular seasonal anime right now behind only Spy x Family.

Never watched it, I just enjoyed all the coom Marin fan art that came out while it was airing but that's it

Manga is now enjoying record sale you smug wretch

to make the audience super horny and frustrated

No, anyone who watches rom coms is lesser than me.

because it was based

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Its a shame the manga goes monthly, it might be a year before a second season can be anounced, if ever

seinen manga tends to be monthly, though. weekly is mainly just the shonen jump stuff.

It's cute and comfy but kinda boring too desu

Why should I care about Twitter and Yea Forums animeonlies?

based abe secretly produced the episode and still wants the japs to have sex

>I kept telling you newfaggots that most of you would forget this anime the moment it stopped airing.
>You didn't believe me.
>I kept warning you fuckers but no.
>And look at you now, no one cares about Hotaru anymore and now you moved on to Re:Zero.
Honestly why do you care so deeply about what this board talks about? When did Yea Forums become THE indicator if an anime is popular or not?

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>overwhelmingly negative reception to Shikimori
>it seems that people are sick of romcoms already.
Please step out of this board every once in a while, because holy shit.

Why not?

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just because shikimori is bad doesn't mean all romcoms are bad. that's like saying that all battle shonen is bad because boruto exists.

"judging by the overwhelmingly negative reception to the Star Wars sequels, it seems that people are sick of movies already."

Just people want to treat everything like Lucky Star, where it's talked about to the point where there's nothing to talk about anymore.

I would say most romcoms and harems are bad. Even Sono Bisque has a pretty rough start.

most of them are bad, though. Sono Bisque, Kaguya-sama, Fruits Basket, and A Silent Voice are the exceptions, not the rules.

>anime ends
>gets forgotten within days
What went wrong bisquebros?

Oh man, I can't wait for the reaction once the anime gets to that point. It'll be like the second coming of the Endless Eight shitstorm...

Because most people have a healthy sex drive and that shit sells? Are you pretending to be a dumbass or are you 10?


>237303495 #
Kaguya-sama went to shit after Prez and Kaguya started dating and the focus switched to Ishitgami's love life.

The ONE fucking story that should have had the confession left until the very end and they fuck it up. The story falls apart completely without the main two's Tom and Jerry shenanigans at the forefront. Nips are absolutely fucking cursed with romance stories.

nigga what the fuck are you doin

my best

>not enough manga for a second season
>the next big arc after the anime ends has zero fanservice
>author gets sent to rest instead of making her hurry up
Sonobisquedollbros... This doesn't look too good for us...

>You didn't believe me
Because you're a schizophrenic.
>no one cares about Marin anymore
That's a total lie.

I agree. The problem with authors like Aka and Isayama is their tendency to project themselves in their work too much. It feels like they sometimes forget their work is meant to be consumed by an audience and write for themselves.

Conaidering the amount of material left it was pretty obvious we wouldn't get a second season anytime soon.

I'm so fucking drunk lol

>that one user who tried shilling Shikimori in the threads towards the end of the season

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it actually added some pretty good tension to it but if you're a progressfag it probably just gives you worse blueballs

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>butlerOh no.