Pretty series and Aikatsu

When they said Primagi was going to have romance I wasn't expecting this.

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>hibiki and alicia LITERALLY got married in aifure

*cricket noise*

no they didnt and no one cares

What? Distant and stunted like a lot of anime these days?

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We now need another Kintaro/Jin.

Achihiko is pretty much Primaji's Jin except he's actually interesting.

But Achihiko is the good guy.

t. chuppi

I can understand wanting to free the Primagi from Manamana influence but Achihiko is way to focused on numbers.

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maika is the prettiest idol.

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I thought that was Laura from the thumbnail.

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>tropical snooze

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>disappointing pantry

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hands down worst sexy type


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Mahiru was worse.

no she wan't. it's irrefutably maika

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Real leaf hours.

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They really love the bros.

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Of course they do, the little girls that watched AD grew up and now are into that kind of stuff, you know, real bros.

I love you.

so that's how they look after watching touma and hughie.

you can almost hear the sales rising

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What a great time to be alive


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Aikatsu is on suicide watch now.


I hadn't even considered the bondage elements to these anime costumes while comparing it to other franchises.

Inoru is the idolmaster.

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Imagine if they get a performance in the next irl live.

Hishida's dream of a >boys only Pretty concert might come true.

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I want to eat that.

me too

I wouldn't mind another season of a KoP-like show if we get characters as good as Hiro.

I will hug chubby honk

I will beat Honk to death.

>homo in Pretty
>yuri in Kamen Rider
what a weird timeline

debi debi debi debi

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That's hot.

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You know the artist did that on purpose.

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Shut the fuck up.

I would normally tell you to take meds but there's an user around here who deliberately resizes pictures to 666 in dimension so aromaposters are definitely nutters

>that is literally her canon number in the actual anime
>"S-Shut the fuck up."

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>unironic mega faggots

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>Matsuri acts super clingy with Myamu in ep 27
>Touma gets all touchy feely with Hughie the following episode
What did they even mean by this

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Wait until you see the metadata

matsuri so cute

I was never told Idol series had so much gay.
You never warned me about the gay!

It's like pottery, they rhyme. Touma even has the same hair highlights as Matsuri.

I still can't believe Prichan had a fucking Devilman reference.