One Piece

>editor's comment in volume 101: A clash of two CoC users generates 黒き稲妻 kuroki inazuma (black lighting)
>colored edition:
Why are they so incompetent?

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No chapter? Then we're rereading some old ones

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This dialogue seems... off.

It's the uncesored version, you are just too used to Viz' shit

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It looks like you get black and red with both ACoA and ACoC infused?

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Carrot a cute!

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Is this the only page where Oda or his editors combined pirates' big names that way?

Fuck Toki genes
Why are Oden's children so useless?

Oden getting oneshot by a one-armed Roger swing was very satisfying.


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Nami's exposed thighs. You can see a hint of vag bone.

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Butterfly Gifter.

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Has oda given up

On to the next one

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My butterfly waifu

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>hint of vag bone
mf where? U thirsty af bro deadass

I love them so much.

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Holy shit, just read dressrosa for the first time and it's so good. Why do you fags have so much bad taste?

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Better than Wano, isn't it?

Birth defects.

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I'm trying to catch up right now.

Can someone explain why Luffy let that spring pirate beat him up and talk shit? Is this some japanese thing I'm not picking up on? I don't get it.

I swear I'm not a speed reader just kinda dumb

And then Kyoshiro vanished forever.

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That's water, dumbass. It's raining.

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The tontatta were annoying and some of the colloseum fights were boring

Reread chapter 1

Will Sanji's right eyebrow point to his left (like it happens with his heartless brothers) or still to the right? We have only seen the left eyebrow changing directions

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It was sort of like "yeah you can beat me up, laugh at me, spit on me, I don't give a shit what you think, I'll follow my dream no matter what" if he just beat him up for talking shit and mocking him in a way, Bellamy would have won.


I was so happy.
>inb4 it gets scribbled

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it's unironically better than skypiea

Does the colored version colors the Meltan Kidd creates correctly?


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Beautiful reunion.

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Wtf was oda thinking with robins fishman island design

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>This'll really piss off some user 12 years from now

I love them so much.

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Stupid sexy pachy

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Smiling Zoro is so precious

>carrot is also there
Yamato sisters.....

I love them so much

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Why was Big Mom so fucking fat when she was first introduced?

I love the SH crew. Wasn't Wanda supposed to be in that panel?

Jinbei is trash

Read the manga

what's wrong with bir D. cage?

I will never forgive toei for turning that single panel of nami grabbing zeus into the premise of an entire fucking episode.


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because fat people are scary


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Who said one left, anyway?

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She's over to the right. They cropped her out to fit the panel in since it was too big. Happens a lot.

Its weird because she is in the vivre card version of that panel, guess they edited it out for the sake of space again

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That sake they left must taste really fucking awful by now

Someday Denjiro is gonna kick the bucket and go to samurai heaven (it's like normal heaven but better because Japan), there he will meet the great Oden, his master, lord, saviour and God, and will have to explain him why the best idea he had to hide his daughter was turning her into the number 1 prostitute of the entire country.

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It's literally being used as robins standard design for all the games

Eben the official Japanese digital colored cropped her, she's like a gap behind Brook, anyway.

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One of my favorite moments in the whole series for sure.

Last one

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Guys.... why is Carrot there?


Shanks literally sits there and gets insulted and laughs it off in Chapter 1. Luffy doesn't understand it, gets angry, and tries to fight over it and it almost costs him everything.

It's like the most formative experience of Luffy's childhood.

The manga that didn't show how Sanji's right eyebrow (post Germa awakening) looks like so we don't know if he just has the same ones as his brothers or not?

So are all of the FMI outfits for the other SHs. Not just her.

>his master, lord, saviour and God, and will have to explain him why the best idea he had to hide his daughter was turning her into the number 1 prostitute of the entire country.
Pure water. Not even Oden-sama can understand the mind of the pot-scammer. Denjiro only needs to seethe and explain that he did it for Oden and Toki-sama and all will be forgiven.

I can't fucking wait.
Yeah, even you guys, Yamatofags.

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They are red in the anime too.

The day the "Carrot fans never hated Jinbe, it was all falseflag" revisionism began

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>Denjiro only needs to seethe and explain that he did it for Oden and Toki-sama and all will be forgiven.
checks out

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