Defending your country is evil cause it just is okay

>Defending your country is evil cause it just is okay.

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>Getting lied into a plan that’s not gonna work due Eren being a massive retard
that’s not fighting for your country, that’s being a submissive bitch incapable of critical thinking.

PD: amerifats need to stop self inserting into him, you’re not victims and paradis is not based on america

No one else had a better plan

Attempting to inhibit the prevention of the destruction of the global biosphere is evil.
What's the point in achieving victory if the lands you conquered are reduced to a lifeless wasteland after?

>Defending Israel is evil cause it just is okay.

A few stomps isn't going to make the land incapable of producing.

Nobody TRIED to come up with a better plan. Eren was a retard, Zeke was a self hating beta, and the rest of the survey corps are lost without Erwin.

The goal was survival not conquest.

>A few stomps

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A couple of stomps, bro. That's still good. Just a bit of pulling yourself up by the bootstraps will solve this easily.


>Paradis soldiers are so retarded that they’re unable to create the concept of Deterrent
Yikes it’s like seeing the USSR

It wouldn't be that bad.

Not that user but if the goal is survival and not conquest then you don't need a deterrent. Deterrents are for people trying to play ball using politics, not guys using giant creatures to ravage the land.

>x is evil cause it just is
kys crossboarder


No biggie because the majority of life is in the sea and it can just migrate over to land again.

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ever since they uncovered the truth they were fucked no matter what, at least he chose to fight for survival instead of the inevitable destruction of their nation

>itt: retards who didnt learn about the dust bowl or in middle school

>muh crossboarder
>having multiple interests is le bad because it le is

I don't think any non-Americans would learn about american farming failures at school.

And it went as bad as possible. Stop defending Eren’s retardation

Are we going to ignore the fact that Eldians were reduced to an oppressed race in 100 years despite being the more powerful race for supposedly 2000 years?
Can the history retold by the Tyburs be the actual history or just another fakery like the marleyan hero? Why should they be trusted if they held high positions in the government but decided to let their kind suffer?
Why didn't the tyburs try to make peace? The last thing they should've done is give Eren(who wait to see the conclusion of the play by the way) a reason to unleash the rumbling.
What happened to the wall titans? Iirc there weren't shown eldians emerging from them. Were they just machinations?

>not spending 16 hours a day on a single zanzibar tapestry discussion forum is bad because it just is okay

This is what copium od looks like.

Thats reasonable, I also assumed that non Americans might learn about the basics of ecology. Turns out all nations have shit education systems.

They were not oppressed but contained.

It takes time to recover, sure, but it isn't the end of the world.

As bad as the author wanted it to be*

>Turns out all nations have shit education systems.
Correct. Factory schooling is a joke.

there was never a chance of diplomacy

they were retarded enough to attack paradise even after knowing that they can't stop the rumbling

Exactly, you’re defending his lack skills to come up with a great solution, this whole “it was meant to be” its astrology tier writing.


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And he vaporized all the oxygen too

>cause it just is okay
Stop being a pussy and acknowledge the real criticism behind the decisions made after the time-skip plot.

Genocide against innocent civilians is evil, yes.
Floch was by all means evil.

>Are we going to ignore the fact that Eldians were reduced to an oppressed race in 100 years despite being the more powerful race for supposedly 2000 years?
Ancient Egypt's independent history lasted at least 2500 years, and the Egyptians were reduced to being an oppressed race within a few weeks.

I don't care if you frequent other boards. Juat don't post like a fucking crossboarder.

What a retarded plan. Make the rest of the world inhospitable only to fight and kill each other when resources on Paradis becomes strained.

It was a deterrent for 100 years until they invaded

his words were 100% right and the story even confirms it

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>Killing slave-owners is... LE BAD!

Correct. No-one complains about reparations for cultures and races that no longer exist. You can even gain Native status if you do it well enough.

Paradis should have schemed a diabolical plan spreading the rumours worldwide about a Titan disease then making the rest of the world take a vaccine against it, containing Titan serum

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Why are all the characters in this show so unlikable?

Do it again Sherman

>he's right because the story is contrived in an unrealistic way to prove it so

The only reasons why this was justified was because the world was so absurdly written and conflict reduced to a black and white dilemma that hings on characters acting like retards. The characters did they best to avoid all diplomatic solutions just so the author could have his rumbling which is basically the large-scale equivalent of a mass shooting

That's why they had to make him a moustache twirling comically evil dude along with the rest of the Jaegerists, to make it clear that you aren't supposed to sympathize with him. If the rest of the world wants to murder me, i'm with Floch 100%.

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He was a stupid character even if the author didn't make him such a tryhard villain

Yes. Killing 99.9% of the human race is indeed evil. Get over already fascist.

They literally had the 50 year plan you retard. THEY HAD A PLAN.

It wasn't viable in the long run because Paradis would still be horribly outnumbered

That's why the plan was also to be diplomatic and make allies, mutt.

>That's why the plan was also to be diplomatic and make allies
Oh nice. That wouldn't have worked either since the attempt at diplomacy failed horribly pre-rumbling and the guy that was the face for Eldian rights threw Paradis under the rug.

The earth would recover fine, it can withstand a shitton of nukes theoretically anyway so a few stomps wouldn't be all that bad.
Humans though, they'd probably be fucked.

uh, so now you are against slavery?

>Literally fucking heinrich himmler
I want /pol/ to leave...

I'm happy people still remember this.

What the fuck? You say you want /pol/ to leave yet your the one bring about the Third Reich

I should've wrote you're

No, not the oxygen!

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Most of the earth's oxygen production comes from oceanic algae, and the loss of large land animals would also decrease the consumption of oxygen, for probably a net zero change. There would possibly be mass extinction of large/specialized animal species and plants, but generalists like grasses and rodents would survive fine. Not to mention paradise would be completely untouched, so the mainland fauna could be partially repopulated from those lineages. If the biosphere survived the Permian in which 90% of all species went extinct, it can easily survive the rumbling.

>try diplomacy once
>doesnt work
>welp better nuke the entire world then
do you realize how much shit can change in 50 years? America as an example went from being a functioning society to a corpse rolling down a hill in that time

>try diplomacy once
Was it really just once? Well besides that the fact that the room full of representatives for other countries was cheering on the guy when he said "fuk Paradis" says all you need to know about how their viewed. It's dumb but that's the world building we got.