Fairy Tail

Will she win?

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natsu is cute

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I want to balldeep not-Henrietta


Selene is fighting for humans. She hasn't done anything wrong. And also I can fix her.

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Thats right, but maybe she might want to conquer all the realms if she wins.

She's in Fairy Tail, we all know she won't fucking win.
She's going to do something to make one of her enemies go "MUH NAKAMA" and that will, somehow, let them beat her despite that not making any goddamn sense.

what the hell are you talking about? she's fighting another villain they are on equal playing field here.

>also I can fix her.
No you can’t

She's fighting another dragon who wants to kill Natsu's nakama just so they they can eventually have a fight that'll set the entire world aflame. And he's got some sort of plan to usher in/continue the age of dragons. If anything in a straight fight Selene's set to have her shit pushed in.

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Yes. Trust in the keikaku.

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>She hasn't done anything wrong.And also I can fix her
Yes, she has and, you can't fix her, just like Irene

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I have to try.


>Selene is fighting for humans

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she's from the 100 year quest

She seems like a good woman to have a few drinks with.

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Fuck off then

Sounds like a job for Cana.

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Why didn't she get a real fight

See, nothing wrong. Just ignore the last part, she was only kidding about that.

It's Yokai or Ayakashi?

>she was only kidding about that.
I don't believe you

I forgot, who even fought her?


Aquarius tricked her into healing herself.

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He would be a Oni

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I'll allow it.

I don't want her to die

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New Mashima twitter art. His best yet.

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nightmare fuel

What the fuck is this?

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Aye sir!

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Anime news when?

soon maybe


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Why did he do it?

For no reason apparently

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>There are times when I keep drawing pictures for no reason when I can't come up with an idea, but this is pretty bad.

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Makes you wonder what goes through his head at times.

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Something like this

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New Jellol.

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Natsu and Suzaku will likely get involved, either straight away or after one 'wins'. Kirin is still floating around too, but he might run into FT with only Gray and Gajeel still fresh.

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Stupid smug sexy Selene sipping sake.

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Looks like Nichiya, just even more deformed.

All his horny energy went into drawing this and all that was left was cat energy.

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I wonder what he will draw next

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What post-nut clarity does to the man.