Dragon Ball Super

Is Hatchiyack stronger than Cell?

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>Stronger than Broly who is stronger than Cell (who got tired fighting SSJ1 Goku and needed a Senzu Bean)


I don't care, doesn't matter, not canon.


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Perfect Cell one shots.

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On it.

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Kuririn: KIENZAN!
Tenshinhan: FUUUCK!!!

With Chino.

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Remember when Panpedos thought this was their movie?

Yellow Piccolo


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Way ahead of you, fellow Wardrobe.

Stop being so MEAN to me.


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What would you change about Blue to make it better?
I would just switch the gi and add grades to explain why they keep using it.

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I remember real life, yes.

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>implying Pan won't turn Super Saiyan against the final threat

Panchad won.

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Make the hair the same color as SSBE.

>What would you change about Blue to make it better?
Make it SSJ4 instead
Looks cooler

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>30 dollars

SS4 only looks good when you have clothes from fungus town. SS4 Bejita with those yucky leather pants looks UGLY.

Goku always loved grabbing crotches.

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How old is Gohan in Super Hero? Older than Future Gohan, right?

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Nothing. It's perfect. Just make the shade of blue to always be the one used in the Broly movie and don't do shit like have it be Krillin tier like the anime did.

>Someone paid money for this piece of shit

That's not on SSJ4, thats on Bejitas shit fashion sense.

I have never had sex

>don't do shit like have it be Krillin tier like the anime did
But otherwise, yes, Blue is no match for Kuririn.

Is OG DB worth watching if I think that Goku is the worst part of the series?

We know Broly.

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so we've all accepted that its gonna be Cell right? we finally done larping about shitdroid 21?

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Can someone tell me who Chino is? How can so many moe anime girls have the same name?

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>worth watching

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No, the OG, 5 frames per second, barely-canon, non-serious, hobby, Toriyama just joking around on his spare time, unofficial, pedo, isekai, non-fighting adventures, cameo, collab, side-project, cancelled, comedic, riddled with sexual abuse, powerpoint presentation, panning shot series, drawn out, nostalgiashit, poorly-written, filled with plotholes, borderline-moeshit, outlawed in various countries for pedophiliac implications, ""martial arts"", snooze-fest, full of actual animal abuse (burning animals alive); filled with retcons and headcanons like dinosaurs, animal people, grampa Gohan, child Goku, the reason Frieza destroyed Saiyans etc etc etc; made for children and old farts, uninteresting, filled with innuendos, antithesis of true DB, plagiarizing, filler, ENTIRELY OPTIONAL gag prequel is not worth watching.

I completely forgot about her.

According to the wiki, Gohan would have been 23-ish when he was killed by 17 and 18 in the bad future. He's 27-ish as of DBS SH.

Leave and go watch SHITdegoon

God, it's so fucking optional.

Chapter: 502 (DBZ 308), P7.1
Context: talking to Goku after knocking out Tenshinhan
Boo: “…That guy just now was apparently quite a master, but he was reduced to that state in just 1 one kick…You’re making some empty boasts…Frankly, no matter what you try, you absolutely won’t be able to even inflict damage on me.”

>so we've all accepted that its gonna be Cell right?
Roll your ass back to July 2019, you fat tub of lard.

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The "OG" stands for "optional" and "gag" btw.

Redpill me on "Faulconer Curse" 1993 Cell Murders, Banned DBZ Broadcast, and Bigger Vegeta.

Cell is the 21st android.

Something about that statement doesn't seem right.

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Yamcha was too cool.


Yes. It has the best story-telling of any DB series. It's honestly one of the best shonen anime ever created.
You can ignore these Wikiren fags. They are just trying to fit in.

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>The most based take on the entire board

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>literally does nothing but repeat "sayains" and "revengo"

>REEKCUM SHIT0SHIT BTFOed forever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever

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kek, based.

fuck, i kneel

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Why did everyone stop talking about Granolah?

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Absolutely fucking BASED


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>so we've all accepted that its gonna be Cell right

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Literally who? Is this some Multiverse character? I thought you fanfic posters got removed from these halls.

Quiet, Moekuroach.

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GRAMPABROS? My grandkid was watching DBS and I told him, "hey there, buddy! Why don't you change that ugly Super thingy and come watch some of my good old VHS! I got the OG DB episodes! Like when Goku is naked an Bulma sho---", but he interrupted me INCREDIBLY rudely, saying something among these words.
>shut the FUCK UP you senile FOSSIL. I'm fucking HYPED the FUCK up at the moment watching this Jiren and Omen fight, so do NOT interrupt me and go clean your denture, old BITCH. And I'm NOT watching your pedo prequel, catamite, I consume CHAD CHAD CHAPER, only but the most pulchrit---
At that point I just ran away because I couldn't understand his vocabulary and my tears were already welling up.
What is WRONG with youth these days? He's only 8? How did he learn to speak like that?

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>O, my universe busting gun

>Salad Saiyan
"What if ____ turned good?"
"What if ____ became canon?"

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Holy based. That pathetic moeshitter doesn't know what to do to shill his OG pedo OPTIONAL prequel.

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We only care about his mom because she's hot.

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Unironically the most fun what ifs

Pan was already confirmed to be the Super Hero of this movie. She won.

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DB is better than GT
DB is better than Super
DB is better than Z
DB is better than the movies
DB is better than the tv specials

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Talk. About. Granolah-sama. NOW!!!!!!!

>Literally one shot

They're certainly better than MasakoSHIT's.

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My cheeks hurt from laughing holy fuck

More like her body is cold.

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Hi SaladSaiyan.

Based and true.

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>CHADell is now going to job to a second child

Didn't even read, a bunch of incoherent disjointed words, obviously posted by a barn animal.

It has no Pan, therefore it isn't better than GT.

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>Broly never used his full power.
>Hair color changes after powering up
>Broly is worried by Goku newfound power and tries his best to kill him
Also, why would there be made a comparison between Broly and Hatchiyack if Goku did not know his full power or more importantly Broly never used his full power? BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM.

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>jobs to words
Gents... LAUGH at hin.

>h-haha a simple list of adjectives? NOOO TOO CONFUSING
Idiotic animal. Pick up a book.

>One shots SHITad BASEDan

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Bejitabros... were about fucking DIE.

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If you ever shit talk OG DB you're gonna have to deal with me. Well? Gonna screech about the "optional prequel" now, Fatrendogs? I'll shut you up good.

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Bulma was nopan.


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Cry more little bitch.


Too bad Friezabro.


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That's right. You can't FUCKING hide from me.

Yes, he certainly did!

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Dat same feel when banned for 3 days.

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>no comma
Wow, you're out? CLASSED.

>"What if Krillin became a Saiyan"
>Expect something interesting
>Krillin's personality changes into Goku's


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Stupid BITCH. That’s BEJITA. Not FRIEZA. If you get it WRONG again i’ll KILL you.

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I don't get the joke?

Calm Broly? I'm scared...

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>dumb ass turd doesn't know what a prequel is
As expected from Super babies who are stupid and have no education, DBS isn't canon btw.