Otome Game Sekai wa Mob ni Kibishii Sekai desu

Now that it's over, what did you think of it?

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quick Q for LN/WN chads: is it worth reading? I know that people only read things that they like, ergo people who have read it likely would recommend it, I'm more curious if anyone here thought that certain volumes were weak or weren't happy with the direction of the current arc, etc.

It's fine later on if you like Marie.
Otherwise don't bother.

I wasn't too sold on the second arc (volume 4~7) at first, but I came around it as I kept reading.

haha, yea so tough, 2 10/10 blondes want your dick bad

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I enjoy it, but my enjoyment comes from more Leon and Luxion antics, so the girls going into the background, so a new heroine can come forward doesn't bother me as much as it does some other readers.

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The sight of these two makes me want to flee the country.

lmaoing at jilk
truly the worst prince minion cuck

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The prince did nothing wrong. Abandoning everything for this little onahole is the correct choice.

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imagine the smell

I wish I had bros like them
I don't care if we share a gremlin

No, he wants to ship her with one of the 5 because true love is needed to use a superweapon later.

when does he figure out livia truly loves him?

isn't "jilking" some meme exercise to make your penis bigger?

When she openly tells him near the end of Volume 2.
Leon also asks Livia what she thinks of the other 5, she says that they are trash

no idea but now i wish it is

What kind of love interest shtick is "I'm a garbage human being" anyway?

I'm unironically invested in the idiot rangers. It's fun watching them grow but still mess up.I legitimately burst out laughing when they got made Leon's vassals at the end of vol 7,

Also was surprisingly invested in Kyle and his mother

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>luxion with a ribbon

The first 3 are the best. 4 is still pretty good. 5-7, the villains start being actual horrible people so some of the scenes get darker.

>shower head in a outside hot spring
Is that how it works?

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At least none of them are the get in cagey type when game 2 has 2 of them.

Damn, those dudes really look like they're idol protagonists in a male idol anime show.
That bug eye style actually works on them.

Is this your first anime?

In the end, he really was a mob that had it tough in the world of otome games.

But it seems like they are right in the middle of the hot spring, i understand those shower areas outside of the basin itself.
How long is that hose even?

Whoa, i clapped.

is this shit worth watching? all I know about it are the webms that get posted and it looks really cheap
is the writing atleast ok? I know Im asking much from an isekai

Must be a long one, Leon build the hot spring from what I remember

That's true, the Holfort 5 are awful outside of being court nobles, but the guys from the Republic are outright dangerous.
>Marie bitchslaps one of the hyper-possessive guys into being her underling
She's too strong.

It made me want to read light novels, take it however you want, i was intrigued enough, but i have problems with this adaptation, mostly by how bad it looks.


Just watch it, retard
If you dont like it delete the mkv

Maybe the mobs that have it tough in the world of otome games were the friends we made along the way.

I need Jilko to step on my penis.

This is my guilty pleasure for the season. It's fun having a character who hates the isekai world he's in, and it's funny how tilted the scales are against him status-wise. Adaptation-wise it seems pretty low quality, but it's been enough fun to want to read the LNs for me.
thanks anons, I'll give it a go I think.

Artwork is crap as you've already noticed, VAs are okay, the LN it was based on was solid and the anime did a reasonably good job keeping the gist of it.

As for whether it's worth watching, if you want to see the MC wrecking his enemies while being a smartass, you might like it. If you want to see romance, don't watch this show. The whole point is that the MCs is stuck in a otome video game and is fucking up the plot while trying not to fuck up the plot.

>Everyone says BartFART when saying his name
It always makes me laugh.


Is his family name really BARTFART and the subs changed it for obvious reasons?

His family name is バルトファルト. Make of that what you will.

That's amazing.

They sure turned gay quickly.

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Honestly, I'm not sure. It really sounds like a name that, when translated, should end in d. "Bartford", for example. Regardless, BartFART will always give me a smile.

God I love IMPACT
So Chuu2

>Leon complained about it, unlike saying that girls being close sure is nice like in the novel

Between Birdie Wing, Shoukei Shoujo, and this, I don't know if I can handle all of this /u/

>how to make kawaii uguu faces look extremely frightening

>That bug eye style actually works on them.

That's my hypothesis for what happened. Some lazy executive committee member saw the LN took place in an otome game and hired a bad otome artist to do the designs. Completely ignoring that ti's still a power fantasy isekai,

>Green hair
>Biggest jobber
>The long haired character in an otome group
Easiest way to design the worst possible character, yet somehow he's entertaining.

I will forever hate him in two to three episodes once again.

>commoners are scum and should be purged
t. a duke's daughter's opinion

>butlerOh no.



Hmm, if they gutted out most of LN v. 2, leaving only a barebones version of the Principality arc, and the first half of v.3, do you think they could reach the end of v.3 by the end of the cour?

Started reading this thread during the ED and seriously thought this was the last episode. In all honesty, this wouldn't be too bad of a conclusion. Hoping the MC doesn't turn retarded for the rest of the show

>doesn't turn

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