Characters who are literally you

>characters who are literally you

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I can't believe that people still remember this show. It was like a piece of white bread.

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Are you a hag roasty
Are you a nun
Are you fat?

i dont think anime has come anywhere near to representing someone as pathetic as me

>It was like a piece of white bread.
what do you mean

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>Are you fat?
I used to be obese but not anymore

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How did you get this video of me?

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Okay. Would something like this even work irl?

I couldn't help but laugh when he showed up in Jojolion and immediately started crying again.

I think most people irl don't have a partner, am I wrong in thinking that? When I go out most people I see walking around are single.

Deep truth cuts deep.

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>manga cancelled because of authors health
damn I really wish i could have seen how it would end for that 30 year old NEET

Quickly digestable?

>Are you a nun
that's a demon in the body of a bishop

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Same. I still need to lose weight but I hate running and want a bike but they are dangerous (already broke bones on one) and too expensive right now.

Have you considered not riding into traffic?

>already broke bones on one
That's messed up, I tend to ride cautiously and stay off public roads whenever possible, made an ass of myself and had people honk at me a few times but that's it
also tweaking my diet little by little helped a lot, one day I decided I won't stuff myself with junk anymore and cut down on fat, started eating more fiber to feel full without eating as much, started eating frozen veggies everyday - it adds up over time

There are way too few anime romances with adults, of course people would remember it.

Also OP, please be my gf.

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>they are dangerous
I've had my handlebar break off mid-ride twice (once while driving down a tunnel with a slope) and never bothered with any traffic rules and have never suffered a single serious injury

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based gams

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Yeah, I've gone down 4 notches on my belt this year alone by changing my diet but I still need to do more than just sit on Yea Forums for 12 hours a day. Watching Long Riders made me want a bike again but I don't know.

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this anime was garbage. There is literally no conflict in it. It's just "eeeee!!!!" every episode. There is also an element of cuckoldry and transgenderism. Boring show.

just get one of these and do stuff you can do in your room without any equipment

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Yea Forums fields this type of speculation regularly, pic related is how it usually goes

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bland bland bland


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Literally me

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They're all trannies

Anons said women feel jealous and bitter towards the perfect and attractive depictions of them in the media, but well, seems like low test emasculated men like you guys are no better since you feel the same sentiments towards these what you mockingly refer to as "literally me" chad MCs.

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>There is also an element of cuckoldry and transgenderism.
What the fuck?


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It's about a burnt out office lady that plays an mmorpg as a guy in the game and there's an ex-coworker that plays the same game as a cute girl and they meet each other in the game and find each other cute but in different ways. By the last episode they're going out with each other. In one of the episodes before she goes out with him, she goes out with one of his friends but they don't get anywhere with each other.

>I think most people irl don't have a partner,
>am I wrong in thinking that?
>When I go out most people I see walking around are single
I very carefully examine people around me when I take my weekly lonely walks. Almost everyone has a life partner.

I'm a 45 year old virgin btw.


Sato seemed like a normal guy when he was young, I wonder if this crazy psycho bitch messed up with him mind like that.

Tsurezure Children. I think it's from vol. 11

Tsuredure Chillun. The guy's supposed to be a gross otaku who simped after & became a beta orbiter of a new transfer student who already have a long distant bf.

That sad. Thank you satan.

>it's the muh conflict retard
Kill yourself.

>There is literally no conflict in it.
Picked up.

>no one told OP to post tits

Shame on all of you

tits or gtfo

Are you a brillant hacker and inventor who gets to marry a beauty and have a cute daughter?