Should more mangakas redraw their first chapters to show their improvement?

Should more mangakas redraw their first chapters to show their improvement?

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JC takagi vs JS takagi

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So long as they aren't fucking with their release schedule

Pic unrelated. The first version has more soul.

They're both great, but cuter Nishikata is a definite improvement. I am not a shotacon by the way I'm just saying.

Right is horrific. Was the artist hit by a degenerative disease affecting his ability to draw?

which is the redraw? right is both better and worse. so is left.

Series with left Takagi and right Nishikata when?

I've got your soul right here

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Left is better so whatever that means

This is the superior choice

have you ever heard OPM ?

Why is she surrounded by ghosts?

Reminder that Takagi remains smug during babymaking.

series with a bitchy but interested female lead?

Left Takagi is slightly better, right Nishi is significantly better
That slight alteration significantly changes the aesthetic from shota/loli romance to lewd hebe onee-chan /ss/. The best kind in my opinion.

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Soul vs Soulless

Right is the redraw, if you couldn't guess it.

>classroom panel left unchanged

>f you couldn't guess it.

the guy got much better while the girl got immeasurably worse. hard to guess.

> Should more mangakas redraw their first chapters to show their improvement?

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Right is how the author draws both protags at the moment, which you see often enough on Yea Forums.
Personally I like both characters on the left better.

I kinda miss Yamamoto's old style.

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She's a medium

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>which you see often enough on Yea Forums.

? you are aware that lots of people don't pay any attention to zero-value anime/manga right

you realize most people here don't use most threads here right

whats the redraw

Yeah, and all these tourists should lurk more.

people who consume more than a few manga are tourists. everyone who isn't has read everything relevant

any anime/manga that is about "slice of life" school life etc is automatically valueless trash for secondaries to nerddom

Read the fucking thread.


why did you remind me

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Left looks better because she has a more interesting expression of demure, reluctant curiosity whereas right is just cute bemusement

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Looks like a small to me.

Also left has more ass

girl is better on left
guy is better on right

Girl is way hotter in original

i'm replying to the OP not the thread

>Nisikata looks better
>Takagi looks worse

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That’s less of an improvement and more of a straight up art style change. Some art style changes are an improvement, like Tite Kubo early Bleach to now, but the right pic is just worse


Agreed that Nishikata looks better overall in the re-draw. Takagi definitely looks cuter in the re-draw, but something about her eyes and expression in the original makes her look sultrier, not to mention her slightly more mature body.

Have to admit I prefer the old style.

Left Takagi, right Nishikata.

older style looks better but the composition in two of the newer panels is way better and clearer

>Tite Kubo early Bleach to now
Sort of disagree, it went from being characteristic to being rather generic. Same is happening to Call of the Night, style is going more and more generic each chapter.

left is unironically better

The facial expressions of the first nishikata are more funny and genuine, I would even say they make him look more likable.

>went from SOUL to generic moeshit with giant forehead

Wait, is the second one supposed to be the better one?

I would like to see that.

Forehead supremacy

>He thinks the original was "SOUL" just because it was the original
The original was peak generic, whatever you think of the new style you cannot call it "generic"

>from big ass to japanese ass
I hate it.

Original Takagi is better because she actually has more genuine expressions instead of just rotating between smiling, smug, and laughing faces.
I have the same complaint for the male MC of his other manga, Ayumu, but in his case it's just blank, smiling, and blushing faces.

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left is better.

Fucking downgrade

What went wrong??

Redrawing is fine but don't pull a Star Wars and make it the only release available.

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I was thinking more "Older girl teasing younger boy"

This is the best of both worlds

Virtually all art style adjustments are downgrades, especially the one in the OP. They lose all the charm and uniqueness and just become another unidentifiable artist. It's very rare that someone gets better and actually finds a more unique style. Usually the ways they improve is ability to draw more quickly. Even if you do manage to improve by coming up with a new style, there is a point where you peaked with that improvement and then you kept going and degraded again.

Which is the og in this case? This isn't even art improvement, it's straight up just different art styles