What did you think of this week's episode?

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Last two were big improvements

feels like yellow is best girl yet again

I can't wait for the anniversary season.

Thanks for letting me know.

No that's a Laura thread, this one is about Precure

Aka "I hate TR so I made a split thread fuck you"
These threads wars are so fucking childish. Get a life already.

Yellow has been the best cure since Star Twinkle. It's nice to see Ran keeping that tradition going.

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What a nice opinion I don't see often

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I didn't make this thread, you're just a schizo

Fact: yellows are often the sexiest

She's definitely the designated funny face girl, which already counts for a lot on that front.

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>2 threads
Why are DPedos like this?

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She has some wild movements that are great to watch as well.

You haven’t seen the number of threads when we transits from TR to DP.

>yellows are often the sexiest
Buki, Alice, Himari, Elena, Hinata, Minori, Ran.
That's right a good bit of the time.

I want to sniff rikka

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I like Tropical but I'm in this thread cause the OP is the current season and the episode just aired

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don't reply to trolls.

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How do we fix my dick?

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This thread was literally made 4 minutes after the other one.

Quit obsessing over it you fucking retard

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Nobody cares, go to hell troll.

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DPedos are mentally ill.

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You're a psychopath with no friends desperate for attention from a niche fanbase who you constantly torture. I pray one day someone forces you to get help.

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What's this picture referencing

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Well responding to him isn't gonna help

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Donbrothers OP?

i'm looking forward to the next episode of delicious party precure

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Does it make sense if you can read the Japanese in the first panel

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I am too. These aprons are really cute.

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Yeah I'm excited to see the fairies dress up, I really want a solo episode with them

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Poor Mem Mem has to wear a dress

Yes the last two have really turned me around on it

Rent free

Showed your colors here huh You are absolutely mental

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I'm a fan of trivial personal conflicts, so I'm looking forward to the ep. We finally have a more threatening general.

For context this user posted "I will bump the other thread" so he could respond to himself several times with images to bump that thread


We'll see how threatening he really is, Gentle didn't seem that threatening but she did attack school children

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Eh, what can you do, almost 20 months of this all because a Mermaid has pink hair

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Absolutely. Mental.

Every time I look at that thread he keeps doing posts like ">Two threads" as if he's a new poster but the poster count is always the same whenever I look

what did we do to deserve this autism

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Yea Forums is the only place that psychopath probably feels he has any power, he's just spamming the other thread now despite both only have 12 ips. Whatever, it was a cute episode but talking about precure here these days is next to impossible with someone dedicating their daily life to annoying everyone. Just leave pc and that loser to rot.

Will we get our first official male precure?

While the IP count didn't go up with your post this is just most likely the only site he's not banned from yet

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Probably not, just like how Tuxedo Kamen isn't considered a Sailor Scoot

Yellow transformation showed no feet. Dropped 0/10, worst season.

Henri exists already.

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It was a fun episode but I was so drunk I barely remember anything of it, I should probably rewatch it.

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at least she still got some foot art

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>While the IP count didn't go up with your post
Because it's probably the OP, aka the guy who made this split thread because HE feels HIS power has been threatened.
Remember: They always accuse you of what they themselves are responsible for.

yeah and now he's spamming ran here, looks like it's thread war #74229, it just never ends does it

Get a life

Fuck off.

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Ran's feefees...