Precure Thread

Am I the only one who misses Laura?

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imagine the blowjobs

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Absolutely not

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Stinky dumb DPedo.

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>two threads

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Ran is so adorable and her reaction faces are gold.

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This hanya was super cute.

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The one that's first should remain.

keep talking to yourself loser, maybe one day.

SZS DVD box cover

Your renting is showing.

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Do you have brain damage?

user stop

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Laura love!

It should, but when you have a super schizo literally keeping things going for 20 hours straight, it's hard to do anything about it.

I was using the other one but I'm moving over. I love Ran but I cannot support this.

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fucking lunatic

All Rans are welcome here too. It's not a Laura thread, it's an everything Precure thread.

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Why would they reveal Gentle's true identity so early? Did they know that everybody already knew?

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erika's so cute even when she's disgusted

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What I want to know is why we've went 8 episodes with barely any Takumi.

post laura's feet. that's sure to excite people.

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really feeling that hack

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More like Toei a hack

laura's feet...

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What about them?

lick lick...

You want to lick Laura's feet?

>two threads

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pls step on me laura

What is Laura going to do to that pitchfork?

i'd pitch a fork in laura's tent if you know what i mean

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I don't.

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Yes? And?

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Ran is a gem.

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Sneaky mermaid...


Half of Laura!

staring minori

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I want to sneak a sniff of Laura's pantsu

You'll need to speak louder.

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imagine spending your sunday spamming a dead thread with no one in it. Where did your life take this turn

God I fucking love that doujin

God I fucking love Laura

God I love fucking Laura


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whoosh, look at manatsu's hair go!


Laura and her cute monkewife

who are you?


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He's me.

t. Manatsu