>on-topic thread for an airing show suddenly gets deleted after over a day and 400+ posts

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This series is shit now.

What do Kei's pits smell like?

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She is 14

Yes, and?

That's why we only talk about the anime here.

Fair enough.
Season 3 still covers the good part of the manga. Is it currently doing well? How likely will we get S4?

how soft and warm is Kei's hand?

kei keeps shipping oniichan and haasaka then?

She probably uses deodorant, so my guess is deodorant. If not, my guess is sweat.

Wouldn't surprise me if it isn't because of the recent disgusting woke shit...

Is kaguya Sama shown in order I remember in season one after that dude wanted help asking kashiwagi out, it shown at the end of the episode that Maki would come to them. But it looks like she didn't until season 3's most recent episode

the last post was some isekai nigger posting in the wrong thread, probably a janny

uohhhhh sexxxxx with keis kunniiiie

End Game.

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needs more  yuri  shipping

aka's self insert stealing the show again

Im gonna pero pero her sweaty armpits!

Yes but that's not the self-insert part unless you have proof that Hacka is also a whiteknight

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Never really understood why this series is rated so high it's just another generic romcom

>She is 14

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The first Ishigami-Kaguya study chapter in S1 should have been in S2, after the cake chapter. And I think singing chapter in S2 was supposed to be earlier.
Everything else is shuffled a bit but mostly in place.

you can never have enough romcoms

lots of people who got into anime outside of adult swim in the 2010s getting their first taste of stupid jap high school club room comedy. its still good though

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too much yuri
yuri belongs on /u/

Reminder Hayasaka doesn't love Prez and Prez only loves Kaguya.

Is that really a reminder? Or is it something you need to keep telling yourself so you feel validated?

o rly?

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Not sure how that is supposed to mean anything.

Proves Hayasaka loves prez, and they look good together

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>Proves Hayasaka loves prez
Not at all.
>and they look good together

That doesn't answer the question.
Or does it?

Based Seitokai no Ichizon poster do you know where to read the light novel online

so your delusional?

no since responding then

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baka tsuki
oh wait


Season 1 was actually unironically and quite literally pretty good. Which is impressive since it's a romance sitcom.
But after that season 2 dropped the ball and season 3 is probably even worse

The weiner episode was top tier

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The OP probably got banned in another thread.

>Episode 1 and 2 basically look like manga with voice over

>Episode 3 animation is ridiculously dynamic for seemingly no reason

>Episode 4 looks like shit and the series format of 7-10 minute vignettes is really struggling to adapt to the longer storylines that the manga has from here on out

What the fuck is up with this season?

You haven't seen Starship Troopers, have you?

Does Ishigami ever stop getting his shit fucked?

I hope not, he's a total sperglord.

I did, but I was like 7

Hayasaka is put in the Dizzy role. Things don't go particularly well for Dizzy

doesn't matter, she is maximum cute

>>on-topic thread for an airing show suddenly gets deleted after over a day and 400+ posts
You guys were being mean to Miko Iino, which pissed off a janitor.


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It absolutely does matter. If you want to use non-canon material to prove a point, the basis of that non-canon material is what you've got to go with.

Weird that both Kaguya and Shirogane both seem to dream about that WW1 reality though

I don't need proves to prove my point, all I need is feelings

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That would be more based than how the show is going to go and would mind-break Kaguya.

To be fair, Rico and Dizzy loved each other anyway.

So if Hayasaka belongs to taken men, is she whore material?

The warning message sad that I should've made a better op post and not "sex"

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probably it's because of Lino

extremely low quality post, huh
well, it was fair then

The only way she can get laid.


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No, not this reddit shit.

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Another lie.

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